Summer Holiday Style

Summer Holiday Style: 2018 Edition


Sarah Barthet


Summer is a time for holidays.  Even without wanting to, you automatically get sucked into the easy, relaxed way of life from June through August.  The multiple out of offices bounce backs, the easing up of deadlines and leaving the office on time for once makes it the perfect time to get away. 

Whether it’s two weeks to a far flung destination or a quick weekend city break, it’s time to head out to buy a few new pieces to make up your summer holiday style. Items that you can take with you to comfortably walk around new towns, lightweight to wear and versatile enough to be multi-purpose – so that you can wear them differently for different parts of the trip. Here are my five favourite products purchased that are coming away with me in my suitcase for my summer trips this summer, forming part of my holiday capsule wardrobe. Be sure to add them to your packing list!

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Summer Holiday Style

Summer Holiday Style Must-Haves for 2018


While most cut their hair shorter in summer to deal with the heat, I actually went the opposite way and got hair extensions. Whilst I love them, they can occasionally get in the way and with the heat of Spain summer, I took the plunge and bought a swanky new headband that has now become one of my holiday essentials!

  I found mine in Furla, but I’ve been seeing them all over since late last year, and when they made a comeback in autumn/winter 2017 runways.  Apart from being really useful during warm weather, there are two reasons that the headband is great for holidays. 

First off, your two day old hair will thank you. The headband is large enough to open up a little and cover your roots for the day.  Secondly, they can be worn in so many ways. Over the head and beneath the hairline is what I went for here, but you can also wear them over the head and hair, settling on the forehead. You can even use these to jazz up your ponytail.  Either way, they are really versatile and make a great addition to your summer holiday style.

The White Cami

This is a really easy holiday piece to wear as it goes with everything and is useful both morning and evening. You can pair it with a skirt, trousers, shorts or under suits or V-cut dress, plus they’re just nice and airy to wear whilst walking around in the sun. My cami is from Lipsy and bought on Asos. It cost £15 and I will definitely be getting my money’s worth given the amount of times I’ve worn it. Add it to your summer fashion lookbook for so many easy outfits. 

The Wolford Fatal Dress

This is possibly one of the best things I have in my wardrobe. The Wolford Fatal Dress. I bought my first black one in 2015, and since then, I’ve bought new colours each year.  They can be worn in so many different ways that I think it deserves an article all to itself.  It can be a top, a mini skirt, a midi skirt or a maxi skirt, as well as a mini, midi or maxi dress. 

I bought one last year in this bright orange shade which is unfortunately no longer available, and doubled it up to create a bodycon skirt.  The only downside is that the lighter colours can be a little see-through, however I wear the white fatal dress underneath.  Made mostly of nylon, the fatal dress is super space-saving, very stretchy, does not crease and is entirely seamless! I love pairing this beauty with a linen over-sized shirt and chunky gold hoops for an evening look.

Summer Holiday Style

A Classic Cross-body Bag

A comfortable cross-body bag is a must for your summer holiday style lookbook.  Like the Wolford fatal dress which I bought a year ago, I’m also wearing a cross-body bag that I bought probably about eight years ago.  If you buy a classic piece, you can wear it over and over and it never goes out of style. It’s easy to walk around with, can hold all of your travel necessities and yet is small and comfortable. 

Embellished Flats

Lastly, and very importantly, you’re going to want to find a really pretty comfortable pair of flats that you can walk around in without getting blistered or tired. These embellished flats are great because you can wear them with pretty much anything.  I found these beautiful cobalt blue slingback flats with large embellishments on the front and they’re so comfortable! The fact that they are slingbacks means you can adjust the part around the ankle and therefore it becomes harder for you to get blistered if walking in them for a while.  This sold-out pair is from Zara, but here are some alternatives.

Summer Holiday Style

I hope the above has given you some inspiration on what to add to your wardrobe for your summer holiday style this year. I wanted to pick items which were bright and colourful, yet were comfortable and versatile. This versatility is so useful for putting together different looks whilst saving on packing space. Before leaving home, just be sure to throw in a swimsuit and sandals into your luggage and you’ll have everything you need!

What do you take with you for your summer holidays? Do you prefer to pick out brand new pieces for each summer or do you prefer to create a more long-lasting summer capsule wardrobe? Whichever one you prefer, link me with your favourite summer holiday style pieces in the comments section below!

All pictures were taken at the stunning Puerto Banus in Spain.



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