2019 Travel Bucket List

Location: Elche, Spain

Hello 2019! I hope everyone had a great time bringing in the new year! I’m so happy to see the back of 2018, an awful year for me. I woke up this morning feeling so positive and excited for the year to come. We’ve got some super trips planned already and are in the process of filling up the year. From Central Europe to Africa, these are my top five destinations that make it to my 2019 travel bucket list!

2019 Travel Bucket List

5. St. Moritz, Switzerland

I’ve had a lot of different travel experiences over the last five or so years. It’s hard to believe that skiing was not one of them! So this year, I bit the bullet and, after hearing what an amazing holiday a ski trip is from so many friends, I’ve gone and booked one in early February! We love watching documentaries about the inner workings of hotels and the BBC has some great ones (BBC IPlayer viewers can watch Amazing Hotels here). It’s here where we first discovered the Kulm – a stunning hotel located in St Moritz which has a history of over 160 years and is apparently the place that winter holidays started. I’m so excited to visit, attempt to ski and take you all along with me. If you are looking for a winter holiday, the Kulm is currently running a Ski Special package that includes two nights at the hotel, a two-day ski pass and more. Check it out!

2019 Travel Bucket List

4. New York, US

This year we really wanted to focus on experiences rather than just booking a holiday. Although I’ve visited New York about six or seven times for work purposes, I’ve never travelled there purely for pleasure. Coupled with that, my husband has never actually visited. We thought what better time to visit than over the holidays, and experience Christmas in New York! After watching Home Alone movies so many times, in my mind it will be beautifully decorated and of course, snowing. I obviously can’t predict the weather, but I’m so excited to tick this off my bucket list and actually visit New York as a tourist.

2019 Travel Bucket List

3. Nairobi, Kenya

Africa is the continent that I have visited the least, by far, and over the coming years I intend to change that. We start this year by heading to Nairobi, Kenya, for our yearly anniversary trip. We have not booked our accommodation yet, so any suggestions are very much welcome. I can’t wait to go on my first safari, see wild animals and try the local food. This will be my first taste of Africa and I’m expecting it to be unlike all my previous trips, but a good eye-opener and teaser for the continent overall.

2. Mauritius

Technically still part of the African content. Nothing has been booked yet, but the Indian Ocean is another place neither of us have visited. After months of seeing beautiful Instagram pictures of Mauritius, the Maldives and the Seychelles, we decided that Mauritius will be the one we start with. It’s a volcanic island and, coming off the back of being in Sicily whilst Etna erupted, that sounds quite appealing to me. Not because it will erupt – it’s a dormant volcano in fact – but because volcanic regions are beautifully mountainous, with lots of pretty waterfalls and cliffs.

2019 Travel Bucket List

1. Uzbekistan

Possibly the craziest idea on the list, but we have been wanting to go to Uzbekistan for so so long! We are always keen on visiting places that are off the beaten path and I think this is the perfect example! It’s a chance to visit Samarkand, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to see the beautiful mosques and the Soviet-era architecture. Uzbekistan was also one of the points on the Silk Road, and you can visit a handful of cities that still practising age-old traditions, such as silk-weaving methods. Another one we have yet to book, but we hope to travel there over the summer.

2019 Travel Bucket List

All pictures here were taken at a wedding in Elche, Spain – thought they were appropriate given our aim of visiting off-the-beaten path locations!

I’d love to hear about places that you plan to visit in 2019. If you have yet to book any trips, there is no better time! So many airlines are currently running sales throughout the month of January and it’s a great time to shop for your next trip!



  1. 28th February 2019 / 6:48 am

    I’m really going to enjoy this Summer with my hubby in a place like this thanks for sharing the information in detailed. and you both are awesome looking perfect with each other..

    • sarahborgbarthet
      15th March 2019 / 1:00 pm

      Oh thank you so much Claire! Much appreciated! I hope you have a lovely time with your husband on your upcoming travels! Xxx

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