What I’m Packing for the Med

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I am so excited for this weekend. One of my childhood friends is getting married and I have the  super job of planning the most amazing hens party, along with the rest of her bridal squad. Planning events internationally can get a little bit tricky, and so we decided to split the hens in two, starting with a bridal brunch at my home in London. I wrote a blog post with pictures and tips for hosting the perfect brunch party, which you can find here.

The second part of the hens is a fun-packed weekend in the Mediterranean, starting in Malta – our hometown and the place we grew up together. Once in Malta, we plan to gather the gang and take a short 40 minute flight to Sicily, a neighbouring Italian island. We have so much planned and I can’t wait to share some of the activities here once the party is over. Before then, and as I write this, I have two days to get myself together and start packing! I’ve done a fair bit of shopping to try and prepare ahead of time. So what am I taking with me? Let’s kick off.


Packing for the Med


Summer Dresses

The first things I think of when it comes to packing for a summer holiday are pretty summer dresses, mini or maxi. Up until recently I always used to wear bodycon dresses in neutral colours, until I discovered Revolve, my new favourite online store.  They stock some of the cutest summer dresses, along with a whole bunch of other stuff, and I loved it all so much that I placed a big shopping order whilst I was in the States last month. It is a little bit pricier than ASOS, but the quality of each item is so good! I purchased a bunch of mini dresses for this trip which I’m so excited to share, both short and long sleeved, some boho, some a little smarter, and they’re all coming with me to the Med. Below are some of my favourite mini dresses for summer.


Packing for the Med


Pastels and Bold Shades 

As I said earlier, up until recently I was all about neutrals and to me that really meant black, white, nude, sometimes millennial pink and very rarely olive green. I felt so bored looking at my wardrobe that when making my purchases for upcoming trips, I specifically looked for things that weren’t me at all, just to shake things up a little. I’m so glad I did! I continue to love millennial pink but have added a few new yellow pieces to my wardrobe, Gen Y yellow is really trending and it is actually starting to grow on me. Ice cream pastel shades were on so many runways this season, so don’t be afraid to shop for those pastel lilacs, greens and limes!

I for one have now accumulated a mix of pretty spring time pastels in baby pink and blue, plus some bolder yellows and corals. Can’t wait to wear them all!


Packing for the Med


Sandals and Wedges 

I picked up a pair of Valentino rock stud sandals and I think they are my favourite purchase of the year. They are incredibly comfortable and just so pretty! I wore them all over California, walked miles in them and no blisters! I bought them in a shade of pale dusty pink which really matches with everything, making them a staple for my sunny holidays this year!  Of course, when heading out and swapping to heels, a new pair of wedges is perfect for a summer holiday. Again on Revolve, I found some really nice pairs, particularly those by Tony Bianco. Also really comfortable! I’ve added a few other pairs of wedges which I think make perfect holiday shoes below.



Packing for the Med

Packing for the Med



Last but not least, no holiday suitcase is fully packed until the swimwear is in. Over the last couple of years I’ve really been loving swimsuits over bikinis. As old fashioned as it sounds, I find them so much more ladylike. That being said, ladylike doesn’t mean boring and I love finding swimsuits with a halter neck and deep-V neckline. I stumbled across a new piece at Aerie, American Eagle and they were on sale, so ended up buying two in different colours! I pair the swimsuits with chiffon sarongs in complementary colours and large dark sunglasses for that classy beach club look.



Packing for the Med


How do you prepare for your summer holidays? I want to know what’s in your suitcase!




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