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How To Curate A Winter Capsule Wardrobe (2021/2022 Edition)


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With the start of the chilly winter season, dressing up becomes all about wrapping up warmly and shielding oneself against the harsh, winter cold. Gone are the short-sleeved tops and enter chunky knitwear and cashmere scarves that perfectly blend thermal protection with winter fashion.

Admittedly, fashion is in a constant state of flux. With each new season, fashion aficionados are always tempted to update their wardrobe and attempt to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Yet, amongst those trend-led items – that will possibly retain only their relevance for a couple of seasons – there are wardrobe staples that will never go out of style. Instead of crowding one’s wardrobe with masses of unsustainable, fast-fashion pieces, the idea behind a functional winter capsule wardrobe is to purchase a select number of high-quality pieces that will endure the passage of time.

When focusing solely on a limited number of versatile items, it becomes possible to invest in more high quality items that – with proper care – can last for many years. Naturally, in the long run, this limits the amount of purchases needed and encourages a more planet-conscious type of shopping. With style and delicious warmth foremost on our mind, we’ve created a minimalistic winter wardrobe that is sustainable, versatile and winter appropriate. From a selection of jackets to essential winter accessories, this list is guaranteed to inspire a variety of outfit ideas and make your capsule wardrobe winter ready!

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Thick Outerwear

Being such all-important winter must-haves, we’re starting this list with stylish, yet functional outerwear. The winter cold is a seasonal given, however with suitable coats and jackets the unbearable chill may be kept at bay. Sure enough, when curating a complete winter capsule wardrobe, it’s fundamental to include thick outer-layers that provide suitable insulation and protection against freezing gusts of wind, heavy rain and the over-all chilly weather. With these needs in mind, we’ve put together a list of essential and timeless outerwear that will easily pair with the rest of this minimalistic wardrobe. 

A Shearling Jacket

Jackets are an obvious winter capsule wardrobe staple, and this reversible Spanish Merino shearling jacket will add both snug warmth and style to one’s capsule collection. Featuring two sides – one of smooth suede and another trimmed with soft sheep’s fur – shearling is essentially sheep’s skin that has been recently shorn. Being stunningly sophisticated on the outside and fleecy on the inside, shearling items have become a staple of the winter capsule wardrobe and this black shearling jacket by Reiss is certainly a very versatile, neutral-coloured item that can top off a variety of outfits. Its soft and warm Merino wool also makes it a winter essential that protects against harsh weather and provides that much desired insulated comfort.

A Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are synonymous with warmth and wintry protection. With a signature quilted design that is filled with down or synthetic insulation, puffer jackets provide a high level of warmth without compromising style. Yet, it is their durability, timelessness and versatility that gives makes puffer jackets truly capsule wardrobe material. Sure enough, these quilted winter jackets can be dressed both up and down, and matched with a variety of stylish bottoms. This puffer jacket by Balmain is a particularly chic choice, featuring stunning monogram-print, embossed gold-tone buttons and a funnel neck for added insulation. It may be a little pricey, but it’s certainly an investment piece that will look timeless season after season.

A Classic Raincoat

With the start of winter, rainy weather is bound to increase. This is why having a raincoat is an absolute necessity. Putting one on is a quick fix against getting drenched – especially on days when strong wind prevents the use of an umbrella – and its enduring relevance ensures that a classic-cut raincoat can never go out of style. This vanilla-coloured, classic raincoat comes in a suitable neutral colour and classic design for timelessness and versatility. Furthermore, it is made of 100% polyester which is known for its water-resistance, meaning it will keep the wearer suitably dry and protected from the cold.

A Felt Coat

On dry but freezing winter days, a felt coat can feel like manna from heaven. Felt is a durable, lightweight fabric with incredible insulating properties, and it is why a felt wool coat is an essential warming garment that should be part of everyone’s winter capsule wardrobe. This black, mid-weight belted wool-blend felt coat by Michael Kors, features a comfortable relaxed silhouette and colouring that pairs with any base layers. It’s also roomy enough to wear over blazers or chunky knitwear, and perfect for layering.

