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135 Sparkling Champagne Quotes for Times of Celebration


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This post is all about champagne quotes and quotes about champagne to remind readers that there is always a reason to celebrate.

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, moments or milestones, there is one beverage that is considered the go-to tipple for magical moments. Of course, I am talking about the much loved, sparkling, glittering, and bubbly golden liquid that the world knows as Champagne.

After all, what’s not to love! The immersive experience of untwisting the wire restraint from the bottle, the delicious popping of the cork, the excitement of the fizz and the sizzling sound it makes as it hits the glass, and the celebratory cheer that so often follows.

And of course, there’s the taste. The light bodied, fruity flavors, delectably married with the nutty and toasty hints that hit your palate … an overall indulgent experience.

Champagne is truly a drink made for celebrations and a reminder of the good times that life has to offer. So often, these special moments are captured on camera. What better way to share these memories with family and friends than by distributing these images in thank you cards or letters, or in images posted to social media.

However you choose to share the moment, we’ve sourced over 130 Champagne quotes and captions that will get you in the mood for celebrating and living the good life!

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Champagne Quotes from Champagne Experts

1. The French will never tell you to swirl Champagne. They call it ‘champagne battering’ because in 30 seconds you’ll basically kill the bubbles that took at least 3 years to make.

– Unknown

2. Champagne must be to wine what couture is to fashion.

– Alfred Gratien, founder of Alfred Gratien Champagne

3. I drink Champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.

– Lily Bollinger, former head of the Bollinger Champagne business

4. In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening.

Willie Gluckstern, International Wine Broker/Agent

5. Champagne should be cold, dry, and hopefully, free.

– Christian Pol Roger, former CEO of Pol Roger Champagne

Champagne Quotes from Historical Figures

6. In victory, you deserve Champagne; in defeat, you need it.

– Napoleon Bonaparte, French military leader

7. I drink Champagne when I win, to celebrate… and I drink champagne when I lose, to console myself.

– Napoleon Bonaparte

8. Champagne and orange juice is a great drink. The orange improves the Champagne. The Champagne definitely improves the orange.

– Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh

9. My only regret in life is that I didn’t drink enough Champagne.

– John Maynard Keynes, American economist and philosopher

10. Champagne, King of Wines and Wine of Kings.

– Prince Orlofsky

Famous Champagne Quotes from Celebrities

11. Thank you for your Champagne. It arrived, I drank it, and I was gayer.

– Marilyn Monroe in a letter to Mr. von Fuehlsdorff, German Consulate General

12. One glass of Champagne and I smile, two and I grin, but three and I’m ever so ready to sin.

– Anastasia Miller

13. Champagne makes you feel like it’s Sunday and there are better days around the corner.

– Marlene Dietrich, German-American actress and singer

14. Champagne is the one thing that gives me zest when I’m tired.

– Brigitte Bardot, French actress

15. I am on a 24-hour Champagne diet.

– Drake, Canadian rapper

16. Life is too short to not have oysters and Champagne sometimes.

– Christie Brinkley, American model

Champagne Quotes from Politicians

17. Some people wanted Champagne and caviar when they should have had a beer and hot dogs.

– Dwight D. Eisenhower, a former US president

18. No government could survive without Champagne. Champagne in the throats of our diplomatic people is like oil in the wheels of an engine.

– Joseph Dargent, French politician

19. Burgundy makes you think of silly things; Bordeaux makes you talk about them; and Champagne makes you do them.

– Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, French lawyer and politician

20. Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of Champagne; knowing him was like drinking it.

– Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

21. Remember, gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!

– Winston Churchill

22. A single glass of Champagne imparts a feeling of exhilaration. The nerves are braced; the imagination is stirred; the wits become more nimble.

– Winston Churchill

23. Champagne is the wine of civilization and the oil of government.

– Winston Churchill

Champagne Quotes from Writers, Poets and Playwrights

24. Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life.

