Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances

Thameen Perfume: The Most Exquisite of British Fragrances


Sarah Barthet


It’s not often that a brand so extraordinary slips under my radar, but when the name is so exclusive that it is only sold in the UK at the top department stores – Selfridges and, as of recently, Harrods – then you could argue that I am forgiven. I am of course, talking about Thameen perfume, a collection of British fragrances, inspired by the world’s most captivating jewels and scents, and the evocative stories behind them.

If someone asked me to define opulence, I would create my own little moodboard in my mind. That moodboard would include gold gilded mirrors, smoke, champagne, floor length backless gold gowns, red lips, whispers and diamonds. The smell of patchouli and sandalwood would linger in the air. But this has been the case for centuries, where both fragrance and jewellery have been intertwined as symbols of status, religion, wealth, beauty and love – from ancient tribes to modern day haute couture.

And this is the door I’d like to open for you into the world of Thameen perfume. A word that means ‘precious’ in Arabic, named as a tribute to the founder’s late father. A luxury, niche, British fragrance house that captivates the senses and creates the very moodboard I have in my mind across a range of fragrances. These fragrances play on the passion of founder Basel bin Jabr’s Middle Eastern background, with an exotic oriental scent coming through in each perfume created.

Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances

The Story of Thameen

I was first introduced to Thameen back in September 2019 and have been mesmerised ever since. As time has passed, and new fragrances have been released since their debut in 2013, my intrigue continued to grow and I set out to learn more about these seductive scents. A few months later, three bottles now sit on my dressing table. In this article, I will walk you through the collections of Thameen fragrance for women, men and children, my five absolute favourites and why Thameen makes the perfect gift – both for him and for her. All Thameen fragrances are unisex and transform accordingly upon contact with the skin.

Thameen uses the very best and rarest of ingredients, including vetiver from Haiti and Taif rose from the desert oasis. This is probably the reason why Thameen perfumes are the longest lasting fragrances I have ever worn – and I do not say this lightly. In fact, Thameen fragrances offer a significantly higher concentration of oils than other ‘eau de parfums’ available on the market.

And just like my own personal moodboard, where fragrance and jewellery are intertwined by some invisible bond, this is exactly the story behind each Thameen fragrance. Each Thameen perfume is named after the world’s most infamous, precious and historically significant jewels, and I’m excited to share the story behind my five favourites.

Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances
Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances

The Best of British Fragrances

Thameen is made up of two exquisite collections: The Sovereign Collection and The Treasure Collection. In addition to these, Thameen also offers a range of hair fragrances, body lotions, baby fragrances and gifts sets that are perfect as a special gift for either men or women. Below is a list of each and every Thameen fragrance, and its accompaniments. I have included links to all, so that you can decide on which one might be right for you or for the person you are gifting. The story behind each fragrance is also provided on each of the links.

CollectionThameen Fragrance50ml Eau de Parfum50ml Extrait de ParfumLimited Edition Bottle Body Lotion Hair Fragrance
Patiala X
The Hope X
The Cora X X X
Rivière X X X
Nassak X
Noorolain Taif X
Amber Room X X
Carved Oud X X X
Peacock Throne X X
Green Pearl X
Regent Leather X
Palace Oud X
SOVEREIGNRoyal Sapphire X X
Sceptre X
Imperial Crown X
Diadem X

The Treasure Collection

A collection of 12 beautiful fragrances inspired by precious gemstones and jewels.

Sovereign Collection

Regal fragrances inspired by the mystery and majesty of a royal coronation.

Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances

Body Collection

A luxurious range of 100ml body lotions made with argan oil and shea butter, yet with the delicate scent of your chosen Thameen fragrance.

Hair Collection

Five fragrances curated specifically for the hair – alcohol free and made with keratin, argan oil, honeyquat and pro vitamin B5. Combining a hair fragrance alongside your everyday Thameen fragrance will ensure your perfume remains long-lasting.

Baby Collection

A rare find – this collection of three 100ml hypoallergenic and water-based scents are calming and comforting, inspired by birthstones of ruby (July), sapphire (September) and emerald (May).

My Personal Favourites

Regent Leather

I’ll start with the very first Thameen fragrance I came to own. It is the first that hypnotised me entirely, and Thameen also kindly engraved ‘Dukes Avenue’ on the back of the bottle, making it extra special to me. The best way for me describe this scent is elegantly seductive – the longer it sits on the skin, the more interesting it becomes.

Regent Leather was created in association with The Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club. As Thameen traditionally selects a rare gemstone as the inspiration behind each scent, it was only appropriate that they selected the finest diamond in the world – The Regent Diamond. A cushion-cut diamond over 300 years old, currently displayed at the Louvre. It boasts 141 carats and is perfectly white and virtually flawless.

