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The Top 20 Most Instagrammable Restaurants in London


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For the 21st century diner, the perfect dining experience requires much more than award winning food! Smartphones and Instagram have completely changed the way people enjoy a meal and few can resist snapping a few shots of a well-presented dish. Naturally, the more artistic the plates, and the more lavish or unique the surroundings, the more Instagrammable that restaurant will be – significantly adding to its appeal!

London is packed full of Instagrammable opportunities, and with a vast array of lavish and picturesque London restaurants, you can bet this includes some of its eateries! To make it easier for the London novice to get around and dine at the most glamorous spots, we’ve put together a list of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London. Spectacular views, memorable interiors and one-of-a-kind dishes, all of these are a given when visiting the most Instagrammable restaurants London has to offer. So sit back, and enjoy a well-researched tour of London’s glamorous eateries with us!

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The 20 Most Instagrammable Restaurants in London

1. The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Located in one of the chicest areas in London, The Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurant provides a sophisticated escape from the hectic world outside. Their dishes are nothing short of culinary art, with a variety that can make anyone’s mouth water; whether they’re vegan or unabashed meat-lovers. This would have been enough to make this elegant London restaurant worthy of a visit. Yet, its richly decorated interior, featuring serene foliage and an airy garden terrace, makes it also one of the most Instagrammable spots in London. Complete with great food and a chic interior, The Ivy Chelsea Garden is certainly not to be missed!

2. Clos Maggiore 

With an interior that emulates the elegance of Tuscan country inns, Clos Maggiore feels like a gastronomical safe haven amidst the London city bustle. Located at the famous Covent Garden area, Clos Maggiore has become a favourite with the Instagram crowd. The conservatory’s fully retractable glass roof is covered with picturesque cherry blossoms, whilst the entire restaurant is dimly lit with flickering candles for that added romance factor. With its storybook atmosphere and high-quality service, it is the perfect place to enjoy an intimate meal with your significant other whilst snapping a great shot – or two – for your memory box.

3. Madison

Inspired by the dynamic New York dining scene, Madison serves American classic dishes with a sophisticated twist. Their artistic dishes alone have featured in many an Instagram feed, making meat-lovers’ mouths water all around the globe. The atmosphere continues to elevate its prestige, with its several rooftop terraces all offering breath-taking views of the London skyline. As the sun starts to set, cocktails and live entertainment transform Madison into a buzzing hot spot where one can enjoy a drink or two with friends whilst snapping numerous impressive selfies.

4. Sketch

Pink and marshmallow-like, Sketch is any girly-girl’s dream. With bubble-gum pink walls and plush seating to match, simply walking into this unique eatery is enough to have anyone itching to take a photo (and trust us, many have done it!). The entire restaurant is an art gallery whose walls are adorned with black-framed David Shrigley sketches that beautifully contrast with the pastel-pink walls. 

Even their egg-shaped toilets have been deemed snapshot-worthy by many, possibly making their bathrooms amongst the most photographed in the world! Naturally, their food also does not fall short of expectations and anyone who’s entered the pink-world of Sketch is sure to recommend their lavish afternoon teas for a truly immersive and insta-worthy experience. Pink décor, unique loos and delectable food, Sketch is an Instagram-fan’s dream come true.

5. Bob Bob Ricard – City of London

Upon entering Bob Bob Ricard in the City of London (not to be confused with London as a capital city), one is enveloped by beautifully warm colours and a lavish, nautically-inspired interior that simply oozes stylish elegance. Boasting three grandiose private dining rooms, each seating 18 guests, this restaurant offers numerous opportunities for that coveted Instagram shot. Whilst sitting at one of this restaurant’s booths, one is able to drink in its ostentatious interior which was inspired by the Royal Yacht Britannia and also perfectly emulates the lush interior of 21st century super-yachts.

Champagne lovers are also well taken care of – thanks to their convenient “Press for Champagne” button and any foodie’s taste buds are sure to be satisfied with delicious food that ranges from elegant caviar to comforting Beef Wellington – a nod to both their classic French and Russian menu. Mouth watering dishes and high-class interior decoration come together to elevate a simple photo into the ideal Insta-worthy shot!

6. Dalloway Terrace

With a name that was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s famous novel Mrs Dalloway, this gorgeous terrace – located at The Bloomsbury Hotel – is certainly a sight to behold. Roofed and cosily heated, this unique terrace provides the illusion of outdoor dining – complete with floral decorations that change with the passing seasons – whilst offering all the comforts of indoor shelter.

