I’m Launching a Newsletter!

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You read correctly! I am launching my very own newsletter! It’s been something that I wanted to do for a long time and at last I feel like I’m ready.  Recently over on Instagram, I spoke about how I wanted to broaden the topic matters that I talk about on my website and in my social media posts, just because I feel like it is more authentic of me to talk about my life as a whole, and my life is most certainly not all travel.  It does take up a really large part of my life, but so do many other things. This newsletter is going to allow me to share just that and here’s how.

I'm Launching a Newsletter!

My newsletter will be sent out to all those on my subscriber list every Sunday evening at around 7pm BST. You may have noticed that you’ll see a pop-up on my website so that you can easily subscribe. If you are a regular reader and the pop-up doesn’t appear, you can subscribe to the mailing list from the ‘Home’ page and fill in your email address in the Subscribe box on the right-hand side.

So, what will it include? Well to start with, I’ll give you a little update on the week just passed, what I got up to, who I met, exciting new brands that I’ve been introduced to and any trips I’ve been on. As I write this I am now on a flight to Amsterdam in fact! Next, it will include a summary of the blog posts I have published for that week. I promised myself that I would publish them every Tuesday and Friday at 8am and since I’ve made this promise, I have stuck to it.

The newsletter will also feature my favourite Instagram post of the week. You may have seen that for the last week, I took a step back from the app. Spending anywhere between 4 to 6 hours daily on engagement can be exhausting, as can finding the content to post a new picture daily. I did it for almost a month, then just felt totally uninspired and like I was churning out images just to post everyday – not because I had something I wanted to share.  Last Monday, I took a look at my feed and thought this really does not represent the image I had in my head. I archived a load of images and said to myself that I am only going to post when I feel like I have something that I really want to share. All that said, I’ll be sharing my favourite of the week (however many there are), over on the newsletter.

Going back to what I said about sharing more of my life than my travel experiences. I want to be able to share the brands I am working with and love (because if I didn’t love them, I wouldn’t be working with them to begin with!), as well as items that are on my wish list, items that I think are really good finds. Anything from clothing to skincare, makeup to books I really want to read.

I'm Launching a Newsletter!

 To celebrate the launch of my newsletter, I’ll be giving a little incentive to all of you that are thinking about subscribing! For the next few months, I’ll be editing a photo of your choice for free! All you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter and DM me the image that you would like me to edit for you! For more than one edit, tag a friend in the comments and if they subscribe, you’ll both get your images edited!

I really hope that you will enjoy the newsletter as it has been weeks in the making. I also look forward to receiving your images for editing!

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