How to Create Flawless Skin in Five Steps using ICONIC London

I love this brand. The quality is amazing, the prices are affordable and all their products are vegan and cruelty free.  It’s a small indie brand that was first introduced to me by my make-up artist Gia Marie Waits and I was totally blown away by their Illuminator. It left my face with a dewy glow that lasted all day, and was the perfect amount of highlight. It has to be one of my favourite make-up items.

In honour of their third birthday, I thought what could be more appropriate than a guide to creating a flawless glowing complexion, using a few of their products.  What’s more, at the time of writing this, they are currently offering a 15% discount for your first order!



Step 1: The Primer

I start by applying the Iconic Retexturizing Face Primer. This is a clear, mattifying base for your foundation that combats shine and prepares the skin to hold on to your foundation for much longer. It leaves you with a perfectly smooth canvas for long-lasting flawless foundation.

I personally like to apply this with my fingertips, as it really allows you to work the primer into your skin. I generally rub it together between my fingerstips to heat the product slightly prior to applying.

Despite the reasonable price, I would definitely compare this to some of the higher end luxury brands.  It has a beautiful velvet texture that glides onto the skin upon application and really makes a difference to the longevity of your foundation.


Step 2: The Illuminator 

This is an optional step prior to your foundation, but an absolute must if you are heading out to an event or are getting ready for a special occasion. Why? Because it gives the skin the most beautiful glow, looking dewy and healthy. Introducing the Iconic Illuminator – quite possibly the most amazing product in my make up bag.  You may have spotted this product all over Instagram and there is a reason – it genuinely is superb.

I use the pipette to dot The Illuminator all over my face, making sure to hit my cheekbones and above the brow arch. This then needs to be blended in all over the face. I personally use the New Evo Black Soft Touch Concealer Brush.  This is actually ideal for applying concealer, but I do like to use this all over as its small size really helps to get the product into all those hard to reach places such as around the nose and under the eyes.

Once you’ve applied the Illuminator all over, you might get a little shock but fret not! It will all make sense in the next few steps.



Step 3: The Foundation

I admit this took some getting used to but now I am converted.  After using the same liquid foundation for years, I recently swapped over to the Iconic Pigment Foundation Stick.  This is a little stick of foundation that is incredibly versatile. It comes it a multitude of shades and you can therefore use it as a foundation, to highlight or to contour. I use it as my foundation and blend in using the same New Evo Black Soft Touch Concealer Brush. You literally just apply directly to the skin in the areas that you want to cover. If contouring, select a shade a two times darker or if highlighting select two shades lighter. The texture of the pigment stick is soft and silky, yet it offers perfect coverage.

If you are used to a barely-there foundation, I will admit that this might not be the product for you. That being said if you are looking for flawless make-up and great coverage, then it’s absolutely one to try! As with all other Iconic products, the product is incredibly priced.



Step 4: The Contour

You can definitely use the pigment sticks to achieve your desired contour look, but I prefer to have everything in one little palette. Enter the Iconic Multi-Use Cream Contour Palette. This is the item that put the brand on the map, after being given the stamp of approval by a whole host of celebs. The palette offers six shades to achieve your perfect sculpting kit to chisel your cheekbones and hide those dark circles. I use a beauty blender to apply the second light shade as a concealer under the eye and blend. I use a concealer brush to apply the third light shade just below my eyebrows to shape them a little further.

I then use a cotton bud to dot the medium darker shade just below my cheekbones, going up to my forehead and around the hairline. I blend using the same New Evo Black Soft Touch Concealer Brush. I know a lot of people have a million brushes and use each one for something different. I’m quite happy using the same one – especially when the bristles are so soft and luscious.

When applying the darker sculpting shades do be careful. The product is highly pigmented, and you don’t need to use all that much to achieve the desired look.



Step 5: The Highlight

This is definitely my favourite part! Out comes the Iconic Illuminator for the final touch. Using the pipette, I drop a few drops at the very top of my cheekbones, dab a tiny amount on the tip of my nose, my cupid’s bow and lastly on the brow bone.

Using a clean beauty blender, I blend the Illuminator in very carefully. It’s best to do this with excellent lighting as you really need to pay close attention as to whether the product is blended in properly. You also want to make sure that you don’t spread it all over the face – just concentrate it to those areas where you want to achieve a beautiful glow!



Finish your look by completing eyes and lips. For me, this just means mascara and lipstick. If I have perfect flawless skin and a great highlight – it’s enough to have me feeling good enough to start my day! You can order Iconic products online or if you live in London, head over to stockists Harvey Nichols or Fortnum and Mason. Hope you enjoy!






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