A Parka

A parka is another practical and warming winter wardrobe essential, ideal for fending off the wintry elements. With a built-in hood, convenient pockets and faux fur lining, a parka provides comfort and classic style that’s ideal for the winter months. This khaki parka by FatFace comes in a neutral, camouflage green (as well as navy) which blends well with most items, whilst its practical and straight forward style renders it conveniently timeless.

A Teddy Bear Icon Coat

Teddy coats are iconic for a reason! The Teddy Bear coat has long been established as a chic winter staple that is both fashionable and sure to keep the wearer warm and toasty. Made from a mixture of luxurious camel hair and silk fleece, this teddy coat by MaxMara feels sumptuously soft and decadently snug. Furthermore, its neutral camel colouring and classic cut ensures its enduring relevance and versatility, making it a perfect winter capsule wardrobe addition.

Chunky Knitwear, Blazers and Fleeces

On extremely cold winter days, having a selection of chunky knitwear, warming fleeces and stylish blazers is crucial. With just a few first rate items, it becomes possible to create multiple looks that will make one feel exquisite and suitable armed against the harsher elements. From fleecy sweatshirts to Balmain blazers, this list covers everything you need for a well-curated winter wardrobe that will stand the test of time.

A Wool Blazer

Blazers have long been proclaimed a women’s wear essential. Being one of the most versatile, and truly timeless items in anyone’s wardrobe, owning a high-quality blazer can help the wearer to achieve multiple looks and elevate a casual outfit into a chic ensemble. This gorgeous, double-breasted blazer by Balmain is a beautiful statement piece that with proper care can last for years. Designed in sophisticated black, with gold-tone buttons and the signature Balmain tailored cut, this blazer beautifully complements the rest of our winter capsule wardrobe and furnishes it with stylish flare.

A Textured Blazer

Whilst a capsule wardrobe is essentially minimalistic, it is still important to have a variety of textures and styles to mix and match. This textured blazer by Reiss offers softness and simplicity and comes in a lighter oatmeal shade. A little more casual than the previously featured Balmain blazer – yet, still equally as eye-catching and versatile.

A Wool Cardigan

When looking to add warming and stylish items to a wardrobe, one can never go wrong with a garment made of Merino wool. A natural fibre grown by Merino sheep, Merino wool’s positive reputation rests on its ability to regulate body temperature and its natural moisture wicking properties. This ribbed Merino wool cream cardigan is an elegant layering piece that matches a myriad of items and adds some vital warmth to this winter capsule wardrobe.

A Long-Sleeve Fleece Hoodie

Fleece and hoodies are both winter wardrobe staples, so an item which combines both elements is naturally a capsule wardrobe must. Whilst there is fleece which is made out of synthetic fibres such as polyester, high-quality fleece is usually made from pure cotton and offers superior insulation and softness. We’re featuring two fleece hoodies which caught our eye.

The first is an off-white, fleecy hoody that’s made from 100% organic cotton, and features a timeless design which ensures both comfort and style. The second is a hooded sweatshirt in vintage black, that will perfectly match your favourite pair of skin jeans and keep you stylishly comfortable as you breeze through your busy day.

An Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

As a winter capsule wardrobe is founded upon a combination of style and insulation, a cashmere turtleneck is an absolute must. Made from fibres obtained from cashmere and pashmina goats, cashmere is famous for being one of the softest fabrics around, resulting in both luxurious and long-lasting items that feel absolutely decadent against the skin. All in all, this cashmere turtleneck guarantees comfort, winter protection and that splash of colour that every wardrobe needs.

Base Layers & Tops

Being the foundation for any great outfit, base layers and tops are a crucial element of any capsule wardrobe. Functionally, an insulating base layer can form the difference between being comfortable and feeling chilly, whilst from a fashionable aspect, choosing a neutral coloured base layer will pair with virtually any other item. Being so fundamental and conveniently versatile, we’ve put together a list of high-quality base layers that every complete winter capsule wardrobe should have.

