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20 Easy Self-Love Affirmations for Daily Use


Taj Arora


Editor’s Note: Here at Dukes Avenue, our goal is to truly inspire our readers to live their most luxurious life – in whatever way that means to them. We believe that luxury is very much a state of mind, and that it’s about finding the positives in your own life, whilst feeling your best both mentally and physically. To help our readers with this, we’ve asked self-love coach Taj Arora to share her expert advice on how we can start practising self-love and care daily through 20 easy self-love affirmations.

Positive Affirmations for Self-Love and Confidence

Let me tell you a little secret, that voice inside your head that constantly bosses you around, tells you what to do and criticises your every move, can be changed. The inner critic is a collection of limiting beliefs that you picked up as a child. Who wants a child to run and control their life? Definitely not me!

Self-love and self-love affirmations will put you back in control of your own life. It’s a powerful tool and practice that will transform the way you speak, interact and show-up within the world. Self-love affirmations are the gateway to this transformation.

But what does self-love actually mean?

What Is Self-Love And Why Is It Important?

By definition, self-love is regard for one’s own happiness and well-being, but self-love is deeper than that. Self-love is forgiving yourself when you make a mistake, it’s believing you are worthy and knowing that you deserve to be treated with respect. A lack of self-love usually manifests itself as low self-esteem, low self-confidence and overall low self-worth.

Self-love is not selfish or narcissistic. In fact, looking after your own needs and wellbeing first, makes you much better equipped to help and show up for others. Self-love is important because without it, we become accustomed to living our lives on other people’s terms. Many people will enter and leave throughout your life, but you know the one relationship that will stay, the relationship you have with yourself. 

What are Self-Love Affirmations? 

Put simply, self-love affirmations are positive phrases and sentences you repeat to yourself often. Self-love affirmations challenge pre-existing negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. If you haven’t done this before, you might feel a bit awkward at first but keep with it. There is science behind positive affirmations and it really does work. For long-lasting results, self-love affirmations need to be practiced daily. We are trying to change the way you think and feel, so it’s going to take some time and commitment from you.

Affirmations work both ways. We unknowingly practice negative affirmations. The inner mean girl that silently repeats you’re not good enough has a stronger influence on you then you think. The aim of practicing self-love affirmations is to permanently replace the negative inner chatter with positive words that empower, uplift and motivate you.

With regular practice, you become resilient to uncomfortable situations, develop immunity to negativity and have no tolerance for anyone that doesn’t respect your boundaries. Positive self-love affirmations are your new best friends and here’s how you can practice them.

How to Practice Self-Love Affirmations

Practicing self-love affirmations is incredibly simple and straightforward. Just pick a few phases from the list below and start repeating these to yourself daily. However, there are a few ground rules that will help you get the most out of this practice. 

Firstly, it’s extremely important that you say the self-love affirmations aloud and in front of a mirror if you can. Secondly, try and practice the self-love affirmations at the same time each day. Good habits are not easy to form but it certainly helps to remember to do your daily self-love affirmation practice if it’s at the same time each day. Combine your new habit with an existing one to make it last. Try practising your self-love affirmations as you do your makeup or drink your cup of coffee each morning.

20 Self-Love Affirmations

1. I love and accept my body.

2. I respect and honour my boundaries.

3. I deserve all that is good. 

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4. I am safe and supported.

5. I am worthy.

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6. I radiate beauty and grace.

7. I am more than my negative thoughts.

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8.I love myself unconditionally.

9. I am loved and appreciated by others.

10. I surrender to the beautiful unfolding of life. 

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11. I forgive myself for past mistakes.

12. I am at peace with where I am.

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13. I welcome abundance into my life.

14. I radiate self-confidence and courage.

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15. I am grateful for my health.

16. I attract positive people into my life.

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17. I am not selfish by making myself a priority. 

18. I choose to be happy.

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19. I deserve all that I desire.

20. I am good enough, exactly the way I am.

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10 Bonus Self-Esteem Affirmations

1. I see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

2. I always see the best in myself and others.

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3. I believe in my capabilities.

4. I am open to new opportunities and experiences. 

5. I trust myself with every decision I make. 

6. I am not afraid to step outside my comfort zone.

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7. I release the need to gain approval from others.

8. I do not need to prove myself to anyone.

9. I release the need to self-critique.

10. I am proud of the person I am today.

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Taj Arora is a self-love coach, travel content creator and entrepreneur. She regularly creates heart-centred content on social media and recently launched her ebook on self-love. Check out her website for more articles on self-love and personal development. 


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