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10 Timeless Nail Colours That Go With Everything


Sarah Barthet


Modern day life keeps us pretty busy. Between juggling a demanding career, running a household and spending quality time with family and friends, free time is very much a luxury. And of course, we want to look and feel our best whilst doing it all!

For many women, nothing makes them feel more put together than having the perfect manicure, a manicure that is smart, elegant and timeless and that doesn’t start chipping away after a few days. Through the introduction of gel polishes, brands like CND allow us to achieve perfect nails that last anywhere from two to four weeks. In fact, many now give themselves a shellac manicure at home!

There is one drawback to gel polishes. Whilst having a manicure that lasts upwards of two weeks is great, it also means we are stuck with the same colours on our nails, and these might not work with every outfit we plan to wear – especially if there is a special occasion coming up.

Unless you have enough free time, or the budget to change your manicure frequently, the easiest solution is to select nail colours that go with everything – colours that stand the test of time and do not risk clashing with your outfits. Olive green may be trending right now and look great for a garden brunch on Saturday, but may not be as appreciated in the board room on Monday morning.

And so, whether your preference is for gel polish, acrylic or traditional nail polish, here are our top 10 choices for nail colours that go with everything (each with shoppable links).

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Samples of Nail Colours that Match Everything

Our 10 Favourite Nail Colours that Go With Everything

White Tip Nails / French Manicure

Kicking off with the cleanest option on the list, a beautiful classic white tip manicure, known to most as the famous ‘French manicure’. Whether applied to fingers or toes, a beautifully done French manicure is fit for any outfit or occasion and is perfect for all skin tones. A little more traditional than an all white nail, a French manicure is a timeless classic that isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s incredibly versatile and if done well, ensures your nails will look clean and manicured up until when you get them re-done.

If you’re wanting a fresher take on the traditional French manicure, why not try white ombre French nails. The ombre effect is perfect for anyone that can’t always get to the nail salon when they are due as it hides the nail growth so well, especially if adding some very dainty nail art such as a gold line through the nail like in the image below. Would you believe that these are almost three weeks in and still do not show much growth!

Light Grey Nails

A shade of light grey is a popular colour that manages to be both trendy, yet classic and timeless. The colour grey works all year round, with lighter greys perfect for the warmer spring and summer months, and darker shades of grey for the colder months of autumn and winter. It also perfectly complements both silver and gold jewelry, making it an overall versatile shade for every occasion.

Beige or Nude Nails

Just like the colour grey, nude or beige tones are incredibly versatile and can be used for any occasion, all year round. They are neutral nail polish colours that are hard not to like, and easy shades for anyone looking to match nail polish to their outfits.

The shade of beige or nude nail polish that is best for you depends on your skin tone (although this suggested, rather than a hard and fast rule). Medium and darker complexions typically suit any shade of nude, however lighter skin types might prefer to opt for lighter shades. Experiment with shades to find one that suits you best, paying particular attention to your undertones and whether you best suit warm or cool shades.

Blush Nails

A natural follow-on from beige, blush pink is the perfect alternative for fairer skinned readers who do not feel comfortable in beige. The best way to describe blush pink nail polish is a discreet shade of light pink, one that’s subtle and subdued – so subtle that it will match pretty much everything in your wardrobe.

Lilac Nails

Lilac is probably the most underrated of all the nail polish shades in this list, but if applied tastefully without lots of nail art, lilac nails can look beautiful, especially in spring and summer months. The trick is to go for a shade of lilac that is subdued, almost like a lilac version of blush pink. It also works well with most outfits, from blues to greys and pink to yellows. Try it – you might be surprised at how much you like it!

For the extra adventurous, check out this image of lilac ombre nails, aren’t they pretty?!

Classic Red Nails

Because can there even be a list about nail colours that match everything without the most iconic shade of all – classic red nails. It’s a timeless colour that exudes femininity, confidence and just overall elegance, and that’s all there is to it. And so, no matter what you’re wearing, rest assured that red nail polish is always suitable.

Classic red nails against a beige steering wheel
Classic Red Nails

Bordeaux Nails / Burgundy Nails

A not too distant cousin of the classic red nail are the two shades of bordeaux and burgundy. Bordeaux is a shade of dark red named after Bordeaux wine. Burgundy is a reddish-purple shade that is equally as elegant as a bold red nail, and both are perfect for those cooler fall/autumn months.

Just like red, shades of burgundy or bordeaux stand the test of time, and easily match with any outfit in your wardrobe. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our article on the Top Burgundy Nail Trends for this year.

Chocolate Brown Nails

You could argue that chocolate brown is a darker variation of nude, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but chocolate brown is one of those nail polishes that just looks so sleek that it deserves its own place on this list. A warming colour that works so well with every shade of clothing and every kind of skin tone, and one that’s perfect for autumn and winter. It looks particularly pretty when styled with pale pink or warm orange clothing, and looks great with gold jewelry.

Navy Blue Nails

This one might come as a surprise, but navy blue can actually look very smart and overall, it matches with pretty much anything, whether it’s a pair of jeans, a suit or evening dress. The trick to making navy blue stylish rather than tacky is to keep the nails relatively short and avoid (excessive) nail art.

Short Black Nails

A touch of black is the easiest way to add a spot of sophistication to any outfit, even if worn as a nail polish. Some may shy away from black for fear of looking too gothic, but if applied to shorter nails it can be the right balance of edgy and stylish. And of course, everything matches with black, so you have no risk of your nails not matching your outfit!

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