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The 10 Best Gifts For Champagne Lovers


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This post is all about the top gifts for champagne lovers that they are guaranteed to love.

Champagne is synonymous with festive occasions, indulgent moments and joyous events with friends and loved ones, especially during the festive season. Yet, popping open a mouth-watering bottle of champagne does not have to be restricted to special occasions – it is a deliciously bubbly treat that can be enjoyed on relaxing evenings at home or hot afternoons by the pool.

Being such a versatile and decadent drink, you’re bound to know one or two champagne lovers amongst your family or circle of friends.

It is an opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care for them, and there is no easier way to achieve this than by choosing a gift that thoughtfully panders to their fondest pleasures!

When shopping for champagne enthusiasts who always have a bottle or two chilling in the fridge – just in case, of course – the choices are irrefutably boundless. To provide a spark of inspiration, we’ve put together a list of 10 incredible gifts for champagne lovers.

Ranging from luxury champagne flutes to champagne infused treats and even their own mini wine cellar, this champagne lover gift guide includes the best trending items for a truly meaningful gift.

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Top 10 Gifts for Champagne Lovers

1. Champagne Glasses

Champagne would certainly not taste as deliciously sumptuous if drunk out of a water tumbler or a red-wine glass. Part of the joy of sipping champagne is watching the golden bubbles travel upwards inside an elongated flute glass or letting its sweet aroma entice you as you sip out of a classic coupe glass. The presentation is as important as the drink itself, which is why a set of luxury champagne glasses makes for an ideal gift for all champagne enthusiasts. For anyone new to purchasing champagne glasses, this simple guide should give a helping hand.

  • Champagne flutes: Long stemmed, with a slim and elongated bowl, flute glasses are the go-to glassware for serving champagne. Easy to hold and very difficult to spill, champagne flutes are convenient as they are aesthetically pleasing and naturally, no champagne lover should be without their own luxurious set.
  • Stemless champagne flutes. A modern take on the classic, long-stemmed champagne flute, these stemless versions are elegant but with an added touch of casual versatility. Suitable for champagne as well as sparkling wine, these glasses make a fine addition to a champagne lovers’ collection and are great for parties amongst friends.
  • Insulated champagne flutes. There are those amongst us that guzzle champagne down like water and then, there are those that enjoy taking their time and truly savouring each sip. For these appreciative champagne drinkers, an insulated champagne flute helps them to retain their drink’s chilled temperature and delicious flavour. Ideal for warm summer evenings, when combatting the heat with an ice-cold glass of champagne is just what one needs to unwind in style.
  • Coupe glasses. These elegant glasses feature a broad, shallow bowl on top of a long, thin stem. Whilst chilled cocktails without ice can certainly be served in these glasses – namely Manhattans or Gimlets, amongst others – coupe glasses were actually initially designed for serving champagne! So, for champagne lovers with a penchant for classic presentation – especially if they’re also fans of the Great Gatsby! – a set of classic coupe glass is the way to go!
  • Champagne tulips. In recent years, the style of champagne tulips has quickly becoming the preferred choice of champagne stemware. Closely resembling the more classic flutes, champagne tulips feature a rounder shape that allows the champagne’s enticing aroma to build up inside the bowl and have been said to result in the flavour!

2. Ice Bucket

A good bottle of champagne is best served well-chilled, and a luxurious ice bucket ensures that your champagne bottle retains the right temperature all night long! Apart from making sure that you and your guests taste the champagne at its absolute best, a stylish ice bucket also furnishes your party with class and elegance.

3. Champagne Bottle Holder

Similar to the traditional ice bucket, champagne holders are larger and make for an eye-catching centre piece any champagne lover would be proud to show off! As practical as they are luxurious, these holders typically feature an elongated design that can hold more than one bottle on ice. This is certainly a must-have for classy events and festive moments at home!

4. Champagne Saber

When it comes to opening a champagne bottle there is no tool more appropriate – nor one with more dramatic flair – than a champagne saber! When choosing the right champagne saber to gift, you’ll need to choose between two basic designs:

  • The classic design. These traditional sabers are essentially replicas of the Napoleonic swords used by the light cavalry (the hussars). As gorgeous as they are imposing, a classic champagne saber has ceremonial value and can be incredibly festive.
  • The oriental design. These shorter saber models are reminiscent of Arab swords. Offering a handier grip and an efficiently short blade – this design can be more convenient on occasions when one has to open several bottles at a time.

5. Champagne Stopper

Although we’re all for finishing off the entire bottle once it has been popped open at a party, sometimes all you need is a glass or two to celebrate the moment. For occasions such as this, it is good to have a champagne stopper to hold the air out and keep the liquid sparkling for longer. With a good stopper, your bottle will last longer and stay fresh and fizzy for a few days longer in the fridge – waste not want not!

6. Bottle Wine Cellar

For true wine and champagne connoisseurs, having a unique space to store their treasured bottles of wine and champagne is a dream come true. Not only does it show off their personal collection of fine wines but also ensures that their champagne bottles retain their unique flavour and are always chilled and ready for a celebratory moment.

7. Chocolates and Truffles

When paired correctly, champagne and chocolates can be haven for your tastebuds. With a delightfully sweet doux or demi-sec champagne bottle, milk chocolates or white chocolates are able to enhance the natural sweetness of pink or sweet champagne elevating the experience for both tasty treats. For an extra dose of champagne, one can even opt for champagne infused truffles that combine the creaminess of chocolate with the unique tanginess of champagne in one indulgent bite.

8. Caviar Gift Set

Champagne and caviar are a classic pairing with good reason. Champagne’s light, zesty flavour and sublime scent gorgeously contrasts with the smooth and salty taste of high-quality caviar. Both are enhanced without being overpowered, making for a combination that is difficult to resist. Of course, there are various types of caviars to try, and we’ve provided a brief list that is sure to whet your appetite.

  • Beluga
  • Osetra Caviar
  • Sevruga Caviar
  • Sterlet Caviar
  • Kaluga Caviar
  • Hackleback Caviar
  • Salmon Caviar (Salmon Roe)
  • Sushi Caviars or Flying Fish Roe: Capelin, Tobiko and Masago Caviar

9. Champagne and Sparkling Wine

The most obvious gift for champagne lovers is also the one they will perhaps enjoy the most. A sumptuous bottle of champagne or even, a rare bottle of sparkling wine, can complete any champagne lovers’ collection. Champagne ranges from bone dry to very sweet and choosing the best bottle for your loved one depends on their own personal preference. To find the bottle that best suits your recipient’s preference, look out for the sweetness scale written on the bottle and use this handy guide as a reference!

Brut natureextra bone dry
Extra brutbone dry
Brutvery dry
Extra drydry, but not as dry as brut
Drysomewhat dry
Demi-secsweet, typically a dessert sparkling wine
Douxvery sweet, also typically a dessert wine

A bottle of Veuve Clicquot or Dom Pérignon might be the obvious champagne gifts, yet, if you’re not tied to the champagne brand* and are only after its typical fizziness, a high-quality sparkling wine can also make for a thoughtful gift that will appease the wine lover as well as the champagne lover in them! These are just some of the sparkling wines to try:

  • Prosecco
  • Cava
  • Crémant
  • Sekt

*Note: sparkling wine can only be labelled as champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in northern France.

10. Books

Whether gifting a champagne expert or a newly converted champagne lover, a good book can always offer insight into the luxurious world of champagne. To be sure there are several champagne themed books to choose from, some focusing on different champagne types and vintages, others featuring delicious champagne cocktails and even books with food recipes that use champagne as a cooking ingredient!

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