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The 26 Best Luxury Ski Wear Brands to Shop in 2023


Sarah Barthet


This post is all about luxury ski wear and the best luxury ski wear brands to shop this season.

There’s something about skiing and snowboarding that make them quite different to the other sports many of us enjoy on a day-to-day basis. It’s the speed, the thrill, the spectacular views of the snow-covered slopes, and of course, the après-ski sessions at some of the most unique locations, winter resorts and villages.

Unlike tennis courts or golf courses that can be found in almost every town, not everywhere has the luxury of soft, fresh powder snow within close proximity and for many, that means booking a dedicated ski trip to a winter destination of choice.

And just like any other vacation, a ski trip requires some outfit planning… but when it comes to ski trips, things get a little more complicated. Not only is it important that your selected ski wear has the technical elements that the sport demands, but that it also protects you from the cold and looks stylish enough at the much loved après-ski events.

This is where luxury ski wear brands come in, providing the perfect balance between high quality, premium materials, and sleek sophistication for the après-ski socializing. Whether you’re a newbie skier heading off on your first ski trip or a seasoned professional looking for some high end ski gear, Dukes Avenue has you covered.

Here are our top 26 luxury ski clothing brands that are perfect for your upcoming trip, offering a range of items from luxury ski suits to high end ski jackets and ski parkas.

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How to Choose Your Luxury Ski Wear

Before diving into the best luxury ski clothes on the market, it’s important to know exactly how to choose your ideal luxury ski wear. It’s no secret that designer ski clothes come with a hefty price tag, so being an informed shopper is crucial. Here are some key considerations to make:

Waterproof Ratings and Breathability for Luxury Ski Jackets and Ski Pants

Waterproofing and breathability is where things can start to get a little technical, but essentially, here is all you need to know:

  • Waterproofing is measured by the amount of liquid in millimetres that can build-up on fabric before it seeps through. For any material to be considered waterproof, it must have a rating of at least 1,000mm.
  • Breathability is calculated by how many grams of moisture vapor pass through a square metre of fabric in 24 hours.

Do you need waterproof ski wear?

Unless you plan on being out on the slopes when the rain is really coming down hard, then it may be unnecessary, particularly if you’re more into highly aerobic skiing. In this case, water-repellant skiwear might be for you, which is ideal for light snow or mild wet conditions.

Remember that anything waterproof does not typically offer much breathability, meaning that once you start to work up a sweat, things may start to get a little uncomfortable.

There are, of course, exceptions, with some fabrics offering both waterproof and high breathability. These typically come with a higher price tag, but that’s exactly what you should expect from the best ski clothing brands.

In general, experts recommend ski wear with breathability in the 20,000g plus range for the best results but it all boils down to your personal preference:

– either high breathability and water-repellant instead of waterproof, or,
– forking out more for ski wear that is both waterproof and highly breathable.

Waterproof vs. Water Repellant: Is there a Difference?

There is indeed a difference between waterproof and water repellant. We already know that waterproof fabrics are not easily penetrated by fluids, but water repellant is slightly different.

Water-repellant ski fabrics are treated with hydrophobic chemicals such as Durable Water Repellant (DWR), which results in small water beads forming on the outside of the fabric when it comes into contact with water. These little water beads can then easily be wiped off the surface.

Water repellant ski wear works nicely for mild weather and light rain, but will likely absorb water during heavy rainfall or when in contact with water for longer periods of time. Not to mention, since DWR is just a coating on the fabric, it will eventually wear off with use and may need re-applying every so often.


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Fully Insulated Ski Jackets vs Shell Ski Jackets

Two things are important when it comes to selecting the perfect ski jacket: waterproofing and warmth. By now, you should already have a good idea about whether you need a waterproof or water repellant jacket, so this section is all about the warmth element.

Let’s start by looking at the difference between fully insulated ski jackets and shell ski jackets:

Insulated Ski Jackets

Insulated ski jackets will make use of down or synthetic insulation to trap in tiny pockets of air. This will leave wearers feeling pretty warm and snug whilst on the slopes or ski lifts. Remember that they are typically bulkier than shell jackets, and this might impact range of motion for more experienced skiers.

Insulated ski jackets are ideal for:

– beginner skiers
– anyone who finds themselves standing around with a mulled wine rather than skiing
– anyone who plans to spend a long time on lift lines or chair rides
– anyone teaching children or adult first timers to ski
– skiers travelling in mid-winter (it may be too warm for insulated ski jackets in the spring time)

Down vs Synthetic Insulated Ski Jackets

When looking to buy an insulated ski jacket, shoppers have the option of either down or synthetic insulation.

Whilst it’s true that goose and duck down fill are some of the best and lightest insulators around, synthetic insulated ski jackets are generally preferred. Here are some of the pros and cons of each that will help you make the right decision for you:

MaterialGoose and duck down are excellent insulators and are great at keeping the wearer warm.It can be hard to ensure that goose or duck down was ethically sourced without unnecessary harm or live-plucking or force-feeing – always check!
WeightDown wins in the weight category. Weight is measured by the amount of down in a product, also known as fill weight (look for 800-fill power or higher for premium down). The higher the fill power, the more compressible the down.
LifespanDown insulation is known to have a much longer lifespan.Synthetic insulation has a limited lifespan.
BreathabilitySynthetic insulation offers much better breathability than down and is preferred for high intensity activities. Down is not very breathable due to its excellent insulation properties.
WaterproofingSynthetic insulation retains most of its ability to insulate and keeps its loft when wet – this is its biggest advantage.Down loses its loft when wet and is not suitable for wet environments.
PricingSynthetic insulation is much more cost effective, however it does have a shorter lifespan.The cost of down has continued to increase over time due to demand being higher than supply.

