How to Host the Perfect Brunch Party


The weather in London is getting warmer and it feels as though spring is finally with us.  I love that London transforms itself into one big garden during the springtime, with the parks looking lush and beautiful cherry blossom trees painting the town in shades of pink and blush.  So what better thing to do than to head over to the park with friends to enjoy the sunshine with a bottle of prosecco and some yummy brunch food. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to host a very special bridal brunch for a friend and I wanted to share what went into the planning and menu, to perhaps inspire readers to host their own brunch party either at home or in the park. Whilst it’s always nice to have something to celebrate, this is perfect for any sunny weekend with friends!




Plan your Guest List

The first step to any lunch, brunch or party in general is to decide on your guest list. By determining this from the very beginning, you will be much better organised when it comes to catering for the right amount of people.  Check with your guests whether they have any dietary requirements so that you can ensure you have something for everyone! We bought enough crockery to cater to everyone from Ikea – you can find really cheap pieces and they look so much better than plastic plates and obviously so much better for the environment. A lot of what we prepared was either dairy-free, sugar-free or plant-based, and this ensured it ticked everyone’s boxes.




Choose your Colour Scheme

I really think flowers make the house a home and so I always try to have fresh flowers sitting around the house, particularly if I am hosting an event. We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather that weekend that we chose a sunflower yellow and vibrant purple for our colour scheme and it matched perfectly. The bunting in the background is handmade by Sophie Pace using bits of different coloured fabric making it super long-lasting (rain or shine!) and multi-use.  Roses are my all-time favourite flower and I love that we were able to find these stunning yellow roses from Wheelers, just outside Turnham Green station.




Set the Menu

Brunch is meant to showcase the best bits of breakfast and lunch, and to me that means fresh, healthy and tasty food mixing both sweet and savoury. We started with the sweet dishes, followed by the warmer savoury dishes and of course lots of mimosas and prosecco. I include the menu here below, as well as where you can find the recipes!

Homemade Strawberry Jam
(recipe by Deliciously Ella)



Granola & Almond Milk

Coconut Yoghurt

Homemade Nutella
(recipe by Deliciously Ella)

Carrot Cake Muffins
(recipe by Deliciously Ella)

Quinoa Sourdough
(gluten-free from Gail’s Bakery)

(from Gail’s Bakery)

Maple Bacon

Smoke Salmon

Poached Eggs

Garlicky Mushrooms

Mashed Avocado

Lemon and Poppyseed Cake
(from Petersham Nurseries)


Fresh Orange Juice

Ginger Shots



Preparation is Key!

The key to having a relaxed day on the day of the party is having a plan and timeline. Once you have made your menu, run through it and prepare everything you can the day before. It could even be as simple as plating the smoked salmon. We were able to finish juicing all the oranges, the ginger shots, baked the carrot cake muffins and lastly made the jam and nutella. That meant that on the actual day, we only had to prepare the warm food and avocados and collect the cake! For the poached eggs, you can buy these silicone poached egg holders which, again, will make life so much easier!

But aside from all of the food and pretty decorations, what actually makes any party fun are your guests and having a good time together. Enjoy the food, the prosecco, the sunshine and most importantly each other’s company.

What are your tips for throwing the perfect brunch party? Would love to hear about what’s on your menus and to learn some of your recipes!


Sarah Barthet

Sarah is a travel, luxury and lifestyle blogger who gave up the world of high finance to follow her passions. She hopes to share her love of luxury travel, fashion, beauty and the odd piece of career advice to fellow successful women who like to enjoy the finer things in life, here at Dukes Avenue.

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