Why It’s OK to Take a Break

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Sometimes, just living day-to-day life can be exhausting. We are expected to do so much, whether at work, at home or just catching up on general life admin. Let’s face it – we are busy – often too busy to do everything we need to do, handle everything we are meant to handle and catch up with all those little things that need taking care of everyday.  And so, with all this going on, sometimes it’s important to take a break; a break from work, a break from making sure the house is perfect (because let’s be honest, guests aren’t going to notice that you haven’t mowed the lawn or washed the floor) and just do whatever you feel like doing. I’ve been feeling this way over the last month and so this weekend, I did just that. I took a weekend off from life and flew to Moscow for the bank holiday weekend.

Take A Break

Now, this is just a little bit about my situation, but everyone has their own. We often think that we are busier than the next person, but it’s important to realise that we all have our own things going on. Over the month of August, I have dealt with a very poorly pup going through major spinal surgery outside of London, a change of job in the coming month (and everything that that involves), some health problems (which mean a change in diet) and lastly just dealing with the admin that all of the above brought along.

Let’s start with Luna the Frenchie. My poor puppy was born with a spinal defect which meant she had to have major corrective surgery outside of London on her spine, to ensure that she does not lose the use of her back legs. Not only was this extremely stressful and worrying for us as owners, it was also a huge financial sacrifice and involved us driving two hours each way almost every day for a week. If you have been stuck on the M25 when there’s been crash, you will know what that means.  It has now been two weeks since her surgery and she has recovered so well and we are so proud of her. She is almost back to her normal self and all that worry and stress can now fade away.

Take A Break

During the month, I was also interviewing for a new role (because I do have a day job) and that meant interviews, paperwork and arriving home later than usual. It also made it really difficult for me to keep up with the blog and social media, just because I arrived home so exhausted. Please excuse the lack of posts during this time. There is so much I still want to write about, but I will be getting round to it – starting from this post.

To add to the above, I also had some health issues which led to me completely changing my diet to try and improve my conditions. I already mostly avoided those nasties like preservatives and sugar, as well as meat and dairy, but over the last month I became extremely strict with myself. I cut out all meat (no exceptions), all preservatives, all dairy and all gluten (with maybe one exception). If you do eat this way, you’ll know that it’s challenging.  Your options instantly shrink and once you find something, you are often left eating that same option every day.

This weekend it was time to let go and just take it easy.  We flew to Moscow last Thursday and made it a point to just forget about everything.  I did not look at my personal emails, I did not take my work phone, I did not have to stress over getting a visa (I had done that already) and I relaxed my diet. I focused on me and enjoying myself with the people I was with. I stayed in bed until almost 11 every day and whilst I did not eat meat on the trip, I did indulge in some dairy and gluten. I did not go to the gym. We splurged a little on the hotel and treated ourselves to some much needed and unapologetic luxury.  

Take A Break

As I write this, I am now on the plane ride back home and feel recharged and ready to take everything on.  I am excited to start my new role, I look forward to getting back to the gym and to continue eating as before, and most of all I am so happy my baby Luna is now on the mend and has a new lease on life.  Sometimes, a break is all that is needed to get you back on track and to remind you of what is important. It’s all about balance and feeling happy with the choices you’ve made, and every so often, sometimes you need to take a break from it all to appreciate it.

What do you do to relax when you feel you have too much going on? Let me know how you prefer to take a break in the comments section below.


Take A Break

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  1. pingelsisters
    28th August 2018 / 2:27 pm

    Good for you for taking a break. It sounds like you really needed one. Sometimes the best approach to challenges is to take a step back before charging forward. Glad your dog is doing better!

    • sarahborgbarthet
      28th August 2018 / 2:36 pm

      You are so right! Feeling much better after a few days away!! Dog is doing great – a few more weeks and it will be like nothing ever happened 🙂 xxxx

  2. 31st August 2018 / 6:17 pm

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! I hope your puppy is well!
    There are also some awesome vegan and gluten free recipes out there. I recently went vegetarian and trying to go vegan is so hard. I love chocolate so much!

    • sarahborgbarthet
      1st September 2018 / 12:51 pm

      Awh thanks Juliet! Puppy is well again 🙂 It is hard at first but it does get easier! I take a LOT of recipes from https://deliciouslyella.com/ – there are some great vegan chocolate ones there too! xxx

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