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50 Elegant Burgundy Nails to Look Your Most Sophisticated


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This post is all about burgundy nails and burgundy nail trends that you have to try!

When it comes to nails, the color burgundy has long been seen as a chic and stylish color that matches perfectly with any outfit. Timeless, sophisticated and smart, it’s no surprise that burgundy nails are one of the more requested shades at any nail salon, ranking right up there with the other most popular colors and styles such as a traditional red, a subtle nude or a French manicure.

Given their dark and warming hue, burgundy manicures are more commonly seen around town and all over Instagram during fall and winter months, but because it’s such a timeless nail color, we think it’s perfectly fine to wear all year round. And so, if you are searching for the perfect burgundy manicure or burgundy shade to wear at any point during the year, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re looking at all things burgundy nails – whether you have gel or acrylic nails or are just looking for a pretty burgundy nail polish. We’ll also be looking at all the different options you can consider for your next burgundy manicure, including short burgundy nails, long burgundy nails, French burgundy nails and more!

But first, let’s kick off with some of the basics…

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What are Burgundy Nails?

Essentially, burgundy simply refers to a color. Named after the famous Burgundy wine from France, the color burgundy is a rich blend of red, brown and blue, resulting in a deep reddish brown shade with a slight purple tint.

According to Color Psychology, it’s ‘a shade lighter than the color maroon‘ – a similar shade which lacks the purple undertones that burgundy possesses. Aside from maroon, it’s also very similar to colors like bordeaux, merlot, berry and oxblood. With all this talk of rich red French wines, it’s no wonder that all of these shades are seen as the epitome of sophistication.

Back to nails though, if you’re a lover of nail polishes (as opposed to gel or acrylic burgundy nails) and want to purchase one right now, here are some burgundy nail polishes you might want to consider:

Are Burgundy Nails Appropriate for Weddings?

Burgundy is the perfect classy color for weddings, whether you are the bride, selecting colors for bridesmaids or if you are simply attending a wedding as a guest. For brides, dark burgundy is perfect for evening weddings with an art deco or jazzy black tie theme. If you are considering burgundy for your bridesmaids, it’s that perfect little pop of color to a neutral or glitzy bridesmaid dress.

If you are a guest, burgundy is equally as suitable! It sets the mood for a smart affair perfectly and works incredibly well with gold accessories!

Burgundy Nail Ideas to Try

Now that we have a good understanding of the color and its appropriateness for even the smartest of occasions, let’s put it to use! Here are 50 of our favorite burgundy nail trends to try out, across a range of nail shapes including round nails, almond nails, stilettos and more.

Short Burgundy Nails **editor’s choice**

To us, short burgundy nails look the chicest of all the burgundy nail trends. Not to mention, they are also incredibly convenient for everyday life, whether that’s being on a laptop all day or running errands. Chic, smart, sophisticated and practical! You just can’t beat them!

Burgundy Nail Art for Short Nails

Whether it’s simple geometric lines or a touch of gold glitter, adding a little something extra to your burgundy manicure can make it a little bit more interesting! Here are some ideas to try:

French Burgundy Nails

French manicures don’t always need to be white! Incorporate some burgundy into your French manicure by swapping out the traditional white French tips with burgundy tips! We love this modern take on a conventional nail design. Here are some examples:

Long Burgundy Nails

For those that are more fond of a longer nail than a short, burgundy is a great color to work with. Here’s some inspiration for long burgundy nails, from long and plain to a more decorative combo! Our personal favorites? We’re loving the simple long coffin burgundy nails.

Matte Burgundy Nails

Matte nails is a trend that works with practically any nail color, but a matte finish on darker shades is particularly striking. When it comes to burgundy, this is especially true if blending glossy burgundy nails with some form of matte nail design on top.

We also have a soft spot for matte burgundy stiletto nails – they may be a little daring, but they are definitely giving off femme fatale vibes!

Glitter Burgundy Nails

Sometimes, an occasion just calls for that little bit of extra sparkle. Here are some glitter burgundy nail ideas that you might want to try!

Elegant Burgundy Nail Art for Women

Sometimes, we just want that little something extra to spice things up a little. Here are some more simple burgundy nail ideas that include just a touch of nail art or embellishments without being too over the top. You can buy some great rhinestones from Etsy if you don’t want to risk not finding something you like at your local nail salon!

More Trendy Burgundy Nail Art with Accents

Of course, we can’t forget to include ideas for the accent nail! Adding an accent nail is a popular way of enhancing a manicure and making it your own. It simply involves selecting one, or perhaps two, nails on each hand and making them different to the rest of your nails.

It is most common for the ring finger of each hand to be the accent nail, but there are no hard and fast rules! All you need is a little creativity to come up with something that works for you, and that could be anything from marble accent nails, floral nails as accents or perhaps a touch of rose gold foil – all perfect with the color burgundy! Here are some examples:

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