Twinkling warm lights glimmer between the breath-taking greenery, creating a fairy-tale-like atmosphere that is shrouded with elegance. The beauty of its surroundings is only rivalled by the creatively presented dishes, making them a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. All in all, Dalloway Terrace is an Instagram paradise!

7. The Coral Room 

Adjacent to Dalloway Terrace, The Bloomsbury Hotel in Central London brings Instagrammers another unmissable Insta-opportunity. The famous Coral Room is a gorgeous grand salon bar that brings a comforting country-house feel right to the heart of Central London. Complete with a secluded cigar terrace, decorative palm trees and elaborate cocktails that look as good as they taste, it offers a wealth of opportunities to snap a memorable photo.

Whilst light bites and a warm coffee (or sophisticated afternoon teas!) form part of their mid-day bestsellers, in the evening the coral room swiftly transforms into a vivacious cocktail bar with occasional live music and soothing dim lighting. A versatile escape that has it all, the Coral Room is an unmissable opportunity.

8. Bustronome

Gourmet food, comfortable seating and a tour of London. This is possibly the trifecta of Instagram-shot opportunities! The Bustronome is a gastronomical double decker bus experience that is specifically designed to offer optimal comfort and spectacular London views.

As you treat yourself to a delicious tasting menu prepared by top-notch chefs, this unique bus ride gives you the opportunity to drink in all of London’s most gorgeous sights in luxurious comfort. Whether snapping a pic of the food or the sights as you’re driven past Tower Bridge, taking a ride on the Bustronome is certainly a unique Instagrammable opportunity if ever there was one!

9. Aubaine

A restaurant chain that offers first-rate French cuisine and Instagrammable décor, Aubaine offers picturesque locations worthy of attention. A quick browse of their Instagram page shows both enticing dishes and elegant interiors, all of which have been embellished with beautiful florals, rustic seating and gorgeous paintings. Each location offering a French oasis amongst the flurry of London activity, dining at Aubaine is a treat for the taste buds, as well your Instagram account.

10. Sexy Fish

Possibly one of London’s most opulent restaurants, Mayfair’s Sexy Fish is the place to be for a glimpse of the rich, famous and all-around fabulous! Its sensational interior was a collaborative effort designed by the Martin Brudnizki Design Studio team and the talented architect Frank Gehry. Its overall design is said to have cost over £15 million to achieve but, on entering this extravagant restaurant, this is not at all surprising. One only has to glance at The Coral Reef Room on the lower ground floor, which is home to two of the largest coral reef tanks in the world!

The bar holds its own accolades, and is said to hold the biggest Japanese whisky collection on the planet! Not to mention, the bar is also adorned with spectacular bronze mermaids at the bar, perfectly complementing a coral reef ceiling and a large gold-plated crocodile on the wall. With the walls also sporting running water, the restaurant truly feels like a mythical underwater wonderland. Whether snapping a selfie with a celebrity encounter, memorialising its unique interior or taking an artistic shot of the delicious Japanese-inspired dishes, Sexy Fish is a dream for the Instagram-obsessed.

11. Amazonico

For a rainforest-inspired dining experience, no location can beat Amazonico. Green foliage, palm trees and shrubbery cover very inch of this unique restaurant, giving diners the impression that they have stepped through a mystical portal leading from Berkeley Square to the depths of the Amazon forest. Dim lighting and plush seating inject the atmosphere with an intoxicating warmth that lends it a seductive charm that is perfect for date night. This awe-inspiring atmosphere is complimented with an array of divine dishes and irresistible cocktails, all of which provide many opportunities for your next Instagram pic!

12. Circolo Popolare

Dining at Circolo Popolare feels just like stepping into a typical Sicilian piazza. Decorated with beautiful Mediterranean flowers and nostalgic photographs that capture traditional Sicilian life, the atmosphere is beautifully sunny and warm. From breakfast time to evening set menus, this restaurant routinely yields gorgeous Insta snapshots of mouth-watering dishes. Be it the beautifully presented food or the Sicilian surroundings, Instagram lovers are always in for a treat and sure to capture that perfect shot!

13. The Collins Room 

Located within the ultra luxurious Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, dining at The Collins Room is a very elegant and modish affair! The Collins Room itself is a veritable work of art, rendered in elegant shades of silver and mint, and stylish art-deco mirror detailing that is simply mesmerising. The interior is enough to have anyone reaching for their phone, yet when ordering their famous “Prêt-à-Portea” afternoon tea – an homage to the world of fashion – the food is bound to steal the spotlight.

