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How To Wear A Blazer In 8 Super Stylish Ways


Christine Barbara


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This article is all about how to wear a blazer for women and general blazer outfit ideas.

If there has ever been a truly timeless fashion piece it is the blazer. Originally designed as men’s wear, over the years the blazer has woven its way into women’s fashion and become a staple of many women’s wear collections.

According to American fashion designer Lauren Conrad, “every girl should have a little black dress, a great boyfriend blazer and a pair of skinny jeans in their wardrobe“. This is undeniably sound advice as, whatever the occasion, knowing how to wear a blazer can help anyone transform a simple combination of base layers into an effortlessly chic outfit.

Layer a blazer on top of a pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings and a casual top, pair it with an elegant dress or daringly wear it on its own as a chic dress itself, styled with a Paris pull – regardless of how it is worn, a blazer always provides a touch of professionalism and sophistication to an overall look.

Aside from the style element, a blazer can also serve as a functional outer-layer to wear in the fall or early spring and this is the perfect time to experiment with the many different ways to wear a blazer. To get you started, here are 8 effortless ways to style a blazer that will help you achieve an elegant yet effortless powerhouse look.

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When to Wear a Blazer

Traditionally, blazers were strictly office wear associated with rigid formality. Yet, over the years the blazer has shed these unyielding associations and become one of the most versatile items of clothing one can own.

Blazers can instantly transform a bland or casual outfit into an effortlessly elegant ensemble which is why – depending on what it is paired with – a blazer can fit practically any occasion. With the ability to be dressed up as well as down, a blazer can be worn any time, to any place, and always look elegantly suitable, particularly, we think, if adorned with gold buttons!

To get the most use out of a blazer, invest in neutral shades for the most versatility; such as a classic black blazer, grey, nude or even a navy blue blazer. Pinstripe or patterned blazers are also great timeless pieces if looking for a blazer with a little more depth.

Of course, that’s not to say colored blazers are a no-no, but they may require a little more thought when it comes to styling. If choosing a colored blazer, consider colors such as a bold red, a pastel pink, an emerald green, a rich mustard yellow… and perhaps avoid the more trend-led colors such as neon green. They may look great now, but will they be around in the years to come?

What to Wear With a Blazer

Due to its inherent versatility, one can pair virtually anything with a beautifully cut blazer, which is why this is a great item to incorporate in a fall or winter capsule wardrobe. Layer it over pants and a top, drape it over a dress, match it with a skirt or jazz it up with the right accessories… the possibilities are truly endless!


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How to Wear a Blazer

With so many different ways to style a blazer, choosing the styles that appeal most to one’s personal taste may feel like a daunting task. This is why this article has narrowed its list down to the 8 best ways to style a blazer, to keep things simple, short and sweet. These tips are easy to revert to on busy mornings or hectic days, and offer a good variety ranging from smart-casual to formal.

1. Over Skinny Jeans

One of the simplest ways to style a casual blazer is by wearing it over skinny jeans. Everyone owns a pair of flattering denims and, by pairing them with a tailored – or even oversized – blazer, casual clothing is quickly restyled as smart and elegant attire.

Add a pair of exquisite heels and a matching clutch into the mix, and this outfit is transformed once again into the perfect ensemble to wear out to a dinner with friends.

2. Suit it Up

Naturally, blazers are essential when it comes to putting together a chic, power suit.

Wearing an elegant suit-set simultaneously achieves a professional and flattering look at the work place. Yet, even when the jacket is not part of a set, a blazer can easily be matched with bottoms of a similar color creating the illusion of a suit, with the same powerful effect.

3. Wear it as a Dress

For a daring and truly feminine look, try wearing a blazer as a dress! Needless to say, the blazer would need to be somewhat oversized and long enough to avoid any unexpected reveals. That said, consider styling an oversized blazer with an eye-catching belt to accentuate the waist, in what’s known as a ‘Paris Pull‘.

Throw on a pair of your favorite patterned tights, and finish the look with a pair of heels or boots to add a touch of glamour. Finally, spritz on some perfume for that final dash of confidence before heading out in this killer outfit.

4. Pair it with Neutrals

Nothing beats a monochrome base layer of classic neutrals for an unparalleled fresh and sophisticated look. Irrespective of whether this is combined with a blazer of the same shade or one with an edgy contrasting color, the end result is one of pure elegance. We personally love pairing a nude linen blazer with an all white outfit.

5. Accessorize It

Regardless of the occasion or what a blazer is paired with, the right accessories can help elevate the ensemble from ordinary to superb.

Adding a beautiful blanket scarf will add warmth and texture to the look, adding a large belt will effectively accentuate the waist giving any blazer a more tailored feel, whilst a striking brooch – or a set of strategically pinned brooches – can adorn a blazer with elegance and unique detailing.

For those who wish to add some glitz to their blazer by pinning a brooch, but are unsure how to do it stylishly, be sure to check out our article on how to wear a brooch for some styling inspiration.

6. Match with a Skirt

The skirt and blazer combination is definitely a winning look. Topping off any skirt – whether a mini-skirt, a slinky midi or a fuller tulle skirt with a long and flowing cut – with a crisp blazer, makes for one of the most chic outfits in a capsule wardrobe.

Depending on the choice of skirt, multiple looks may be created with just one or two blazers, all of which will make the wearer feel polished and stunning.

7. Layer it Over a Dress

Layering a blazer over a dress is not just about keeping the colder air at bay. Blending the feminine elegance of a dress with the clean-cut sophistication of a blazer results in a smart and graceful appearance that can make any wearer feel confidently self-assured.

8. Class Up Your Shorts

Despite their reputation for being formal wear, blazers can also be worn casually. Indeed, nothing says casual more than a pair of shorts.

Whilst retaining an informal and relaxed appearance, a blazer adds polish to a pair of shorts and an oversized shirt. Throw on a pair of espadrille wedges and this creates a stylish, smart-casual look that is perfect for mornings out or a leisurely lunch.

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