Top Notes: Sicilian Lemon
Heart Notes:  
Jasmin, Saffron, Cardamom, Rose
Base Notes: 
Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Gurjum, Vanilla, Animalic, Musk, Labdanum

Peacock Throne

I will admit that this is not part of my collection just yet, but I fully intend for it to be. In the meantime, my little samples are enough for me to know that this is one that is perfect for daytime wear. The scent is floral yet rich, and it includes my two most favourite components in a fragrance: patchouli and sandalwood.

As with each of the Thameen fragrances, there is a story behind the name. The Peacock Throne was created for the Mughal Emperors of India in the early 17th century, and was one of the most opulent treasures in history. The platform of pure gold was encrusted with enamel, gems and a double peacock’s tail set with rubies, emeralds, pearls and diamonds. At its heart lay the Kohinoor diamond, the largest known diamond in the world.

Top Notes: Sicilian Lemon Oil, Pink Pepper, Nutmeg
Heart Notes:  
Taif Rose, Ylang Ylang, Turkish Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes: 
Haitian Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Noorolain Taif

Another fragrance on my wishlist that I have been enjoying thanks to a handy sample. I admit that when I first smelt it, I found it slightly overpowering. I tried it on my skin nonetheless and once it had settled, there was something about it that reminded me of my childhood. The overpowering scent fades pretty much immediately to leave a soft and (what is to me) a somewhat comforting smell. I guess that this is what fragrances are meant to do after all – trigger memories.

The world famous Noorolain Tiara has inspired this fragrance. Noorolain literally means “light of the eye” and captures the notion of the most beautiful thing the eye can behold. It is the name given to the 60 carat pink diamond mounted in the Noorolain Tiara, created for the Iranian royal wedding in 1958 and designed for Empress Farah Pahlavi by Harry Winston. It inspired Thameen to aim to create the most beautiful scent to behold.

Top Notes:  Orange, Coriander, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes:  
Taif Rose, Moroccan Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute
Base Notes: 
Haitian Vetiver, Cashmere Wood, Musks


I am beyond grateful that The Sceptre sits right next to Regent Leather on my dressing table and I’ll admit, it is hard selecting between the two for an afternoon or evening out. The Sceptre is another captivating fragrance that I just can’t get enough of – perhaps because patchouli is one of the middle notes.

Out of my top 5, The Sceptre is the first from the Sovereign Collection. These are different to the Treasure Collection in that they are inspired by royal coronations: a slightly higher price point, yet they come in the most gorgeous of boxes, complete with gold fabric. I’ll let the pictures below do the talking, but they would make the most fabulous gift. The scent is incredibly moorish and whilst it may be a little strong for the morning, it ties with Regent Leather for my favourite of all the Thameen fragrances.

The inspiration behind the Sceptre is of course The Sovereign’s Sceptre, which is a symbol of royal authority and chivalry. Myrrh is the signature note of this fragrance, an ingredient at the heart of royal ceremony across the ages.

Top Notes:  Coriander, Madagascar Cloves, Brazilian Pink Peppercorn
Heart Notes:  
Peach, Wisteria, African Ylang Ylang, Patchouli
Base Notes: 
Amber, Ambergris, Somali Myrrh, Siam Benzoin

Royal Sapphire

Last but not least, I have saved the jewel in the crown and the star of the show to the very end. Royal Sapphire – the most precious of gemstones that adorn the Imperial State Crown and Sceptre that are used on state occasions.

A fresh and floral citrus fragrance that can be worn night and day to leave you feeling like royalty.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin
Heart Notes: 
Orange Blossom, Jasmine
Base Notes:
Grey Amber, Patchouli, Moss, Dry Wood

Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances

A Valentine’s Day Perfume

You may be wondering why the bottle I am holding is different to the rest of the blue bottles. As they have done in previous years, Thameen have released Royal Sapphire in a red bottle as a limited edition bottle for Valentine’s Day. Whilst the scent remains the same, this is a collectable piece that would make the perfect gift for males or females. For that extra special touch, you can request that the bottle be engraved with the name of your love, just like mine was engraved with my own name below. As Royal Sapphire is part of the Sovereign Collection, it also comes in this beautiful packaging, making it all the more special.

Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances

Available at Selfridges and Harrods in London

Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances


Selfridges was home to Thameen’s exclusive launch in April 2013 and it proudly broke records by being the best seller of any luxury fragrance in its inaugural launch. Fast forward to January 2020, they are now the best-selling fragrance in London and have opened a second fully bespoke site in the main beauty hall of the store. If you happen to be in London, I encourage you to pay the lovely team a visit.

Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances


In January 2020, Thameen became available in Harrods for the first time. The iconic Knightsbridge store offers the full Thameen collection, as well as a new fragrance, Sparkling Opal, only available at Harrods and presented in an exclusive Harrods Green bottle.

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Thameen Perfume: The Best of British Fragrances


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