– Charles Dickens, English writer

25. Pleasure without Champagne is purely artificial.

– Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and playwright

26. Only the unimaginative can fail to find a reason for drinking Champagne.

– Oscar Wilde

27. I love everything that sparkles – especially Champagne and diamonds.

– Lorraine Holloway-White, American author

28. The feeling of friendship is like that of being comfortably filled with roast beef; love is like being enlivened with Champagne.

– Samuel Johnson, English writer

29. I’ll drink your Champagne. I’ll drink every drop of it, I don’t care if it kills me.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, American author

30. Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

31. Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?

– Noel Coward, English playwright

32. Champagne has the taste of an apple peeled with a steel knife.

– Aldous Huxley, English writer

33. One holds a bottle of red wine by the neck, a woman by the waist, and a bottle of Champagne by the derriere.

– Mark Twain, American writer

34. Fighting is like Champagne. It goes to the heads of cowards as quickly as of heroes. Any fool can be brave on a battlefield when it’s be brave or else be killed.

– Margaret Mitchell, American novelist

35. Gentlemen, in the little moment that remains to us between the crisis and the catastrophe, we may as well drink a glass of Champagne.

– Paul Claudel, French poet

36. A cause may be inconvenient, but it’s magnificent. It’s like Champagne or high heels, and one must be prepared to suffer for it.

– Arnold Bennett, English author

37. My glass is not only half-full, it holds five hundred dollar a bottle Dom Perignon Champagne.

– Suzanne Brockmann, American fiction writer

38. Three be the things I shall never attain: envy, content, and sufficient Champagne.

– Dorothy Parker, American poet

39. Champagne, if you are seeking the truth, is better than a lie detector. It encourages a man to be expansive, even reckless, while lie detectors are only a challenge to tell lies successfully.

– Graham Greene, English novelist

40. Wine gives one ideas, whereas Champagne gives one strategies.

– Roman Payne, American novelist

41. Pour the Champagne and let its mousse rise, like thousands of sparkling smiling eyes.

– Jared M. Brown, American author

42. There is nothing more beautiful than a sunset, viewed over a glass of chilled Champagne.

– Jared M. Brown

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Champagne Sayings and Short Champagne Captions for Instagram

43. Anything is possible with a little lipstick and Champagne.

44. Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table.

45. Champagne at breakfast, darling.

46. Keep calm and drink Champagne.

47. Champagne please.

48. Roses, Chanel and Champagne.

49. Sparkle like Champagne.

50. Coffee, croissants, and Champagne.

51. Champagne, there’s happiness in every bubble.

52. Smile, there’s bubbly.

53. Champagne is always appropriate.

54. Press for Champagne.

55. Soup of the day: Champagne.

56. But first, Champagne.

57. Champagne is always the answer.

58. It’s never too cold for Champagne.

59. People disappoint, but Champagne – never.

60. Coffee days, Champagne nights.

61. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

62. No pain, no Champagne.

63. He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink Champagne.

– Old Russian proverb

Champagne Quotes about Love

64. Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane.

– Honoré de Balzac, French novelist

65. I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.

– Coco Chanel, French fashion designer

66. I love you more than all the bubbles in all the Champagne, in all of Champagne, France.

67. I want blossoms in my hair, Champagne in my hand and love in my heart.

Funny Champagne Quotes

68. Save water, drink Champagne.

69. The only thing I like to throwback on Thursday is a glass of Champagne.

70. Does running out of Champagne count as cardio?

71. I’m a much nicer person when I’m drinking Champagne.

72. It’s not Sunday unless you’re drinking Champagne in your bikini.

73. Will work for Champagne.

74. I just want to drink Champagne, eat cupcakes, and snuggle Frenchies.

75. Life is better with a little Champagne in it.

76. Let’s all honor the genius who discovered that the addition of orange juice to Champagne makes it an official part of a balanced breakfast.

