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The Ultimate Guide To The 18 Leading French Lingerie Brands


Christine Barbara


This post is all about French lingerie brands and the most famous lingerie brands from France.

For French women, elegance is a way of life. From their most perceivable pieces of clothing to those more discrete items underneath, French woman are always admired for their effortlessly chic style.

As always, admiration breeds imitation and many have, understandably, sought to emulate that very distinct French aesthetic by seeking out all things France – from the best French clothing brands to French luxury lingerie brands, known the world over for using high quality materials like Lyonnaise silk and Calais lace.

Our lingerie is the first selection of items to be slipped on in the morning before heading out for the day, and the very last to be taken off, whether that’s done seductively or in preparation for an indulgent bath before bed.

Being such an important aspect of any woman’s ensemble, various French luxury brands have reserved their entire focus towards providing high-quality intimate wear that can empower women to feel and look their very best. French lingerie brands understand, as do all women, that slipping on a beautifully hand-crafted lace bra and a matching set of panties can instantly elevate a woman’s mood.

To help every woman effortlessly emulate that classic French style that French girls know so well, this ultimate guide lists all the major French lingerie brands you need to know about, along with a helpful description of what endows these brands with their own signature appeal. Comfortable yet alluring, bold and sultry, and always breathtakingly glamorous.

These high-end brands have something for every female shape and all tastes, allowing every female to look as stylish as any true Parisienne.

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The 17 Best French Lingerie Brands To Own

1. Maison Lejaby

Founded in 1930, Maison Lejaby is a French fashion house with specialized expertise in high-quality corsetry and lingerie.

A brand born in the decade of the femme fatales of the silver screen, founder Gabrielle “Gaby” Viannay was inspired by the glamour and sex appeal of the stars, and began sewing her own lingerie and bras that her brother in-law then had made. It is from these humble beginnings that the Lejaby brand was born, and the start of a brand known for revolutionizing modern underwear.

Over the years, Maison Lejaby has cultivated its craft, producing high-quality lingerie fashioned from the finest material, designed with expert precision and always with utmost respect for the female body. Interested readers can follow the 90 year story of this outstanding French house here.

Offering different collections to suit various body types and tastes – from petite to full-busted women – Lejaby is a one-stop boutique for all. Adorned with Parisian sensuality and elegant femininity, this brand is all any woman needs to feel confident and beautiful in truly classic lingerie made in France!

2. Chantelle

One of six sister brands all belonging to the Chantelle Lingerie Group, this Paris-based brand has been around since 1876 when it was first founded by François Auguste Gamichon.

Starting off as a manufacturer of elastic knits, Chantelle was one of the first companies to cultivate corsets made of elastic fabrics back in 1902 and, along the years, has earned suitable recognition for creating the first seamless bra with moulded cups.

Nowadays, this pioneering French lingerie brand continues to provide comfortably fitting lingerie that uses elasticated fabrics to mould themselves to the female curves.

Its products remain entirely made in France and most of their items are painstakingly handmade to ensure high-quality results. Having consistently prioritized comfort and accuracy of fit, Chantelle remains to this day famed for its hand-crafted pieces that strike the perfect balance between practicality and visual appeal.


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3. Passionata

A sister brand to Chantelle and another owned by the renowned Chantelle Lingerie Group, Passionata‘s lingerie is a glamorous and boldly seductive French lingerie brand.

After the current Président Directeur Général, Patrice Kretz joined the Chantelle Group in 1985, he proposed launching an affiliated luxury brand which would appeal to the younger demographic, capturing today’s style and mindset. The company’s answer was Passionata and its popularity spread quicker than wildfire.

Providing items of superior quality and with a more affordable price-point, Passionata was soon made internationally available. To this day, it remains beloved for its signature creative and flirty items that embody the carefree spirit of youth.

Whether in need of discreet undergarments for everyday wear or something to unleash one’s inner goddess (without breaking the bank!), Passionata is always a good place to start.

4. Cadolle

Founded in 1889 by Herminie Cadolle, the House of Cadolle is still one of the top luxury French lingerie brands of our age – and there is good reason!

