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Luxury Resort Wear: The 23 Brands You Need to Know About


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This post is all about luxury resort wear and beach wear brands for summer.

Each summer season comes with beach-days, flowing dresses and luxurious resort getaways. Venturing to the shops is enough to get anyone in a vacationing mood, as stores fill their stock with tempting resort wear and colorful swim wear.

At the start of each summer season, many luxury brands launch their unique luxury resort wear collections, each featuring that brand’s signature style and unique color palette. Resort wear offers all that a modern and stylish woman can possibly need when packing for a relaxing stay at a luxury resort, from high quality swimwear to chic, summer dresses.

After combing the internet in search of the very best luxury resort wear brands on the market, we at Dukes Avenue have put together a varied list of brands from all over the world. Here are our top luxury resort wear picks, complete with everything you need to know about the brand and why they all deserve a place in our wardrobes!

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Top 23 Luxury Resort Wear Brands To Try This Summer


Eye-catching prints, silky blouses and lightweight t-shirts are amongst the items Pucci is most renowned for. Launched by Marchese Emilio Pucci in 1947, it did not take long for this Italian luxury brand to earn international recognition and by 1954, Pucci had won the prestigious Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion.

Nowadays, Pucci is one of several luxury Italian brands owned by LVMH and, since Camille Miceli made her debut as Artistic Director in 2021, this luxury brand has experienced a fresh reawakening. Moving away from the limitations of seasonal releases, Pucci has “embraced the ‘see now, buy now’ spirit of monthly drops”, with Miceli’s first drop unveiled in April 2022 at the place of Pucci’s very first boutique – the beautiful island of Capri.

Cloe Cassandro

Think hand-dyed Balinese batik pieces in attractive and sustainable contemporary designs. Launched in 2012, this Bali-based brand produces exquisite handmade pieces to wear on the beach as well as a day out on the town.

With a reputation for luxurious ethically-made beachwear, Cloe Cassandro takes sustainability to the next level using organic cotton fabrics and plant-based, natural dyes to create its gorgeous batik items.

Since its humble beginnings, this label has grown globally and is now sold all over the world, from London and Milan to the Maldives and Barbados. Throughout, sustainability has remained a top priority for Cloe Cassandro, together with elegance and producing items of the best quality.


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Natalie Rolt

Natalie Rolt is an Australian brand with a love for lightweight fabrics and elegant minimalistic designs. Launched in 2012 by designer and director Natalie Rolt, this brand represents “effortless luxury“.

Resort wear is at the heart of this label, featuring a style that indulges in the freedom of natural fabrics and versatile designs that may be styled for any occasion.


The Kivari woman is full of adventure, wonder and discovery… she is the soul seeker, and doer.

Launched by designer Kirstin-Lee Keysers, this brand is a celebration of feminine freedom, style and the thrill of adventure. These inherent qualities are perfectly reflected in its name – KIVARI – which is made up of a combination of the designer’s name ‘Ki’ (from Kirstin) and the Hindi word “Vari” which translates to water, river or sea.

Throughout its collections, this luxury label’s signature style remains decidedly bohemian, featuring feminine pieces in a cool and relaxed fit. Embracing the Australian coastal way of life with comfortably flowing yet flattering items, this brand’s items will elevate any woman’s vacation wardrobe with their effortless designs.

Marie France Van Damme

The elegance of European fashion meets bold Asian aesthetics in Marie France Van Damme. Launched in 2011, this luxury brand was inspired by Marie France’s own travel adventures to create fresh, innovative pieces with a multicultural style that are loved all around the globe.

Designed for the modern globe-trotter who loves to travel in style, all of Marie France Van Damme’s collections are created with the adventurous woman in mind. With pieces that are not limited by the confines of one culture or leading trends, this label prioritises women’s comfort, so that they may always feel and look chic as they venture out to explore new and exciting places.

Caroline Constas

Wanderlust is a way of life“.

With this glamorous New York-based brand, travelling in style is right at the core of each item.

Inspired by Constas’s Greek-American heritage and globetrotting lifestyle, each collection puts a fresh twist to the Mediterranean lifestyle. The brand’s luxury resort wear includes signature off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, gingham looks and asymmetrical dresses, all in delicately feminine prints.


Sophisticated femininity, clever color combinations and delicate original prints” come part and parcel with this luxury resort wear brand. Founded in 1991 by Australian sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann, the Zimmerman brand has built its reputation on producing bohemian styled dresses that are innovative, vibrant and elegant.

Since its 90s launch, Zimmerman has won multiple fashion awards including the AFI Best Swimwear Designer, Prix de Marie Claire Best Fashion Brand and Best Swimwear Brand and Prix de Marie Claire Best Australian Designer, amongst others.