77. Gluten free, dairy free, fat free… I love this Champagne diet.

78. You were my cup of tea, but I drink Champagne now.

79. Oh no! I bought Champagne instead of milk… again.

80. Fuck water, drink Champagne.

81. You either love Champagne, or you’re wrong.

82. Ooh, it’s Champagne o’clock.

83. Don’t tell me you miss me… tell me you’re outside with Champagne.

84. Is it time for Champagne yet?

85. I drank so much Champagne this weekend that I woke up with a French accent.

86. A coaster? No thanks, I won’t be putting my Champagne down.

87. Brunch without a glass of Champagne is just a sad, late breakfast.

88. I don’t know how many glasses of Champagne it’s going to take to get through today… so far it’s not three.

89. Silly girl… there’s no such thing as too much Champagne.

90. I have OCD – Obsessive Champagne Disorder.

91. I’m a good person, just not a good person to share a bottle of Champagne with – especially if you’re a slow drinker.

92. I may not speak French, but I am fluent in Champagne.

93. I have abs, they’re just hidden under my love for Champagne.

94. Bubbles are the answer. What was your question?

95. Coffee keeps me busy until it’s acceptable to drink Champagne.

96. What rhymes with Friday? Champagne.

97. There is only one thing better than a glass of Champagne. A bottle.

98. A glass of Champagne a day keeps the doctor away. Also, I’m calling myself ‘doctor’ now.

99. I like to see the glass half full. Preferably with Champagne.

100. Monday – nothing a little bubbly can’t fix.

101. Of course size matters – no one wants a small glass of Champagne.

102. Champagne is totally affordable when compared to the cost of a therapist.

103. It’s important to be positive in life. Right now I’m positive I need Champagne.

104. Nothing haunts us like the Champagne we didn’t drink.

105. Come in if you brought Champagne.

106. Tonight’s forecast… 99% chance of bubbles.

107. Not all those who wander are lost… sometimes they just can’t find their glass of Champagne.

108. People think I’m difficult to shop for. They obviously don’t know where to buy Champagne.

109. The answer may not lie at the bottom of a bottle of Champagne… but we should at least check.

110. If you really have to ask if it’s too early to drink Champagne, I’m afraid we can’t be friends.

111. If life brings you troubles, drink some Champagne, then your problems will just become bubbles…

112. Always keep a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of Champagne in the fridge.

– Hester Browne

Quotes about Champagne and Women

113. She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like Champagne.

114. She drinks her bubbles with a side of cotton candy and leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes.

115. A smile is a woman’s best accessory, sequins are appropriate no matter the occasion and some days simply require a glass of Champagne.

116. She was there, among the whisperings and the Champagne and the stars.

117. Try the Champagne mademoiselle, it’s quite good.

118. Instant diva – just add Champagne.

119. She’s the first to give a toast and the last to say goodnight.

120. She eats takeout on china and serves Champagne with pizza.

121. There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne.

– Bette Davis, American actress

122. She is a Champagne princess. A little 4:20 hunny. A splash of class and sass all mixed up in a whiskey glass. She has a heart of gold. A life that’s young, and a soul that’s old.

– R. M. Broderick, modern poet and author

123. Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it.

– Madame de Pompadour, member of the French court in the 18th century

Dom Perignon Quotes

124. Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!

– Dom Pérignon, the French monk said to have invented Champagne

Quotes on Celebrating, Celebratory Sayings and Celebration Quotes

125. Start the day with a smile and end it with Champagne.

126. Time to drink Champagne and blow bubbles.

127. I drink Champagne because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.

128. The thing about Champagne, you say, unfoiling the cork, unwinding the wire restraint, is that is the ultimate associative object. Every time you open a bottle of Champagne, it’s a celebration, so there’s no better way of starting a celebration than opening a bottle of Champagne. Every time you sip it, you’re sipping from all those other celebrations. The joy accumulates over time.

– David Levithan

Popping Quotes

129. Pop, fizz, clink.

130. Make it pop like pink Champagne.

131. Let’s pop bottles.

132. Is there a better sound in the world than a Champagne cork popping? Hell no.

133. Don’t worry about calling for me. Just pop a cork loudly enough and I’ll come running.

134. It’s okay if the only thing you did today was open a bottle of Champagne.

135. Light sparklers, pop Champagne, and toast to a new day!

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