During the World Fair of 1889, the same time that the Eiffel Tower was constructed, Herminie Cadolle revealed her creation. By cutting a traditional female corset into two parts, Herminie had just created her “corselet-gorge” – what we now know today as a bra! And she was smart enough to file a patent for it. Her story is truly remarkable and you can read more about it here.

Fast forward many decades, and the ‘Cadolle touch’ is still going strong, run by female members of the Cadolle family. With a focus on creating ‘a frame for the silhouette of women‘ through high-quality shape-wear, luxury undergarments and alluring corsets, the Cadolle brand believes that “a woman at ease in her body is a woman who conquers the world“.

Designed with the modern woman in mind, this brand encourages confidence and love for all types of female bodies and remains a popular choice for many French women. With a workforce that’s 90% female, Cadolle is truly a house of women for the women. What a success story!

5. Lou

On a trip on the Orient Express, entrepreneur André Faller fell head over heels for the talented designer and young gymnast Lucienne Faller (née Scheltien). Lucienne, affectionately nicknamed ‘Lu’, also just so happened to make her own lingerie. The rest, so to say, is history and Lou was established in 1946. Following its launch, it quickly became the no. 1 of French corsetry.

Brimming with personality and infused with a sense of lightness and femininity, this brand’s creations are loved for their innovative designs and delicate detailing: ranging from embroidered elements to sparkling Swarovski crystals. As Lucienne once said in 1946, ‘we dared what others did not dare.’

Even fuller busted women are in good hands with their vast selection of supportive bras that look as amazing as they feel on. Their selection of intimates are luxurious and fun, making them a great choice for a fun evening in with your significant other or as a personal treat to help you own your natural feminine appeal.

6. Simone Pérèle

Trained corset maker Madame Simone Pérèle once said: “self-confidence is a beauty that never fades“ and since establishing her namesake Parisian lingerie brand in 1940s, her intimate items have sought to provide women with the confidence they need to feel their absolute best.

Along the years, Simone Pérèle has owed its steady success to its comfortable range of lingerie that beautifully accentuates the woman’s natural shape, and we have a few firsts to thank her for. For starters, the 1960s saw Madame Pérèle create a bra made of lycra. The bra was named ‘Sole Mio‘ and was the first in lingerie history.

That same decade, Simone Pérèle also developed the first invisible bra, the ‘Petale‘,  which counted invisible lines and no underwiring as key selling points – both were particularly welcomed during the hippie era.

Consistently using avant-garde techniques over the years – take the launch of Andora in 2000 which was made using 3D spacer fabric – Simone Pérèle offers timelessly sophisticated lingerie that is made from the best-quality fabrics and designed by the most talented designers.

Artisanal products made from gorgeous Calais lace adorn her collections, giving this brand’s items a signature look that is unique to this brand. Undeniably, owning a Simone Pérèle is an indulgent luxury that can make any woman feel as fearless as she undoubtedly already is.

7. Lise Charmel

First founded in 1950, Lise Charmel can always be relied upon to provide stunning intimates for all female shapes. Unlike most other brands in this list, the city that gave Lise Charmel its humble beginnings was that of Lyon, also known for being the European capital of silk.

Naturally, being surrounded by exquisite silk, this brand is celebrated for its silky intimates as well as its guipure embroideries and Calais lace. In addition, thanks to its ties to haute couture and its specialized interest in lacey fabrics, this brand offers women all they could possibly need when searching for lingerie that blends elegance with sex appeal.

Lise Carmel showcases unique designs inspired by fine art, intricate lace detailing and a wide range of styles and sizes, and it is no wonder that the brand has become synonymous with the very best of luxury intimates!

8. Fifi Chachnil

Old-fashioned femininity and ‘frivolous beauty‘ are the two pillars on which the Fifi Chachnil brand has been founded.

Chachnil was first launched as a clothing brand that featured ready-to-wear garments and glamorous costumes for the theatre. It was only on a trip to Los Angeles in 1995 that Mademoiselle Fifi first discovered the thrilling concept of ‘extroverted nudity’. From then on, lingerie became a fixture of this brand’s collections, producing “lingerie so beautiful it should be seen“.

