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The 8 Best Luxury Pens To Gift This Holiday Season


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Owning one of the best luxury pens available is not simply about possessing a functional writing instrument. These collectable items are as much about elevating one’s sense of style as they are about having a high-quality pen to write with. To be sure, when writing with a luxurious pen with an elegant design, a mundane writing experience is instantly infused with sophistication and professionalism. Moreover, unlike the common disposable pens, luxury writing instruments are refillable and harbour an appealing permanence which allows for better quality products and a more stylish appearance.

With all of these perks, one can’t go wrong with gifting a fine writing instrument this holiday season. Luxury pens also make the perfect gift to congratulate friends, family members or colleagues for starting a new job or landing a promotion! After combing through our favourite luxury brands, we have narrowed down our list to the 8 best luxury pens on the market, ranging from luxury ballpoint pens to classic fountain pens. Whichever is chosen, a luxury pen is a sustainable gift which can be treasured for years to come. Here are our top picks!

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How to Recognise Different Pens

Whilst everyone can recognise a pen, most are not well-versed in the difference between pen types. Yet, when looking to buy a thoughtful gift for a writing aficionado it is best to familiarise oneself with the three, main types of luxury pens to be found on the market.

  • Ballpoint Pens. These are perhaps the most popular types of pens. The stainless steel or brass ball at the tip creates a gliding effect that ensures constant smooth writing and is perfect for quick note taking or journaling.
  • Rollerball Pens. Sharing striking similarities to the ballpoint pen, rollerball pens also boast a smooth writing experience. The difference lies in the viscous water-based ink that rollerball pens use, yielding a more permanent writing experience that is less likely to smear across the page.
  • Fountain Pens. These high-end pens are more than just writing instruments. A fountain pen looks sophisticated, helping the writer appear and feel more professional, whilst its quill-like quality shrouds it with a delicious feeling of nostalgia.

The 8 Best Luxury Pens

There is no shortage of collectable, high-end pens on the market, and with such a vast variety of choice it can be difficult to choose the best luxury pen to gift or purchase as a personal treat! After combing the top brands for luxury pens, we’ve picked our 8 favourite pens to share in this article.

1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Limited Edition 1902 Fountain Pen by Montblanc

Montblanc is one of the most popular luxury brands specialising in high-end accessories or, as dubbed by the Montblanc brand, “lifestyle companions”. Naturally, luxury pens feature quite prominently in their collection, offering a vast variety of pens made from different raw materials and boasting diverse designs. This limited edition fountain pen was inspired by one of the most famous crime-fiction novelists of all time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Being moulded out of precious brown lacquer and a wooden cap and cone, the pen instantly recalls Conan Doyle’s fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, and the smoking pipe he has become synonymous with.

Yet, the references to the famous Holmes do not stop there. The cap and barrel are adorned with a plaid pattern in reference to Holmes’s coat and the clip even resembles Holmes’s trusty magnifying glass. On closer inspection, the silhouette of a hound – recalling “The Hound of the Baskervilles”- may be seen beneath the clip, and Conan Doyle’s signature, together with the logo from “A Study in Scarlet”, beautifully embellish the pen’s cap ring. Finished off with a handcrafted Au 750 solid gold nib that is engraved with a portrait of the famous author and a magnifying glass, this unique, luxury pen would make the ideal gift for any Sherlock Holmes fan.

2. Sonnet Cisele Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen in Silver by Parker

First founded by George Safford Parker in 1888, the eponymous Parker brand has built a reputation for the creating stunning luxury pens of excellent quality. This cross hatch patterned, ballpoint pen is a handcrafted modern classic with a polished finish. The sterling silver barrel features elegant gold plated trimming and the pattern is effectively brought out through a mixture of black lacquer infill. This elegant luxury writing tool by Parker is a favourite amongst many and makes the perfect gift for writing enthusiasts that can be enjoyed for years to come.

3. Carène Marine Amber Rollerball Pen by Waterman

Waterman was first established by Lewis Waterman in 1884 and is one of the few remaining first-generation luxury pen brands still standing. Based in Paris, France, Waterman is famous for its elegantly handcrafted pens made of the best raw materials and expertly tested to maintain the best quality possible. This sleek rollerball pen by Waterman forms part of the brand’s Carène collection. The Carène line is renowned for its ornate engraving, distinctive barrel designs and the incorporation of precious materials such as leather and gold.

This marine amber rollerball pen recalls the smooth lines of majestic luxury boats. With a reddish brown body that is beautifully trimmed with golden-coloured metal, this pen makes for a truly exquisite writing tool. To top if off, this decadent pen is elegantly finished off with a 23K gold clip and sold in a Waterman luxury box for a stunning and well-presented gift this festive season.

4. Liberté Fire Head Ballpoint Pen by S.T Dupont

S.T. Dupont’s Liberté collection is specifically designed to fit delicately framed, female hands to ensure better precision and and a smoother writing experience. Embellished with a geometrically engraved cap, this luxury pen is made of natural, blue lacquer and palladium. Perfectly blending elegance with intricate decoration, this ballpoint pen makes for a gorgeous gift which any woman would cherish for decades.

5. Cross Century Classic Solid 18 Carat Gold Ballpoint Pen by A. T. Cross Company

This stunning Cross Century classic ballpoint pen is resplendently handcrafted in 18 carat gold and matching gold appointments. The rich warmth of its golden frame is complemented by the specially formulated black ink that perfectly flows through its smooth tip. The seamless writing it produces is just as luxurious as its regal appearance. Complete with a lifetime mechanical guarantee, this pen is truly the gift of a lifetime for any lover of fine writing instruments.

6. Roadster Cartier Transatlantique Rivets Decor Ballpoint Pen by Cartier

Cartier pens are the ultimate luxury gift for the stylish writer or lover of fine accessories. Available in the finest mother-of-pearl, lacquer, solid gold, hardstone and leather-encased versions, this stunning ballpoint pen is perfectly proportioned for a well balanced grip. Aside from being stunningly designed, it is sold with it’s own classic Cartier red box for luxury storage.

7. Extra Otto Lapis Fountain Pen by Montegrappa

First founded in 1912, Montegrappa was Italy’s first luxury brand to manufacture high-end, handcrafted pens. Since then, its reputation has merely grown and Montegrappa is now firmly established as one of the world’s leading luxury pen brands. Montegrappa pens are easily distinguishable from their signature octagonal shape and pocket clip with hidden roller.

This stunning fountain pen by Montegrappa forms part of their Extra Otto pen range, a range that celebrates the octagon. Complete with an 18 carat gold nib, fine metal detailing and the unique blend of three distinctive colours typical of precious celluloid, the result is a luxurious pen that writes as smoothly as it feels when grasped between the fingers. Furthermore, its limited edition design also features a signature stainless steel clip which easily fastens to the pocket of a stylishly cut blazer jacket, thanks to that cleverly placed roller.

Lovers of Montegrappa need to act relatively quickly to secure an Extra Otto pen as a gift for a loved one – only 888 fountain pens were made in each colour!

8. Classic Makassar Fountain Pen by Graf Von Faber-Castell

Blending the earthy warmth of the dark wooden handle with the cool, sleek titanium, this stylish pen by Faber-Castell effectively brings the classic, traditional fountain pen to the 21st century. Graf Von Faber-Castell has a long history of designing superior writing instruments that are both functional and appealing to the eye, and this classic Makassar uses only the best of materials for ultimate luxury. With a solid metal, spring-loaded clip and a ruthenium-plated, 18 karat gold nib, this pen would make a superb addition to any pen collection.

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