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About Dukes Avenue

Dukes Avenue is a home for all things travel, luxury and lifestyle for the modern successful woman – and you can expect to find everything that she wants to read about.

  • Travel around the world: from general travel tips to detailed itineraries, so that you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to do the research!
  • Luxury living: everything from luxury hotel and restaurant reviews to fashion and beauty products that you want to know about. Anything and everything that can help to make your life a little bit more luxurious.
  • Lifestyle: which covers everything else. Topics like career advice, entrepreneurship stories and just general life advice.

About the Founder

Dukes Avenue

Dukes Avenue was founded by me, Sarah Borg Barthet, and first and foremost, I see myself as a writer and a storyteller. I write about all the things this world has to offer that deserve a platform and that busy woman are looking for in day-to-day life. I aim to create beautiful images for others to see that are engraved in my mind from my travels. I want to open minds and doors so that others can set their goals high and live a life they love.

This was not always my life though. For the last ten years or so, I have been working in high finance. I make no secret of it – it was not easy. I was raised in Malta, but moved to London solely to sit for a Masters in Finance, which I completed with Distinction. Whilst I never intended to remain in London, I soon found employment in hedge funds and it’s where I sat happily until something inside me turned.

Around 2015, I began to feel unfulfilled by it all – tired of the rat race in a male-dominated environment, yet unaware of what else I could be doing. It was only in early 2018 that I realised people actually made a career from writing about what they are passionate about via their own blogs and social media channels.

In January 2018, I began learning how to build a website, but it wasn’t until my 30th birthday that I announced what I had been up to to those that know me. It would take another year of high stress in finance for me to realise that life is too short to be doing something I no longer enjoy. I left the corporate world to become a full-time blogger and content creator. Since then, Dukes Avenue has become my baby. I’m still far off from where I would like to be but I know I am heading in the right direction – and I certainly have big dreams for where I can take it.

You can follow my personal journey on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as my weekly Sunday newsletter for more travels, related industry events or conferences, as well as product launches in the fashion or beauty space. I hope you enjoy the content put out. If there is anything you would like to read about but that you can’t find here, just drop me an email and I’ll try my best to cover it!

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