Her debut lingerie collection introduced this house’s signature culotte styles – the culottes ‘Joyeuse’, ‘Minette’ and ‘Bloomer’ – alongside the first Fifi Chachnil nightgowns, corsets, and stockings.

All of these lovable pieces proved an instant success due to their light-hearted celebration of femininity and undeniable beauty. Putting the wearer at the heart of its vision, Fifi Chachnil pieces embrace the art of feminine charm with stellar results.

9. Empreinte

Life is never the same once you’ve discovered Empreinte“. Since first opening its doors in Brest in 1946, Maison Empreinte has gained a reputation for offering a variety of intimate-wear options to fuller-busted women; starting from a moderate C cup and going up to a more substantial H cup.

Curvier women have always experienced more difficulty finding sophisticated lingerie that is both flattering and supportive. Yet, Empreinte‘s attention to detail and superior quality is just what curvaceous women have been looking for.

Since first opening its doors, this brand has continued to hone its expertise as an artisan corsetier with the specific aim of sculpting female bodies with ‘confidence, generosity and innovation‘.

Offering unique fits, confidence boosting designs and figure-enhancing pieces, we at Dukes Avenue have to agree that wearing an Empreinte product is a real experience.

10. Chantal Thomass

Another incredible French lingerie brand, Chantal Thomass has garnered a reputation for being an avant-garde contemporary lingerie brand which boldly flaunts its unconventional style.

Founded in 1975 by Chantal Thomass herself, this line of lingerie instantly started a revolution in the world of women’s underwear. Wanting her intimates to simultaneously obscure and show off the female body, Chantal uses sheer fabrics, delicate lace and shades of red, black and pink to achieve her signature daring style.

With bold and edgy designs inspired by pop art, Chantal Thomass’s intimate wear simply basks in undeniable sass and demands attention. Even the black silhouette logo that is sewn on all her lingerie items is symbolic of its edgy and ‘come-hither‘ style. So, when looking for sexy apparel with a modern twist, look no further than Chantal Thomass.

11. Yasmine Eslami

Yasmine Eslami is a relatively new brand founded by the skilled French designer Yasmine Eslami in 2010.

Despite lacking a long lineage, its products’ ideal blend of comfort and sensual appeal have quickly placed it amongst the best luxury French lingerie brands.

Simplicity is at the heart of Yasmine Eslami’s ethos. The designs are purposely minimalistic, and through sheer material – that is deliberately free from excessive detailing – Yasmine Eslami’s items highlight the seductive allure that shines through simplistic designs.

Contemporary, sexy and undeniable flattering, Yasmine Eslami’s intimate wear feels almost like a second skin which accentuates all of those assets women were simply born with!

12. Princesse Tam Tam

Two visionary women, Loumia and Shama Hiridjee, first founded Princesse Tam Tam in 1985. Priding itself on celebrating “feminine freedom, beauty and diversity“, this refreshingly fun and colorful brand indulges in youthful designs in both their lingerie and swimwear collections.

Its very name embodies its dualistic principles, as the title of ‘princesse‘ expresses a regal style of beauty whilst ‘tam tam‘ invokes the tapping sound of soulful and freeing dance movements.

Overt sensuality is given a back seat in favour of more chic and unaffectedly natural designs that celebrate the purity of the female form. Certainly, the vitality of its designs and its colorful range make this brand’s products a refreshing choice that bring joy and comfort to all who wear them.

13. Carine Gilson

We confess… this brand is technically francophone and founded in Belgium, but we still felt it deserved a place on this list. After all, silk, lace, and all forms of exceptional material flourish in Carine Gilson’s lingerie collections.

After completing her formal training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the talented Carine Gilson founded her eponymous brand in 1990. Since its launch, Carine Gilson has produced breathtaking, hand-crafted pieces that beautifully blend old-Hollywood styled glamour with the principles of traditional Japanese aesthetics to create a signature style that is unique to the brand.

