How to Style the Oversized Jumper

I am sold on anything oversized – particularly if it belongs to my husband. I love oversized coats, jackets, shirts… but one of my favourite pieces is the oversized jumper. Gracing the runway and our wardrobes for the last couple of years, the oversized jumper has now become one of my go-to staples for a whole host of different looks. Whether it be for a casual event or a fancy dinner, the look is so versatile and can be styled differently depending on the occasion.

I find them great for eating out – there are times when I head out for a nice meal, only to feel so uncomfortable by the end of it because I’ve worn that dress that is just a little too snug after the dessert course. Oversized jumpers are comfy, flattering and cosy and I love wearing them styled with thigh high boots and a smart coat. That being said, there are so many options on how you can work these into your wardrobe. I even sometimes throw one on to lounge around in the house in my slippers.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite ways to wear this closet gem. In terms of material, I love soft, fluffy wool or warm cashmere – the cosier the better!

How to Style the Oversized Sweater

1. Paired with Thigh High Boots

A chunky oversized knit sweater is the perfect alternative to the mini-dress, and paired with thigh high heeled boots, there is no risk of this looking frumpy. If you are wearing oversized on top, you probably want to keep it streamlined at the bottom. I love the way the boots make my legs look longer and complement the look overall.


How to Style the Oversized Jumper

2. Over a Silk Slip

I actually saw this in Joseph’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection and love the way a chunky knit jumper has been thrown over a slinky silk slip. It looks so floaty and feminine. Pair with stiletto pumps for a modern look so pretty, elegant and whimsical.

How to Style the Oversized Jumper

3. Accessorise It!

Oversized jumpers worn on their own are a really simple look, so they make a great canvas for layering your favourite necklaces, earrings or cross-body bag. Adding a belt to the waist can also bring some bling to the look and show off a little more of your shape.

How to Style the Oversized Jumper

How to Style the Oversized Sweater

How to Style the Oversized Jumper

4. Over Trousers

If the weather is still pretty cold, belt your oversized knit over trousers of the same colour. This monotone look makes a great outfit for work as the single tone makes the whole outfit look really smart and professional. Pair with your favourite pumps or loafers.

How do you wear your favourite oversized jumper?




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