The Perfect Hens Party in Valletta

Location: Valletta, Malta

This year has been exceptionally busy and crazy, and I’m not complaining! There has been lots of travel to new destinations, lots of events and some major life changes. If you’ve read my previous post (click here), you’ll know that I recently gave up my career in finance to focus on my passions – writing and travelling. The good news is that I have a whole load of stories and content that I need to get off my chest now that I have the time to do it. And so, my choice for the first article is all about one of my favourite events of the first half of this year – the hens party of one of my closest friends back in May. Over on Instagram, I recently posted a poll about whether you wanted to read solely travel-related posts or a bit of a mix of travel and lifestyle. Overwhelmingly, it was the travel and lifestyle that won. This article here is the one I am starting with, giving you a little glimpse into my life and with a bit of luck, it might provide some inspiration for others wanted to plan a hens party in Malta’s capital, Valletta.

Yoga on the rooftop pool deck, 66 St Paul’s

Being based in London, my starting point was Heathrow airport, where I took the usual AirMalta KM103 from Terminal 4 direct to Malta. It does land a little late – between 00:40am and 1am, and that is assuming there are no delays! If you are planning on flying as a group from London, you probably want to take an afternoon flight so that you arrive in time for an activity that evening. After landing, I met up with a fellow bridesmaid and headed straight to bed.

The following day, we were ready to start the weekend we had been planning for months! Our bride arrived at the location late morning and we began with a prosecco brunch in St. Julian’s overlooking the sea. The weather was lovely and sunny, so we got to sit outside and enjoyed the sunshine with the bride and her mum. Here’s a link to the restaurant for anyone that is interested in booking. UBistrot offers lovely food and can cater to awkward dietary requirements! Once our bellies were full with yummy brunch and bubbles, it was time to start the main event.

Brunch with the bride!

The whole weekend was centred around my new favourite boutique hotel in Valletta, 66 St Paul’s on St Paul’s Street. The hotel itself was an old palazzo that has been recently renovated to the highest standard. It was recommended to me and I was so impressed with the attention to detail, the decor and how absolutely accommodating the staff are. We were 10 hens in total, and I had asked if it was possible for us to take an entire floor of 5 rooms. Not only did the hotel accommodate, but they also threw in breakfast and free massages for the bridesmaids at their in-house spa. The spa is located underground and I loved that it had a secretive and cellar-like feel to it. We were located on the second floor and that meant that our bride was given the Grand Suite – a beautiful room with a mezzanine level that offered a separate seating area.

After our complimentary prosecco reception, we all went to check out our rooms and change into something a little more comfortable ahead of our spa sessions. The spa is run by Myoka, a local spa franchise which offers a range of luxury treatments using high quality products. The massage was so good that I actually booked a follow up massage for the day after – when in Rome as they say! Feeling all relaxed and pampered, and with our bodies now probably at 75% prosecco, we started to get ready for a quiet meal in the capital at Pastaus. Very relaxed and casual, again catering to those who are gluten-free.

Plans for Day II meant that we were up bright and early for a super calming yoga session on the pool deck. A good stretch was exactly what we needed before a day of running around the capital. We hired a private yoga instructor who brought her own mats and that meant we didn’t have to worry about renting those separately. I can only imagine how beautiful a yoga session would have been at sunrise, however it was after all hens party and we were not up that early. The pool deck is located on the rooftop and overlooks some stunning views of Valletta and the harbour.

Some time by the pool to share our gift with the bride before heading off for our second activity of the day – a treasure hunt around Valletta. As a local who is no longer resident in Malta, I actually found this so much fun. It took me around parts of Valletta that I haven’t been to since I was a teenager and brought back so many memories that I started feeling a little bit nostalgic of my teenage years back home. The treasure hunt was booked with Scavenger Escape Malta, who hold a few other hunts around the island. Extremely well-priced, with the only drawback being that you need to collect the starter kit from their office in Sliema. If you do not have a car, you will need to cab it there and back. You could also take the local buses, however if you are working to a strict timeline and value your sanity, I would avoid it. Unfortunately public transport is not that reliable and you could be waiting a while for a bus. I’m reluctant to share more info on the hunt as I don’t want to give anything away for those that are thinking of doing it. What I can say is that it was so much fun and definitely worth doing!

The Saluting Battery

That leads us to Saturday night, where we had booked out Cru – a cosy wine bar right around the corner from the hotel. The place was booked out for us and so we managed to get an open wine bar as well as nibbles at an incredibly reasonable price. For all those wondering, of course they catered to my dietary requirements. I know I keep talking about this but from my recent Insta polls it seems that a few of you also look out for places that can cater to food allergies, so I really want to highlight it when I find places that can accomodate my needs! Especially for events like this where you don’t want to be the awkward one.

As a place to go out in the evening, Valletta is buzzing at the weekend and it is such a huge difference to how I remember it from my childhood, where you would hardly see a soul in the capital in the evening. Not anymore. The city has come to life and is bustling with so many restaurants, bars and people! It’s so nice to see such a beautiful city awaken from what feels like a really deep sleep. There are also a whole host of boutique hotels opening up in Valletta, and I confess I have not stayed in all, therefore please do not get discouraged if 66 St Paul’s is fully booked up for your visit.

Sunday was, at last, a day for relaxation and check out from the hotel. I had such a lovely weekend, spent in a city that I felt I had lost touch. It reminded me how beautiful my capital is and how I would love to visit more often. I am grateful that it provided the perfect backdrop for a very special weekend of fun, laughter and celebration. A huge thank you to the staff of 66 St Paul’s for going above and beyond. For those that are looking to plan a similar weekend in Valletta soon, please feel free to reach out for advice either in the comments or via Instagram!

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  1. hannahelizarmstrong
    19th August 2019 / 8:07 am

    This looks like an absolute dream Sarah! Love the photos!


    • sarahborgbarthet
      19th August 2019 / 2:51 pm

      Awhh yeyy thank you so much Hannah! Glad you liked them! ?

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