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The 12 Best Pet Resorts Around the World


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This post is all about the best pet resorts around the world.

Did you know that pet resorts are available for your fur babies when you are away travelling?!

Everyone loves a little bit of pampering and our furry offspring are no different. For most, they are not just pets, but loved members of the family and they deserve to live their best cute and cuddly life. If you find yourself heading off on a trip where it becomes problematic to travel with your pet, why not treat them to their own vacation.

We’re not talking about your standard cat or dog boarding facility, but a plush pet resort that comes complete with little luxuries like a chauffeured pick up, private suites and of course, lots of belly tickles!

We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best luxury pet resorts around the world. Take a peek to see if one is located near you!

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Pet Resorts in Europe

Humphrey & Bo, UK

There is so much to love about the pet resort that has been nicknamed the ‘Soho House‘ for dogs in the Dorset countryside. About a two and a half hours drive outside of Central London, Humphrey & Bo is perfect for city dwellers as well as Dorset residents, with a chauffeur service offered to and from their London base.

Dog owners are able to select from a list of activities to suit the dog’s age and energy level. Daily photos of the pampered pooch are also offered to the dog’s owners when they are away. And as one would expect of a deluxe hotel and country club for dogs, no leads or cages are used!

No More Kennels, UK

Voted the most luxurious dog resort and spa in 2019, No More Kennels offers pups over 40 suites to kick back at, whilst they are on their very own vacation. No More Kennels offers a lot more than just boarding, with unique services such at pet taxiing to and from anywhere in the UK, one-on-one private dog training and Wedding Chaperone Services!

No More Kennels are located in Warrington, a four drive from Central London. New customers wanting to look around the hotel are invited to attend a weekly tour of the hotel, which takes place each Thursday between 7pm and 9pm.

Hydegate Pet Resort, UK

Hydegate Pet Resort is located in the English countryside county town of Gloucestershire. It’s a luxury resort providing day care and boarding for both dogs and cats, and both are very much treated like VIPs. Hydegate is proud of their strong team of staff, who are all highly trained from diplomas to degrees, to ensure that guests are given the utmost care.

Dr Robert Mugford, Britain’s leading animal psychologist, helped to develop the methodology used at Hydegate. In fact, it is regularly recommended for student placements by the Royal Veterinary College (University of London). It’s fair to say that Hydegate have quite the pedigree!

The Country Dog Hotel, UK

The Country Dog Hotel does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a family-run business located in the heart of Somerset and aims to be a dog’s ‘home away from home’. Featured frequently in the British press and winner of Theo Paphitis’s Small Business Sunday Award, this country manor for dogs offers everything you would expect from 5-star pet resorts. Luxury door-to-door collection in a Land Rover is on offer, as are baths and nail clipping sessions!

Pet owner’s can return home from their travels knowing that their baby has been looked after like a member of the family, and the dog will return healthy, pampered, well-behaved… and maybe a little spoilt (which we at Dukes Avenue are fully onboard with!).

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel, UK

With all this talk of dogs, it’s about time we brought some luxury cat boarding into the mix. Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel easily rivals some of the best dog hotels, offering premium pet care for your feline friend. Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel is typically booked up months in advance, acting as a testament to the rave reviews it receives both online and in the press. Each uniquely decorated cat suite is home to a wrought iron designer cat bed, and visiting cat guests are treated to gourmet menus and grooming services, as well as a choice of music!

Thanks to its success, Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel is now a successful franchise, with various hotels located in England and Wales.

Canis Resort, Germany

Fortunately, these luxury pet resorts are found throughout Europe and not just in the UK. A name which appeared again and again in searches was Canis Resort, based in Freisig, just outside of Munich in Germany.

Dogs vacationing at Canis are accommodated in dog lodges, where there is a strict maximum of five dogs per lodge. A private lodge can also be requested for dogs that might prefer a little more privacy. Canis follows a holistic pet care concept, where daily grooming and personal hygiene is attended to at no additional cost!

Pet Resorts in Australia

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in Australia, luxury pet resorts are also available for owners that want to treat their fur babies.

Dogue Country Retreat

The first of our favourites is Dogue Country Retreat in Berrima, New South Wales. At this luxury retreat, they are big believers that socialisation is vital to the happiness of dogs, so owners can rest assured that boarding dogs will be given all the attention they need (whether human or canine!).

Whilst doggy guests may not appreciate the resort’s vineyard as much as us humans, they will definitely appreciate the surrounding 100 acres in the Southern Highlands. Quite the alternative to your standard dog boarding kennels!

Samford Pet Resort

Samford Pet Resort is located in Brisbane, Queensland and is a luxury dog’s getaway that opened its doors over 25 years ago. Set over 40 acres and overlooking the picturesque Samford Valley, it provides the space for dogs to roam around and play freely. If that is not comfort enough for owners, Samford Pet Resort also offers My Pet Space, an online portal allowing owners to monitor the mischief your pup gets up to!

Free daily pet pick up and drop off is offered to over 30 locations in Brisbane to escort your pampered pooch to paradise!

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Pet Resorts in the United States

The US is home to several pet retreats across all states, but these four particularly stood out.

Posh Pet Hotel

The first of our favourites is Posh Pet Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. The website alone could lead you to believe this is actually a spa for humans, but this state-of-the art boarding facility is in fact solely for dogs and cats. It is a cage-less pet resort designed to provide your four-legged family member with the utmost comfort, and even provide flat screen TVs!

But boarding and daycare are not the cherry on this luxurious cake. The spa facility also offers a number of treatments for your pup including a ‘paw-dicure’, aromatherapy baths and facials!

D Pet Hotels

D Pet Hotels is a chain of luxury pet resorts across the states and available in five locations, including Hollywood (the flagship) and Austin, Texas. Befitting of its flagship location, it is possible to have your pup picked up and dropped off in one of the hotel’s luxury cars, including a Ferrari, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Bentley, Porsche or Rolls Royce! Some pets are really living it up!

Aside from all the sports cars (and not to mention the Ralph Lauren linen), what really matters is that the pets are taken care of and feel at home whilst boarding. D Pet Hotels offer the very best in dog day care for dogs of all sizes, and if visiting the Hollywood location, guests are able to make use of the 4,000 sq. ft. dog parks that span the hotelโ€™s grounds.

The Barkley Pet Hotel

The Barkley Pet Hotel is a little bit of a unique one as it has two locations in the US in Ohio and California, as well as two locations in Mumbai, India! Boarding options at the resort in Westlake Village, California, are quite creative, with dogs being offered a selection of suites on either Rodeo Drive or Hollywoof Boulevard!

Each dog has it’s very own wrought iron bed in its suite, where it gets plenty of affection before being tucked in to watch a movie on its own flat screen TV while munching on a gourmet biscuit as a bedtime snack.

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort

Located north of Burbank, just 20 minutes away from Downtown LA, is the very first fully licensed cage-free boarding facility in the US – Paradise Ranch Pet Resort. They pride themselves in never keeping a dog confined in any space and provide a number of training services, from dog obedience training; to puppy behaviour both on-leash/off-leash.

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort is the perfect choice for dog owners who want their dog to remain free roaming during their time away from home in real homes and sleeping in human bedrooms. For the more adventurous, they can even offer to treat your dog to their very own dog water park!

Have you ever sent your four-legged to a luxury pet resort whilst you are travelling? We’d love to hear your experience! Let us know about any pet resorts you highly recommend in the comments below!

If your budget stretches enough to allow your pet the well-deserved treat of a luxury spa, why not extend that kindness to animals in need by donating to some of your favourite animal shelters or foundations!



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