This sun-loving brand is simply brimming with unique items, each featuring artistic embellishments, elegantly flowing cuts and breathable fabrics that infuse island wear with a sense of chic. 


Another Australian brand that lives for the beauty of summer, Boteh is a swim and beach essentials brand that nostalgically values traditional fashion styles and techniques.

Founded by Amelia Mather in October 2020, Boteh encourages women to recognize the richness of human experience by “revering the old, savoring the present and seeking the new” even in their choice of clothing. 

Artisanal prints, ready-to-wear collections and sustainability define all of Boteh’s pieces. Lovers of prints and bohemian-inspired womenswear simply can’t get enough of Boteh’s impeccable designs.

With this luxury brand women are also offered the peace of mind that comes with wearing clothing that’s not just consistently stylish and flattering, but also ethically-made.


Timeless elegance, individuality and freedom of spirit are at the core of the KALITA brand. Inspired by the glamour and versatility of 60s icons, this beach wear brand was first launched by London-born, Texan-Iraqi Kalita Al Swaidi in 2015.

Featuring versatile key-pieces that transition from city-life to beach wear, this brand creates stunning silhouettes that are effortlessly versatile.


Natalie Cohen – founder of Cohen et Sabine – launched her new exciting luxury womenswear brand Soleiluna in 2021 and it’s already a hit! 

Combining the words for sun in French (soleil) and moon in Italian (luna), the name Soleiluna embraces the nomadic spirit of freedom which is reflected in this luxury brand‘s items.

True to its mystical name, Soleiluna’s designs harbor an ethereal and alluring quality with their selection of flowy silhouettes and breathable fabrics. Loose feminine dresses, flowing pants, button-down shirts and cute frilly numbers are all rendered in vibrant shades and bold prints to create Soleiluna‘s unique style.

Casa Raki

Casa Raki was founded as a swimwear brand in 2018 by Argentinean-born fashion photographer Josefina A. Theo.

Hugely influenced by the Uruguayan coast – a place close to Josefina’s heart – this is another luxury brand that counts sustainability as one of its top priorities, and uses recycled materials in each and every single one of their garments.

With a mix of bold colors and silhouettes alike, each piece is designed to be versatile and of the highest quality.

Now offering a selection of resort wear to complement their swimwear, it’s fair to say that Casa Raki is perfect for both the beach, as well as a summer evening on the town.

Bird and Knoll

Founded by Macayla Chapman and Natalie Knoll in 2014, this Australian luxury label offers women the opportunity to slip into a nostalgically romantic array of vacation items through their feminine and luxurious resort wear.

Following the label’s initial launch – which featured a signature collection of luxury silk, cotton and cashmere scarves – Bird and Knoll has been inspired by the love of travel, to offer stunning resort wear that celebrates femininity and classic elegance.

All of their collections show a consistent focus on natural, high-quality fabrics styled in flowing, airy and alluring silhouettes. Their resort collections typically offer versatile items that are designed to easily transition from vacation to daily wear. 


Australian sisters Peta Heinsen and Ilona Hamer co-founded swimwear line Matteau in 2015, with a distinct focus on clean minimalist styles that are fit for any shape.

From the start, this brand has gained a reputation for elegant swimwear that beautifully accentuates the female form. Now, this renowned luxury label has expanded its reach to include beautiful resort wear that is unique to Matteau

Offering blouses that feature Matteau’s signature gathered detailing, peasant-inspired maxi dresses, and a variety of silk and cotton pants, this brand is a stylish choice for the fashion conscious woman.

From chic swimwear to various gorgeous items to mix-and-match, Matteau has everything you’ll need to pack for a relaxing stay at a luxurious resort.

Hanne Bloch

Designer Hanne Bloch launched her eponymous bikini and swimwear label in 2008, with a stunning array of items designed to show off the female physique.

Unlike fast fashion brands, Hanne Bloch produces one collection each year. These yearly collections are thoughtfully styled in creative designs which harbor attractive hues, innovative patterns and flattering silhouettes.

Wishing to transcend fleeting trends, this luxury brand takes inspiration from the natural environment and its designer’s Scandinavian roots, encouraging women to opt out of a trend-led fashion style and dare to express their individuality.

Bronx and Banco

Cutting-edge style, vibrant hues and slick tailoring”, this is what women have come to expect from the luxurious Bronx and Banco brand.

Since launching in 2009, this Australian label has rapidly gained a cult-like following and global fashion attention, being worn by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, amongst various others! 

From the pages of Vogue, to the runway, to real world fashion, Bronx and Banco offers various collections – including a summery, resort wear line that is perfect for luxurious vacations away. This brand’s Resort collections typically offer a variety of stylish dresses that perfectly hug the female form. Sexy yet elegant, boldly innovative but always chic, you can’t go wrong with Bronx and Banco.

Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia is all about “heirloom pieces that will live in your closet forever“.

Founded by Jasmin Hekmat in 2012, this Los Angeles-based luxury label offers exquisite wearable art that is timelessly elegant and of the most impeccable quality. Each item is a feast for the eyes, made with a care and innovation that is distinctly unique to this brand.

All of their collections are a thing of beauty, and their resort wear collection is always a summer treat. Packed with an array of elegant pieces, from modish dresses to elegant bikinis, each item is designed to be versatile and suitable for any time of the day. Ideal for light but stylish packing, Cult Gaia never disappoints.


Originally launched as a beachwear brand in 1986, Eres has earned popularity for feminine and chic pieces. Always offering excellent French style through timeless collections and beautifully crafted pieces, this brand never disappoints when shopping for stylish resort wear.

Elegant cuts, flattering silhouettes, and a variety of styles are guaranteed, with each collection bringing a different flavor to every vacation wardrobe. From stunning, bohemian-inspired dresses to sophisticated ensembles, Eres caters to a variety of tastes, whilst remaining true to its signature French origins.

Whilst beach and resort wear remain an integral part of this brand’s collection, since being taken over by Chanel in 1996, Eres has also branched out and become one of the leading luxury lingerie brands, making this a one-stop-shop for all summer vacation packing needs.


Founded by Jacqueline Lopez in 2015, this talented designer was inspired to create a resort-wear label that produces high-quality and ethical vacation wear made from the best handcrafted fabrics.

Hand-made, fashioned from locally sourced materials and rendered in classic silhouettes, it is clear that Jaline’s items values quality over quantity. One hand-woven garment can take between 4-7 hours to complete and every season, Jaline launches one-of-kind prints.

Heavily inspired by vintage clothing, books and wanderlust, Jaline creates timeless dresses that effortlessly transition from beachwear to city-wear, as well as from day to evening.


Camilla Franks said “My prints have become a diary of my travels, communicating the essence of far-flung destinations, communities, and culture. A poetic collision of imagery and personal experiences.” 

Exhibiting her first collection at the 2004 Australian Fashion Week, Camilla Franks’s first fashion show was intended to shock and disrupt. Mission accomplished! Since this memorable launch, Camilla has cultivated a unique aesthetic that is instantly identifiable, from unique travel-inspired prints that delight in multicultural diversity to vibrant and colorful shades. 

This brand seeks to color the world with stylish clothing in bright hues, so that women may look as bright as they feel when indulging in their summer escape.


‘I want women to feel their best when they wear Evarae. That means not only feeling confident about how you look, but knowing you have made a considered and conscious purchase’ – Georgia Thompson, Evarae founder.

Founded in 2018 and named after the boat on which Georgia spent her childhood summers, Evarae follows a “buy less, buy better” philosophy – a luxury resort and swimwear brand that offers women a sustainable swim and ready-to-wear brand made from high-quality regenerated materials, such as organic silk and cotton.

With sustainability at its core, Evarea’s resort wear is designed to last, thanks to classic designs, elegant cuts, and a stunning color palette that draws from sunset hues. Each piece captures the vibrancy of the summer months with modern and elegant styles that every woman is bound to love.


Asceno is a resort and ready-to-wear brand that’s all about “comfort, ease, versatility, and responsibility”.

Founded in 2014 by Lauren Leask and Poppy Sexton-Wainwright, this label seeks to empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Their items feel every bit as good as they look, from their signature linen items to their flowy dresses. Offering sustainable fabrics, effortless styles, versatile clothing and timeless yet contemporary designs, Asceno is certainly a luxurious haven for stylish, resort-bound women. 

Poupette St Barth

“My life is a rainbow. I define it in color and in sunshine.”

Founded in 1990 by the talented and self-taught designer Monique Giraud (also known affectionately as ‘poupette’), Poupette St Barth was initially inspired by her love for the island of St Barth.

Enamoured by the vivaciousness and freedom of this gorgeous Caribbean island, Giraud seeks to capture these qualities in her luxury resort wear pieces. 

Essentially, Poupette St Barth aims to inject women’s closets (or suitcase for that matter!) with elegance, femininity and vibrancy that helps wearers embrace the beauty of island life

Carla Grima Atelier

This Malta-based luxury brand is a vibrant celebration of nature’s luxuries!

Launched in 2017 by fashion designer Carla Grima, Carla Grima Atelier’s luxurious pieces boast vivid Mediterranean hues and artistic prints, all of which are carefully handcrafted using textile printing, watercolor techniques and photography. 

From dresses in cooling, relaxed fits to chic, high-quality swimwear, this brand is a gem of innovative and classy creations that never compromises on quality. Decadent fabrics and effortless elegance adorn each of this brand’s resort wear items, making this an unmissable luxury collection for any summer traveller.


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