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    My Social Media Platforms
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    Food and Fun in Santorini
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    My Plane Essentials
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  • I’m Back!

    I’m Back!

    Location: London, United KIngdom Happy Monday all! I’m back – it’s been a while! About a month to be precise, and I’ve missed writing so much. I’ve just returned from five days away in Jamaica, and I’ve come back more…

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    La Maison Souquet – One Night in Montmartre

    La Maison Souquet – One Night in Montmartre

    Location: Paris, France Paris ranks right up there in terms of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It holds a special place in my heart as it was the first holiday I went on with my husband back…

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    A storybook of my life, travels, wardrobe and thoughts. I want this blog to be a personal diary to look back on, a collection of my holiday snaps and favourite places to visit and eat. A sneak peek inside my…

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