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Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Next up in my Moroccan travel series on this lovely Friday morning (you can check out my previous post here). I returned home from Malta on Wednesday after spending some time with friends and family. Unusual for me, but I have NO upcoming trips for a couple of months so I’m really excited to spend a longer period of time at home, to focus more on the writing element of this venture, rather than the photography.  It’s also going to give me time to have a think about how I want to work in more of the things I am passionate about, aside from travelling the world.  

When I first started this website, my initial plan was to focus on all of my interests – like travel and fashion, skincare and beauty, and obviously, Luna my Frenchie. I quickly learnt from a lot of research and online courses that when starting a blog, it’s critical to focus on your niche and build a community of people who have the same interests. Apparently, this will keep your audience coming back for more of what they know they like. If you start talking about all different things, it gets a little confusing and you might lose the interest of your readers. And so, after learning all this, I thought well what do I know most about? Because that’s another bit of blogging advice that is suggested – only talk about what you are an authority in.

I took a little step back, re-organised my website, and really tried to focus on just the travel element, hoping that I wouldn’t write about too many different topics and confuse readers. It was, at least in my mind, an area that people seemed to think I knew a little something about. I actually really enjoyed sharing my hotel recommendations, new travel destinations, tips specific to a certain country, things that I learnt along the way.

As my little channel has started to grow, I really feel like I am building that community that I aimed for. A community of mostly like-minded women who are interested in exploring what this world has to offer. I feel as though I know my most active readers well and have even become good friends with a few. At the same time, I constantly worry about things like authenticity, relevance and honesty.

Whilst travel is obviously a great passion of mine, it is not my whole life by any means. Last week, I decided to open my social media and website up to more of the things I really enjoy outside of travel. It felt a little bit more authentic to me, because I’m not always in a new country, or at a hotel, or on a plane. I also have so many different passions that I really want to share! I guess that natural progression is to move towards travel and fashion – something I have so much interest in since I can remember! In 2017, Simon kindly gifted me with a fashion design course at the London College of Fashion and I enjoyed it so much! This was before I even thought about making content creation my career. Over the last month, I have been given the opportunity to work with many new and exciting fashion brands and I am loving it! After all, you still need to think about clothes when you travel!

Another great passion of mine is makeup and skincare. Many don’t know this, but whilst I was studying for my undergraduate degree in economics, I actually worked full-time at a perfumery for around two years, selling luxury cosmetics and skincare. I learnt a whole lot about beauty, makeup, skincare and wellness. These are also things I love writing about and again I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands over the last couple of months.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am moving more towards when I actually wanted to do when I started all this back in February 2018, and that was to create a little channel of all the things I love and enjoy. Of course, my main focus will always be travel, but expect to see more of these other topics too as time passes and this little venture grows.

I thought that the images for this article were quite appropriate – it was my last day in Marrakech and we kept it for the Yves Saint Laurent museum. We also visited the Jardin Majorelle – just around the corner from the museum and such a lovely place to see. Just a few handy tips for you:

  • Queues for both can be extremely long.  Our hotel, La Mamounia, organised the tickets on our behalf and had them sent to our room – if you are given this option, then I really suggest you go for it, even if they add on a small charge for it.
  • A taxi from La Mamounia (just off Jemaa el-Fnaa) should cost about 10 – 15 Moroccan dirhams. When leaving the museum and garden, we walked up to a taxi rank and asked the cost of a taxi back to the hotel. The taxi driver replied 100 Moroccan dirhams, thinking we did not know any better! Needless to say, we walked off and showed that we were unimpressed about the jack up in price. He soon called us back and charged the same as what we paid earlier in the day. Always check the price before jumping in a cab! Remember they do not use meters!
  • The Jardin Majorelle can get insanely busy. If your objective is to see it quietly and to take some beautiful images then you need to go early. It was extremely crowded when we went and that did detract a little from the experience.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this! Do you agree that all blogs should have a niche?

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