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Location: Los Angeles, California


LA gives you that feeling that you can be anything you want to be. It’s the place for free spirits, artists, dreamers. In fact, even the poster above our bed in our hotel room reminded us of this as soon as we woke up each morning. ‘In Los Angeles, Everybody is a Star’.

So what is it that makes Los Angeles so special? It’s true that in terms of sites to see, a couple of days is all you need – but to feel LA, to experience the magic, the locals, the dreams, the culture, you will need much more than that.


Beverly Hills



There are a handful of places that should definitely be on your to-do list. Starting with LA’s most well-known landmark, the infamous white Hollywood sign located on the hills overlooking the city. You can’t actually get right up close to the Hollywood sign, which was initially put up as an advertisement by a real estate company in the 20s. As the city began to become more and more tied to the showbiz world, the sign remained as a symbol of the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business. There are a number of vantage points that you can visit, so as to get the best pictures. Our pictures were taken at the Lake Hollywood Park lookout point, which was perfect. You will need a car or taxi to take you there, unless you fancy a morning jog up a few hills.  You can find other lookout points by clicking here.




Next, you’re probably going to want to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a street of about 1.3 miles honouring Hollywood stars over the years. If there is a certain star you want to see, do check it on the map. The street is quite long and VERY crowded and you may find yourself getting somewhat agitated with the crowds or the numerous people trying to sell you a tour or other suspicious substances. Check out where the star you want to see is located and that could save you all the agro. It is on Hollywood Boulevard that I really felt the heartbreak of LA. There are so many people handing out their demo tapes or busking on the street, some of which were so talented. There was a particular moment where I walked down the street and there were so many buskers, that their music overlapped each other, drowning out the talent
amidst the crowds of people who just kept walking by…








You cannot visit LA without checking out Rodeo Drive, the shopping district in Beverly Hills where you can find a plethora of luxury stores. This is the place where you can really feel the wealth and stardom of LA, with luxury cars whizzing through the streets and tourists and locals alike with bags of designer clothing. The Four Seasons hotel is also located by just the shops and is the perfect stopping point for afternoon tea.


I felt that whilst in town, I should check out one of LA’s well-known medical aesthetic clinic to get a facial. With so many stars about and everyone trying to hold on to their youth, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We went to the Face Place and it was absolutely amazing. Would definitely recommend a visit if you have the time. The Signature Facial was relatively well-priced at $140 for about an hour’s work and they did a fantastic job – my face felt so much more radiant after the treatment and in fact I still haven’t worn a full face of makeup and it’s been over a week since. The best bit is that they have a Face Place in London at the Rosewood Hotel in High Holborn which I never knew about. They definitely gained a new client!


The salon is located in Beverly Hills and we got to drive through Sunset Boulevard to get there. I really had to pinch myself whilst driving through as I couldn’t believe I was on this street that you hear so much about, a street that has so many pop culture references and stories in the press. It is also where you can find Chateau Marmont. I was actually pretty annoyed at myself that we did not get to go here. The plan was to have a few drinks at the bar before heading out to eat, however unfortunately, you need a reservation for the bar. Call about a week ahead of time to make sure. Someone recently commented on one of my Instagram photos that guests of the hotel (which alas I was not) get preference to the bar ahead of non-guests.






But the sites in LA are not actually what makes me love the city, it’s the lifestyle. I love that everyone seems to live an outdoors life, that the beaches are beautiful and that the weather is warm. I love that you can stroll down the beach, stopping for delicious coconut cake at Shutters on the Beach. I love that you can find everything you need just like in London, like yummy juice bars, fantastic salons and great shopping. I love that you feel you are in a city with so many ties to pop culture and history and how you can really feel the next generation trying to make their mark there. I’m fascinated by the city’s secrets and underworld.  I love the food! LA is such a diverse city with so many people from different walks of life that it’s impossible for the food not to be good. The highlight for me was Quarters Korean BBQ in Koreatown, which makes me drool just thinking about it.

And so, those are some of the things that I got up to whilst in LA, but I would love to hear about other things to see and do, restaurant recommendations or other handy tips. I definitely want to visit again as soon as I can, so it would be great to hear all your thoughts before then. What do you love about LA?





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