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How to Wear a Blanket Scarf: 7 Simple Yet Chic Styles To Try


Sarah Barthet


There are those times in life where we need to feel comfort – and never has this been more true than recent years. From coming to terms with a pandemic that has grappled the world and the aftermath that ensued, to what feels like never ending political turbulence – all on top of regular day-to-day stresses of course – it’s no surprise that we want to prioritise our happiness and comfort in whatever ways we can, and our wardrobe is no exception.

With many of us having worked from home for the better part of the last year in our comfiest athflow favourites, we’ve now adapted to a comfort-first way of life, and it’s fair to say that not all of us want this to change, as we start working our way back to normality. And what could be cosier and more comforting than wrapping yourself up in a garment that looks and feels just like a blanket?

Admittedly, the thought of making anything like a blanket look chic and stylish may seem a little out there, but the trend has been around for a little while. You’d only need to take a look a fashion trend reports for autumn / fall 2020 to see that blankets did indeed make an appearance on the runways of numerous designer shows – and this was all well before the pandemic started.

As the summer now begins to draw to a close and the autumn months start to creep in, it’s now when we start thinking about our autumn wardrobes and all the cosiness that comes with it – could this be the perfect time to embrace the blanket trend if you’ve not already jumped on the blanket bandwagon? To get you started, here are seven super easy ways how to wear a blanket scarf – the easiest blanket accessory to master!

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Woman walking on London streets with lots of greenery - showcasing one of the ways how to wear a blanket scarf.
Vicuna blanket scarf worn over the shoulders

What is a Blanket Scarf?

If you’re not yet familiar with blanket scarves and are wondering what they are, well, they are just what they sound like. A blanket scarf is simply an oversized scarf that is large enough to be worn in many different ways, making it an incredibly diversified must-have in any autumn wardrobe.

Admittedly, blanket scarves mean adding a whole lot more material to your look which can feel slightly intimidating, but if styled correctly, your body will love you for the extra warmth they provide during those colder months, and in some cases, eliminate the need to wear a heavier coat. Blanket scarves can be found in a whole host of styles and materials; but plaid blanket scarves are probably the most common and can be found pretty much everywhere. That said, you may also come across tweed and windowpane patterns too. If you’re really looking to treat yourself, have a look for cashmere and vicuna blanket scarves for the ultimate luxury. Shop around and find the what resonates with you most.

Editor’s Tip: The best time to look out for oversized blanket scarves is in July, well before the autumn/fall. Each July, the annual Nordstom Anniversary Sale takes place and they typically stock plenty of different blanket scarves – one is bound to catch your eye!

What to Wear Under a Blanket Scarf

Since there are so many ways to wear blanket scarves, you really can pair them with anything – whether that’s a pair of jeans and a stylish bodysuit, or depending on the material of the scarf, you could evening wear them with evening dresses as more of a pashmina. The options really are endless, and if you are looking for more inspiration on cosy outfit ideas, be sure to check out our autumn capsule wardrobe favourites for this season. The article features pieces that we think you’ll love, and that will last for many seasons to come.

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

There are so many ways how to wear a blanket scarf that this article would be much longer than it needs to be if we were to feature all of them. We’ve selected the simple styles that we know, love and regularly wear, and that are not too complicated to fold when rushing out the door in the morning.

1. Paired with a Belt

A super easy way to completely change the look of your outfit is to pair your oversized blanket scarf with a belt. Simply drape the scarf over your neck and shoulders and let the ends hang loose around your waist or hips. Grab your favourite waist belt and secure it over the ends of the blanket scarf. Gently pull out some of the material from the top of the belt so that it almost doubles up as an ultra comfortable loose sweater.

Woman wearing blanket scarf with a belt - one of the ways how to wear a blanket scarf

2. The Loop Through

Wearing your blanket scarf as a loop-through is perfect if you are pairing it with a blazer, as well as if you are not looking to completely conceal your top.

Simply fold your scarf in half, so that the ends are joined together. With the scarf in this position, place it over your neck so that the ends both hang from the same side, and the folded part hangs from the other side in a loop. Then take the loose ends in one hand, and slide them through the loop. Continue pulling the ends through the loop until the knot is as high as you want it to be. Consider adding a brooch or two to the knot to add that extra little bit of detail.

Woman wearing a blanket scarf with a blazer - one of the ways how to style a blanket scarf

3. Draped Over the Shoulders

Sometimes, it’s the most simple styles that can look the chicest! The great thing about oversized blanket scarves is that they can very easily be draped over your shoulders and wrapped around your body and still look stylish, especially if you are working with a luxury blanket scarf made of cashmere or vicuna wool.

To take your look to the next level, consider styling with a classic gold brooch. This not only serves to add an extra bit of bling to your outfit, but also to hold your blanket scarf in place, right where you want it to be.

Woman demonstrating how to wear a blanket scarf

4. The Reverse Drape

Just like you would drape your oversized blanket around your neck and over your shoulders, why not try it in reverse? Simple drape the scarf over your shoulders, and let the ends hang from the back of your body whilst hanging from the shoulders and/or throat. This is perfect for a more glam look, and can look ultra chic if paired with the perfect bodycon dress and stiletto heels.

Woman wearing a blanket scarf in a reverse drape

5. The Infinity Scarf

You may already have an infinity scarf sitting in your wardrobe already, but if not, you can easily create an infinity scarf look using an oversized blanket scarf. For a bit of context, and infinity scarf is simply a scarf with no ends – it’s all stitched together to form a loop that is simply thrown over the head, and can be double looped for an extra cosiness.

To create an infinity scarf from your blanket scarf, all you need to do is take two opposite corners of the blanket scarf and tie them together in a little knot. This is even easier if your scarf has tassels. By tying two opposite ends together, you’ll effectively be making a loop, and all you need to do is place this newly made loop over your head. Just like with an infinity scarf, you can loop it around the neck twice for that extra bit of snug.

6. Looped Around the Neck

This is probably the easiest and most common ways to wear a scarf, and it’s no different when styling a blanket scarf as opposed to a normal everyday scarf. Simply loop it around the neck as many times as you feel necessary, leaving the ends hanging on either side of your shoulders. You could even tuck the ends into the loop you’ve made around your neck, so it looks more like an infinity scarf!

7. The Short Front Knot

Last but not least, this easy short front knot is perfect if you’re the proud owner of an oversized square blanket scarf and want to try something different. Start by folding the square diagonally to make a triangle. Grab two corners of the triangle you’ve just made and wrap them around the back of your neck, letting them fall to the front on your chest. As a result, you’ll be left with the bandit style scarf style that you’re probably already familiar with, and two ends hanging down.

Next, grab the two ends on your chest and tie them in a simple knot. You can leave the knot hanging over the V-shaped bandit bit, or bring the bandit part over the knot to cover it. This is the style to try if you own an oversized blanket scarf and want to make it appear smaller than it really is, without having a knot on display!

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