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10+ Indulgent Gifts for Bath Lovers


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Taking a luxurious bubble bath is more than just about washing off the day-to-day grime from our bodies. Slipping into a lusciously warm tub is an unwinding experience that brings spa relaxation to your own bathroom. It is pure indulgence and the best treat to give yourself at the end of a long day.

When searching for the best gift to give a self-proclaimed bath-enthusiast, the choices are endless! Whilst a variety of choice sounds great, browsing through masses of bath gift sets can be both time consuming and overwhelming. To make things easier for our readers, we’ve put together a list of relaxing gifts for bath lovers that is sure to satisfy their love for self-pampering. With gift ideas that range from the best luxury bath sets to comforting bath pillows, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for fellow bath lovers or any lover of self-indulgence!

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Woman contemplating the best gifts for bath lovers whilst sitting up in a bath.

Top 10 Gifts For Bath Lovers

1. Bath Bombs and Bath Soaks

No bath is ever complete without a bit of fizz and a generous amount of bubbles. Just like a well-lit Christmas tree, bath bombs are beautifully colourful, adding fun and thick foam to your bathing experience. On the other hand, bath soaks provide the bubble in “bubble bath” and are typically made out of moisturising ingredients that leave the skin feeling healthy and deliciously smooth. Whichever of these bath essentials one goes for is a matter fo personal preference, but both make for a perfect gift!

2. Hand Cream Set

If someone can’t get enough of a sumptuous bath, chances are they also love treating their hands to the decadence of moisturising hand creams. With habitual washing and the frequent use of sanitisers the hands are more prone to dryness and skin irritation, leading to uncomfortable itching and skin tightness. This is why a generous dose of moisturising hand cream can feel especially soothing when massaged into the hands. A set of luxury hand creams will give a bath lover the chance to show their hands some love whilst enjoying a variety of soothing scents!

3. Bathtub Caddy Tray

The entire point of taking a bath is to enjoy some much-needed relaxation time and sometimes, that also calls for a glass of wine and a good book! A bathtub caddy allows the bath lover to take these items with them in the bath without worrying about getting them wet. As this ingenious accessory rests on top of the bath, one can soak in the warm water whilst sipping on a drink and enjoying a good read. Gifting a bathtub caddy certainly inspires your beloved bath lover to take some time for themselves and encourages a longer and more luxurious bathing experience.

Woman in milk bath with bath caddy holding a number of bath accessories.

4. Bath Pillows

For ultimate comfort as one bathes, bath pillows are an absolute must! These pillows are specifically designed to protect the head and neck from the bathtub’s uncomfortable ledge by softly cradling them in soft and plushy cushioning. This allows for more comfortable bathing sessions that are perfect before slipping into bed for the night.

5. Electric Bathtub Mat

Part of the joy of going to a spa is being able to slip into a hot tub and let the jets work their magic on any sore and tight muscles. Yet, what if you could enjoy the benefits of a hot tub in your own private bathtub? An electric bathtub mat helps to transform your bathroom into a home spa by creating the same massaging effects in the warm tub for a particularly relaxing soak.

Woman laying back and enjoying a warm bath.

6. Bluetooth Speaker

For those who need tranquil music playing to sooth their mind as well their body, a Bluetooth speaker would certainly come in handy! Music can be incredibly therapeutic and combining this with the unwinding effects of a warm bubble bath creates the perfect relaxing atmosphere. A Bluetooth speaker is conveniently portable and can easily be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone – preferably one in a waterproof cover – as one de-stresses in the tub.

7. Aromatherapy Candles

Scented candles can provide a feast for the senses. Their warm, flickering flame creates a soothing spa-like atmosphere that could never be achieved with harsh electric lighting. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, scented candles also fill the room with a pleasing scent that encourages the body to truly relax and unwind.

A relaxing bath time set up featuring some of the best gifts for bath lovers.

8. Luxury Bath Gift Sets

Gifting a set of bath bombs or creamy lotions will undoubtedly be appreciated by any bath lover. Yet, an all-in-one gift set might just send them over the moon! A true bath lover will not be able to resist trying out different scents and products every time they spoil themselves with a luscious bath.

Bath accessories sitting on the side of a bath.

9. Luxury Bathrobe

Wrapping up inside a thick bathrobe can be the ideal way to end a relaxing bath session. The absorbent material is designed to dry off the skin from the wet water, whilst its super-soft fabric keeps the wearer cosy and warm long after leaving the bathroom. It makes for a thoughtful gift that elevates a bath experience into a decadently cosy evening at home.

10. Fluffy Slippers

Having treated the body to a luxury bathrobe, one mustn’t forget that the feet also deserve a little pampering! Fluffy slippers always feel lusciously soft when slipped on and keep the toes pleasantly warm and toasty. A pair of cosy slippers are a much-deserved treat for tired feet and are guaranteed to help your favourite bath lover relax from head to toe – literally!

11. Luxury Towel Set

Although it is tempting for a bath lover to remain inside their cosy and inviting tub, the time always comes to leave the warm water behind and continue on with the evening. Drying off using a velvety soft towel feels like the height of luxury. High quality towels offer better moisture absorption, quicker drying time and their plush material feels lusciously soothing against the skin.

12. Body Butters, Creams and Lotions

Massaging a healthy amount of moisturiser can be the perfect way to end a relaxing warm bath. After stepping out of the tub and drying off with a soft towel, applying a decadent body cream or body butter can help to keep the skin radiantly healthy and hydrated. A set of body moisturisers and body creams is a thoughtful gift that will always be appreciated, especially by bath lovers that simply can’t resist showing their skin some love. If unsure whether to choose a hydrating lotion, a thick body cream or a decadent body butter, don’t forget to check out our article about the different types of body moisturisers.

13. Spa Trip

What could be more ideal than gifting a bath lover an all-inclusive spa trip? Whilst a few minutes of relaxation in the tub can be a great way to unwind from home, nothing beats a full day of pampering and relaxation at the spa. It is the ultimate luxury break that every woman craves from time-to-time, equipped with a bubbling hot tub, sauna, steam room and relaxing treatments that offer a ton of health benefits. There is hardly a better way to show a bath lover how much you care than by making sure they take time out of their busy schedule to relax and unwind.

Woman enjoying a rose petal bath.

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