A Knitted Roll Neck

Keeping the neck warm in winter is important to maintaining one’s overall temperature, especially when exposed to pesky droughts. This seventies inspired, knitted roll neck with ribbed detailing on the cuffs is a stylish source of warmth that is perfect for keeping the neck insulated. Its timeless design make this item an absolute winter must have! Pair it with blazers and chunky cardigans alike for a diverse range of looks! It is also available in a shade of rich red and camel.

A Long-Sleeved Bodysuit

Bodysuits offer beautiful smooth lines and remain effortlessly tucked in. In keeping with the principles of the capsule wardrobe, this high-quality bodysuit from Maison Margiela is in a neutral shade of beige, to ensure versatility and understated sophistication.

A Black Turtleneck Bodysuit

Varieties of bodysuits are useful all year round – from sleeveless to thickly knitted – yet this Merino wool turtleneck bodysuit is specifically designed to withstand the harsh and frosty winter months. Made from superior material that is known for its insulating qualities and fashioned in a classic cut that pairs well with various items, this black bodysuit by Michael Kors makes for a snug and flattering addition to this minimalistic wardrobe.

A Pussy-Bow Long-Sleeved Blouse

The pussy-bow blouse incorporates a large “pussy cat bow” – typically tied under the neck – as part of their over-all design. The pussy bow dates back to 19th century France when it was a popular fashion trend, and since then have become an iconic symbol of classic female elegance. Being a wardrobe staple that is both winter appropriate and sophisticated, this safari brown, pussy-bow long-sleeve blouse designed by See by Chloé will never go out of style and pairs beautifully with both jeans and trousers.

A Zip Neck Over-shirt

Whilst every winter wardrobe needs the perfect blouse for smarter occasions like work or dinner parties, it also needs a more casual option for lounging around in. This zip neck over-shirt is perfect for just that. Crafted in a neutral shade of grey, and featuring a relaxed silhouette and gorgeous textured feel, this over-shirt is ideal for those days where comfort is a priority, without compromising on style. It’s perfect for throwing over a body suit, yet thin enough to be warn under a chunky sweater. After all, winter wardrobes are all about layering possibilities!

A White Bodysuit

With its ability to be paired with any other shade, and an invariably chic appearance, white is a classic colour for a reason. The Wolford brand is known for its high-quality garments, and this Wolford bodysuit doesn’t disappoint, with a material that achieves a feeling of warmth that is perfect for winter! Both comforting and elegant, this item makes our list of winter essentials, not only because we’re such fans of Wolford, but because it pairs with almost every other clothing item on this list!

Jeans, Trousers & Leggings

No winter capsule wardrobe is complete without a variety of bottoms! With a selection of wool trousers, denims and leggings it is possible to achieve a variety of stylish outfits to fit every occasion. Here is our list of must-haves for this winter!

Linen Wool Pants

Although many consider linen to be a cooling material, being constructed out of hollow fibres, linen actually has the ability to regulate one’s body temperature: keeping the wearer cool in summer and snug in winter. Due to its natural insulating capabilities, these linen-wool pants are definite winter essentials, whilst their chic design and neutral tone adorn them with the versatility needed in a capsule wardrobe item.

Mid-Rise Blue Jeans

A pair of comfortable blue jeans are, of course, an absolute must! There is hardly any other clothing item that harbours such popularity and its utility is truly incomparable. In choosing a comfortable mid-rise, classic cut, dark blue pair, these jeans are guaranteed to remain in style, with the ability to curate various looks.

Faux-Leather Leggings

Being the ideal mixture of style and comfort, black faux-leather leggings are a flattering and dextrous item that should form part of all capsule wardrobes. Unlike typical leggings, faux-leather leggings pander to the leather-look trend and provide an effortless way of adding ‘leather’ into one’s daily look. Styling leather leggings is easy if treating them like a pair of skinny jeans, while their classic black hue and leather-like texture provides outfits with sophistication and fashionable edge.

