10 Luxury Dressing Gowns

The 13 Best Luxury Dressing Gowns For a Cosy Night In


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This post is all about the best luxury dressing gowns to own that are guaranteed to elevate your nightwear.

Wearing beautifully made, luxury dressing gowns is not just about comfort. They’re a whole mood.

Picture yourself wearing an deliciously soft silk dressing gown as you sit at your dressing table and start your evening skin care/self care routine. You may even want to light a vanilla-scented evening candle and pour yourself a glass of your favorite red wine. Whatever your self-indulgent night in looks like, a fabulous dressing gown will only serve to elevate your evening, as well as your nightwear!

Unlike bathrobes, which are typically made of heavy, absorbent materials like flannel or terrycloth, dressing gowns are typically lighter and made in a wider variety of materials.

The right kind of luxury dressing gown can work wonders for your mood, simultaneously making you feel beautiful, warm and alluring. Slipping one on at the end of a long day strikes the perfect balance between comfort and glamour, which is perhaps why dressing gowns have become sleepwear staples for so many.

After combing through our favorite luxury brands, we have narrowed down our list to the top 13 luxury dressing gowns on the market. Here are our top picks!

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13 Luxury Dressing Gowns to Elevate Your Nightwear

Silk Maxi Kimono Dressing Gown with Gold Tone, Lace-Trimmed Sleeves by Gilda and Pearl

This full length dressing gown is elegantly fashioned out of creamy smooth silk that feels heavenly upon the skin.

The delicate lace finish and enchanting kimono-like design furnish it with glamourous appeal that is sure to make your feel like a Hollywood diva. The loose fit and light-weight nature of the silky material ensures optimum comfort with a hint of spice for a romantic evening in.

Long, Organic Cotton Dressing Gown by Pour Les Femmes

Pour Les Femmes Luxury Dressing Gown

Actress and activist Robin Wright, together with designer Karen Fowler, founded the popular sleepwear label Pour Les Femmes for guaranteed comfort in the bedroom. Made of 100% cotton, this sustainable cotton robe is both ethically conscious as well as decadently snug.

It’s a timeless dressing gown which wraps comfortably around your form and ties perfectly around the waist for a flattering silhouette. Put this on as you brew yourself a cup of camomile tea and sit back with your favorite bedtime read. It’s the perfect way to end your day!

Short, Silk Kimono Dressing Gown by Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Luxury Dressing Gown

This kimono-styled silk dressing gown by Agent Provocateur is stylishly designed with a flattering v-neck and a self-fastening tie that clinches at the waist.

The material does not flow beyond thigh-length, which makes it ideal to slip over a short negligee, and the contrasting pink stripe gives this dressing gown a bold, modish flare.

Long Floral-Print, Silk Kimono Dressing Gown by Meng

Meng is a luxury brand that designs unique pieces of wearable art. Art and high fashion certainly meet in this floor-length, silk dressing gown adorned with exquisite, hand-painted floral prints.

On any given day, it’s hard to resist the sensation of luxurious cool silk as it loosely brushes against your skin, but wearing this artistic item will also make you feel as refined as you’ll look.

Long, Horse Print Dressing Gown by Olivia Von Halle

This horse print robe by Olivia Von Halle is one you’ll be itching to wear out in public, as well as at home over your nightwear – and we can’t blame you, it is simply gorgeous!

Decorated with magnificent white horses, this silky lightweight dressing gown feels as luxurious as it appears. Apart from looking elegant, silk is also known to modulate your body temperature, keeping you refreshingly cool on summer nights and warm on winter evenings.

Floral-Print Washed-Linen Dressing Gown by Deiji Studios

Deiji Studios White Luxury Dressing Gown

This dressing gown by Deiji Studios is a consciously-crafted sleepwear garment that’s both sustainable beautiful in its simplicity.

Fashioned out of stonewashed French linen that’s EUROPEAN FLAX® certified, you’ll love how soft and comforting it feels to snuggle up inside this robe. Its Japanese-inspired design and delicate floral detailing also adorn this dressing gown with visual appeal for an eye-catching finish.

Velour Belted Stretch-Velour Robe by SKIMS

SKIMS Luxury Dressing Gown

This cosy, velour dressing gown is part of SKIMS‘s (Kim Kardashian’s popular fashion brand) new stretchy velour line.

This synthetic fabric has taken the fashion world by storm: it is vegan friendly, feels as luscious as velvet and is so soft you’ll have a tough time taking your new dressing gown off in the morning. Pair it with a pair of velour pyjamas and snuggle up for the cosiest night-in imaginable.

Washed-Linen Dressing Gown by Deiji Studios

Deiji Studios Luxury Dressing Gown

This washed linen pale pink dressing gown is another comfortable piece we guarantee you’ll enjoy. It is not merely a sustainable and planet conscious item but also luxuriously soft and cosy.

The stonewashing gives the linen a vintage, worn appearance that fills you with warm nostalgia and this is only topped by the softness of the material upon your skin. Wearing this luxury dressing gown feels like a warm hug on a winter’s day.

Cashmere Blend Dressing Gown by A & R Cashmere

When seeking a decadent item of clothing, you can never go wrong with cashmere. This super soft, dressing gown combines style with comfort, with its rich, raspberry hue and velvety cashmere and wool blend.

Wear it with a pair of matching slippers and enjoy the simple comforts of luxury lounge wear as you wind down before bed.

Satin Fleece Dressing Gown by John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis Luxury Dressing Gowns

On a cold night in, what could be better than snuggling up in a cosy, fleece dressing gown?

Combining the lush softness of fleece with the elegant appeal of silk, this robe by John Lewis is the height of sophistication. Wear it around the house or as you snuggle up in bed for the evening, you’ll only hate having to take it off for work!

Recycled Polyester Dressing Gown with a Shawl Collar by Soho Home

Soho Home Luxury Grey Dressing Gown

Forming part of Selfridges Project Earth, this warm, luxury dressing gown is sustainably made up out of 100% recycled polyester. Apart from being a positive shopping choice, this planet conscious robe is also a source of guilt-free comfort.

Envelop your body with this classic style dressing gown which comes complete with a shawl collar and fuzzy hood to keep your ears warm on particularly chilly nights. Try not to doze off in a comfortable haze of satisfying warmth.

Short Silk Dressing Gown with Embroidered Detail by La Perla

Slipping on this classy, embroidered silk robe by La Perla will instantly elevate your whole mood, as any La Perla creation would.

Its elegant design features stylish flare sleeves, trimmed with delicate white embroidery and ties securely around the waist with a matching, silk belt. Short and flowy, this robe is both sensual and graceful, not to mention incredibly soft to the touch.

Lace Trim Satin Robe by Ralph Lauren

This mini-satin robe by Ralph Lauren brings a touch of old-fashioned Hollywood glamour into your everyday life.

Made from liquid smooth satin and trimmed with delicate scalloped lace around the neck and on the three-quarter length sleeves, this dressing gown is designed to empower women with a sense of their own femininity.

Drape it over your favorite lingerie and tie at the waist for ultimate at-home style. For extra help in selecting the right lingerie for you, check out our recent article on the different types of lingerie available).

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