Inspired by iconic fashion items, elegant finger foods are shaped to resemble iconic pieces in edible form, pieces such a Prada red and white handbag and Stella McCartney’s popular striped dress. Indeed, Chef Shaun Whatling‘s delicious and innovatively presented food has become an open showcase for many an Insta-lover out there, so next time you’re in the mood for an elegant tea with a fashionable twist, look no further than the Collins Room!

14. Annabel’s 

Forming part of London’s most exclusive private clubs, Annabel’s has multiple dining spaces that are all fit for royalty, literally! Since first opening in 1963, the interior has been revamped by the same creative minds that worked on the glamorous Sexy Fish – the Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – and indeed, Annabel’s décor is no less impressive.

Its grand cantilevered stone staircase, ornate plaster ceilings and stately fireplace in the Rococo style, have all been restored to their original glory, practically waiting to be photographed. Yet, snapping selfies whilst enjoying a meal at Annabel’s is not such an easy feat. Only members and their guests are allowed to enjoy this club’s majestic architecture and superior food, which of course, only makes us want to visit all the more!

15. Aqua Shard

Stunning panoramic views, private dining rooms, a three-storey atrium bar and the best quality British cuisine… this venue has it all! As if its gorgeous scenic views and stately interior were not enough to keep any Instagram-enthusiast busy snapping pictures, their drinks and elaborate dishes are also a work of art in themselves. From a Peter Pan themed afternoon tea to unique signature cocktails, the Aqua Shard is a source of innovation that affords a dining experience like no other.

16. Brasserie of Light 

Located within the walls of the world-famous department store Selfridges on Oxford Street, Brasserie of Light is – as suggested by its name – a well-lit haven. Being another project by the famous Martin Brudnizki design team, this restaurant was bound to boast lavish detailing and glamorous embellishments.

The entire restaurant is lit up with warmly glowing orbs, whilst the ceiling is majestically decorated thanks to artist and entrepreneur Damien Hirst’s 24ft crystal-encrusted statue of Pegasus. Since its launch in 2018, Brasserie of Light has become one of the most widely photographed restaurants in London and it is easy to see why!

17. Linnaean

Named after the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeu, this health-focused café in South London is a beautiful and airy space where one can enjoy a nourishing bite, as well as pampering beauty treatments all in one visit! Every aspect of the café is elegantly rendered in understated pastel-shades, whilst a gorgeously embellished ceiling shrouds their customers with hanging flowers and twinkling fairy lights. This gorgeous interior simply beckons appreciative photos, as do their delectable dishes that are delicious as well as healthy.

18. EL&N

Possibly one of the most Instagrammable places in London, EL&N – short for ‘Eat, Live and Nourish’ – always draws a huge crowd to its doors. Its spectacularly flowered ceilings and love heart walls – not to mention the explosion of all-pink décor – are simply irresistible, no wonder this is an influencer’s idea of content creation heaven!

EL&N eateries are scattered all around London, all keeping to the same pink code and gorgeous in their own right. On first visiting EL&N, you’ll be so busy snapping photos of pink walls, plates, flowers and yes, even pink food, you might be in danger of falling down an Insta rabbit hole!

19. Sky Garden

Designed by renowned architect Rafael Viñoly, this Instagram-friendly space is essentially an impressive rooftop conservatory at the colloquially called ‘walkie talkie‘ building, and is surrounded by lush green foliage and spectacular panoramic views of London from above. The magnificent Sky Garden offers the opportunity to dine at a selection of high-quality restaurants – or even enjoy a drink at one of the bars – whilst taking in some of the best views in London. You won’t be at a loss for great Instagram shots, between the London views, the spectacular glass ceiling and walls, and the delicious food, the real difficulty is choosing what to memorialise first!

20. Petersham Nurseries

Calling all brunch and afternoon tea lovers! If searching for a truly beautiful spot to enjoy an elegant meal amongst friends – and take a few picturesque Insta-shots whilst you’re there – look no further than Petersham Nurseries! Culinary art reigns at their Michelin Green Star cafés which present mouth-watering dishes with a creative panache. Their brunches and afternoon teas are certainly events to write home about, as are their cosy interiors; all tastefully decorated with rustic seating, green foliage and freshly picked flowers. The effect is sublime, and a must for your Instagram account.

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