Flared Trousers

With a chic, wide leg silhouette, and thick, warming fabric crafted out of grain de poudre virgin wool, these flared trousers are both sophisticated and winter-ready. Coupled with their neutral, black colouring these trousers are easily styled with a chic bodysuit or a fitted turtleneck to create a truly elegant ensemble.

Milano Pants

The Milano Pant is a modern twist on the classic cigarette style pants. Tailored and sleek, Milano trousers are ideal for more formal occasions when one wants to show themselves off at their most glamourous. These red Milano knit trousers by Givenchy add a splash of colour to this winter capsule wardrobe whilst fusing it with understated elegance.

Loungewear Pants

And just like we did with the tops, whilst smart and elegant pants are needed for those more formal occasions, sometimes, all we want to do is throw on a pair of loungewear pants to feel completely relaxed. With the athflow trend showing no sign of slowing down any time soon, these loungewear pants are perfect for pairing with an equally comfortable body suit, white sneakers and a teddy bear coat for when you need to step outside.

Winter Dresses & Skirts

A winter wardrobe does not need to be ripping at the seams with skirts and dresses – especially when the weather is freezing! Just a few high-quality skirts and dresses can be suitably styled to suit a variety of occasions, and choosing items with thick, protective material makes them truly well-suited for the winter season, particularly if paired with tights and stockings.

A Long Jumper Dress

Jumper dresses offer the cosy warmth of a jumper with the feminine elegance of a dress. This Fabiana Filippi design is a sophisticated dress made out of a warming blend of virgin wool, silk and cashmere. Wear it with knee-length boots and a thick coat for a deliciously snug and chic look!

A Midi Dress

Midi dresses fit most occasions, from casual to semi-formal events. With an uncanny ability to transition from day-to-night wear with a swift footwear change, a midi dress can be a life-saver for the busy woman who is constantly on-the-go. This knit dress is made out of a white, breathable cotton blend that feels luxuriously soft and warm, and looks decidedly chic!

A Tweed Dress

Fundamentally, tweed is a classic fabric that is softly woven out of high-quality wool. Although originally popular amongst British gentlemen, in the 1920s, Coco Chanel popularised tweed as women’s wear and, as they say, the rest is history! Being both fashionable and practical, tweed dresses are ideal for winter weather and their timelessness grant them access to our winter capsule wardrobe. Our choice is a gorgeous Alice & Olivia design in black and white that can easily be paired with a long-sleeved body suit or a white tailored shirt, along with black tights and boots for that perfect everyday winter look.

A High-Waisted Tweed Skirt

High waisted skirts are naturally sophisticated; add tweed into the mix and you have a chic item that you’ll be proud to show off. This Gucci skirt is beautifully rendered in a soft yellow that is so subtle it can match a variety of colours. Yet, it is its classic design and traditional tweed fabric that truly make it capsule wardrobe material.

A Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a classic item that belongs in every wardrobe. Carefully designed to accentuate the waist and curvature of the hips, pencil skirts have been a wardrobe staple since the 1950s and it’s fair to say they’ll be around a while longer. This design by Manning Cartell comes in a soft beige colour and a warming cotton-nylon blend that you’ll be thankful for during the cold winter months.

A High Waisted Maxi Skirt

There is something distinctly elegant about a classic maxi skirt. With the ability to match with any choice of top and shoes, a long skirt makes for a sophisticated addition to this minimalistic wardrobe.

Winter Wardrobe Essential Accessories

In winter, accessories are as much about keeping warm as they are about elevating ones outfit. With just a few, high-quality accessories one can leave the house feeling just as put together as they do warm. From cosy hats to timeless bags, our list covers those winter essentials no capsule wardrobe can do without.