Offering rare, artisanal products hand-crafted in Brussels and made from the finest combination of fabrics, slipping on a Carine Gilson creation is enough to make any woman feel like a star. After all, there is nothing like the sensation of silk and satin as it touches your bare skin. With a selection of lingerie and luxurious nightwear fit for a queen, Carine Gilson is pure indulgence for the modern woman.

14. Maison Close

Since its founding by Nicolas Busnel in 2006, Maison Close has built a reputation around constructing luxurious intimates that are irresistibly seductive, whilst still affording women with a high-level of comfort.

Inspired by La Belle Époque and haute couture, this brand’s items simply embody the art of French seduction.

From bondage-inspired collections to sheer, barely-there pieces, Maison Close is a bold choice that empowers its female clientele to take charge, and always allow their inner strength and sensuality to shine through.

It is fair to say that Maison Close’s pieces flaunt a delicious freedom of wearing intimate wear, with stunning results.

15. LIVY

This relatively new brand was first founded in 2017 by Lisa Chavy and supported by group Etam. It has quickly gained recognition for its high-quality and stylish undergarments.

After working at some of the most influential French fashion houses, Chavy set out to launch her super-sexy lingerie and ready-to-wear brand, and achieved instant success.

Using the most luxurious choice of laces and collaborating only with the very best French manufacturers, LIVY creates timeless silhouettes that nevertheless boast a signature touch that are entirely unique to the brand.

With expertly hand-crafted items, contemporary designs and an increased use of sustainable fabrics, LIVY constantly remoulds itself to fit effortlessly into our modern world.

Classic silhouettes are enhanced with the use of fine lace, and an empowering range of designs is always available throughout its varied collections. From couture-inspired to comfortable intimates, this French lingerie brand offers something for all female styles and tastes.

16. Ysé

Dedicated to producing liberating, free-spirited lingerie collections“. The French lingerie brand Ysé was born out of a need for lingerie that perfectly suits both sides of the female-body spectrum.

Founded in 2012 by Clara Blocman and Bérengère Lehembre, this brand has since been largely taken over by the Etam group (the same group that made LIVY possible!) and made internationally available.

Suitable for fuller-busted women, as well as less curvaceous female forms, Ysé specializes in soft cup bras that fit all busts like a glove. The brand’s aim is to highlight the natural female form by accentuating every curve and endowing all women with the confidence to appreciate their body as it is.

Refreshingly, Ysé’s designs are suitably stylish without being overly sultry, providing modern women with a selection of elegant intimates that will never lose their sensuous appeal.

17. Aubade Paris

Aubade Paris was founded in 1958 by corset specialist Doctor Bernard, and its innovations have absolutely revolutionized the lingerie industry.

This iconic brand was first to design the now indispensable strapless bra, the halter bra, and the “Agrafe-Coeur” (the front-hooking bra)! Yet, as lingerie became less a means of support and more a “weapon of seduction“, Aubade sought to broaden its horizons and include more sensual items in its collections.

The first to introduce matching lingerie sets in the 60s and embrace in the G-string trend of the 80s, Aubade continues to indulge our sensual fantasies with its Boîtes à Désir collection.

Nevertheless, when shopping at Aubade, all women – and all body shapes – are sure to find something to suit their individual taste. Picture romantic silky negligees and embroidered lingerie sets, as well as bondage-inspired items.

At Aubade Paris variety surely abounds with a few consistent traits: luxury finery and unique designs that are carefully executed to perfection.

18. Eres

Although Eres originally launched as a swimwear brand, since being bought by Chanel in 1996 the company has broadened its horizons and ventured into the lingerie market with stellar results.

Eres’s lingerie collection is just as lush and alluring as any of its swimwear and in fact, purchasing one of their embroidered tulle bras and matching tulle briefs would make a the perfect addition to anyone’s lingerie collection.

Featuring lightweight and breathable material rendered in classy, supportive designs, their items are always flattering, whilst always offering wearers optimal comfort. It’s fair to say that Eres’s intimate wear is perfect for everyday use and special occasions alike!

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