6 accessories recommended for a winter capsule wardrobe.

A Cable-Knit Cashmere Beanie

Regardless of thick jackets and proper layering, without a cosy beanie to warm the head it is still possible to feel cold. This cashmere beanie is made from the finest Mongolian baby goat cashmere for superior insulation.

A Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves have found their place in the fashion world, and after all, what sounds better than a cosy blanket that can be fashionably styled? This versatile piece that can be worn over base layers or draped over as an actual blanket when indoors, is made from a comforting blend of wool, cashmere and silk, and beautifully crafter in navy, grey and black stripes. Admittedly, this Loewe piece does not come cheap, but it will definitely stand the test of time when added to anyone’s wardrobe.

A Pair of Leather Gloves

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be to have cold hands and fingers in winter. With soft brown leather on the outside, and soft, warming cashmere on the inside, these gloves are as stylish as they are functional. Hitting two birds with one stone, these snug pair of gloves are an absolute winter need.

A Leather Belt

Used to hold up clothing and accentuate the waist, belts are simultaneously functional and stylish. Owning a durable leather belt can help to style a boyfriend blazer, cinch in an oversized shirt or add eye catching detail to those high waisted jeans. Available in a neutral shade that matches with practically everything on this list, this leather belt is definitely a must for our winter capsule wardrobe.

A Leather Tote Bag

Naturally, every woman needs a trusty tote bag in which to place her belongings. The Saint Laurent brand can always be trusted to deliver quality items that exude Parisian sophistication and this dark beige, leather tote is no different. Filling both needs of functionality and style, this is a perfect addition to our winter capsule wardrobe.

Whatever the ensemble, a gold chain brings elegance to every look. It easily matches with the rest of pieces in this winter capsule wardrobe and is an investment piece that will never go out of style.

Winter Shoes

Shoes define the outfit! A pair of heels have the ability to transform a pair of casual skinny jeans into a chic and dressy ensemble, whilst a pair of comfy trainers can suitably dress down any outfit a smart midi dress. Having a good choice of winter-appropriate footwear will help complete your favourite looks and also keep your feet nice and toasty.

Over-the-Knee Lug-Sole Boots

Lug-sole shoes are everywhere this season. Yet, whether trending or not, these rubber soled boots with superior grip are certainly comfortable to wear on wet or icy winter days. These over-the-knee variety are highly stylish, offering extra coverage for warming protection.

Biker Boots

Sometimes a #outfitoftheday requires comfortable yet smart shoes that can be worn all day long, without tiring out the feet. These biker boots are edgier than the usual Chelsea boots but just as winter-appropriate. Sporting thick black leather and a plush rubber grip, they are a hardy pair of winter-appropriate shoes that look smart and feel heavenly.

Low-Top Sneakers

No wardrobe is complete without a good pair of high-quality white sneakers. Indisputably comfortable and conveniently versatile, sneakers can be paired with almost any outfit. For a timeless style that can withstand the wet, winter months, we’ve chosen a pair with a chunky rubber sole that are as comfortable as they are trendy.

Snow Boots

In winter, it is vital to be prepared for all types of bad weather. For snowy days, lacing up a pair of snow boots will keep the ankles nicely supported, the feet dry and the toes warm and toasty. With soft faux fur trimming and all white front lacing, this pair of snow boots fit nicely into this winter capsule wardrobe, and pair well with jeans and leggings alike!

High-Heeled Pumps

A pair of high-heeled pumps have the ability to class up any outfit. Nevertheless, in winter the classic pump style might leave the feet exposed to the elements. These asymmetric, high-heeled pumps by Casadei are a chic pair of heels that offer extra coverage through their unique design and thick leather exterior.

Knee-High Boots

A pair of knee-high, stiletto boots are also a great way to elevate an outfit whilst keeping the legs warmly covered beneath a thick layer of leather. These boots’ croc-effect finish provide this capsule wardrobe with a distinctive feature that adds unique individuality.

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