Shell Ski Jackets

Shell ski jackets basically have a solid outer layer that protects the wearer from any external elements such as wind and rain, but they often do not come with any insulation. The primary purpose of a shell ski jacket is to keep you dry and shielded from the wind, but you’ll need to add base layers for warmth.

Just like insulated can be made of either down or synthetic insulation, shell ski jackets also offer different choices and they differ in price:

Softshell jackets: boast a more pliable exterior layer, with a brushed polyester or fleecy interior. Breathability is a key selling point for softshells, as well as the pliability and range of motion offered to the wearer when compared to the more ‘starchy’ hardshells. Due to their breathability factor, soft shells are often water repellant rather than waterproof, and have a DWR finish. In short, they are comfortable, pliable and more breathable, making them the perfect choice for almost every skier.

Hardshell jackets: are made with a 3-layer build, complete with a waterproof and breathable membrane (typically Gore-Tex) that’s placed between a soft interior liner and a more durable external fabric. This combination of different materials at each layer offers wearers a waterproof and wind-sheltered option for those who enjoy heading to the slopes no matter the weather.

What to Look for in Luxury Ski Wear: More Considerations

We’ve covered the major differences, and now it’s time for the smaller details – the features of your ski wear, so to speak. Here are some things that might seem small right now, but that are important when on the slopes:


Check your chosen ski wear has suitable ventilation points to allow the cool air in and the hot air out without having to unzip anything. These are typically in underarm or leg vents.


The number of pockets on designer ski suits, jackets or pants can vary, but are generally made to accommodate the accessories that matter most.

I highly recommend opting for a ski suit or jacket that includes a pocket on the left forearm to hold your ski pass. For any beginner skiers, this is useful to have so that you can just tap your forearm to the card reader for access to the slopes or ski lift, without having to put down your skis or search your bag for the pass.

The inside of the ski jacket also often offers wearers large mesh pockets to store ski accessories, such as ski goggles or safety Recco reflectors, as well as any media devices you choose to bring with you.


It’s likely that your ski jacket of choice will come with a hood – ideally one that’s detachable. You may also find some jackets with lightweight hoods that can be rolled up neatly into the collar. Detachable or lightweight foldable hoods are ideal so that you can easily wear your ski helmet without the hood getting in the way.

Hoods with removable faux fur also make a great addition to any ski outfit when transitioning from the slopes to the après-ski event.

The 25 Best Luxury Ski Wear Brands You Could Own

By this point, you should have a much better idea of some of the technicalities involved in high quality ski wear. The 25 luxury ski wear brands selected all offer excellent quality, and whilst some are more renowned than others, you’re guaranteed to find styles you like.

Remember that luxury ski wear is a market that has been dominated by the same brands for decades, with many of the most popular names having a 50+ year history, heritage and sense of prestige. They, of course, have established reputations as masters in the art of ski wear craftsmanship and investing in one of their pieces is a guarantee of technical knowhow and durability.

There are, of course, newer entrants on the scene, all keen to penetrate the market and leave their own mark on world of luxury skiwear. To make things easier for you, here are the top 25 luxury ski wear brands categorized by factors such as their brand name, heritage and founding date.

Long-Standing Prestigious Luxury Ski Wear Brands

Kicking off with the most familiar, long-standing names in the world of designer ski wear. Names that have been around for over 50 years and are recognized for their years of expertise in crafting the very best apparel for your time on the slopes.

1. Bogner

Bogner have been around for over 90 years and are pioneers in ‘Athluxury Sports Fashion‘. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Bogner was born of the need for clothing that blended both sport and fashion, and this is down to a blend of the founders’ talents.

Founder Willy Bogner was in fact a competitive skier and was able to lend his expertise to the technical aspects of the products created. On the other hand, his wife Maria Bogner gave the clothes their chic style. This blend of technical expertise that frequent skiers craved, coupled with the creative flare in the designs, soon made them a hit with high end clientele.

Each Bogner garment is handmade, often taking between 8 and 10 hours to make a single piece. Each article is made up of individual pattern pieces – 80 for each pair of pants and over 100 for their designer ski jackets. Bogner also use traceable ethical goose down.

What can you expect from Bogner? Simply put, Bogner clientele can expect high quality pieces offering supreme performance, through the use of premium materials and unique experience garnered over decades of experience.

2. Moncler (Moncler Grenoble)

Founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, a small mountain village near Grenoble, France, Moncler specializes in sports clothing for the mountains.

Despite being named after the town it was founded, the name Moncler has spread far beyond, and is now known around the world for their high quality down products. After all, it began as a down jacket boutique, and developed a reputation for down jackets that could withstand against the harshest climates and elements.

After being bought by Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini in 2003, Moncler re-introduced itself to the world as a global purveyor of luxury goods. Today, Moncler defines its own version of luxury, and this is comprised of four pillars: heritage, uniqueness, quality, creativity and innovation across their business.

The Moncler collections are divided into three: MonclerMoncler Grenoble and Moncler Genius.

Moncler Grenoble takes the brand back to its roots and was developed for peak performance on the slopes. This blend of both performance and style makes Moncler Grenoble perfect for both ski activity, and après-ski alike.

3. Fusalp

Fusalp is another of the oldest and most prestigious names in the luxury ski wear industry and recently celebrated their 70th anniversary since first opening their doors in 1952.

Born in the heart of the French Alps and founded by by two tailors, Fusalp is most well-known for their skin-tight ‘fuseau‘ stirrup pants. In fact, this is the foundation for the name – abbreviated from ‘fuseau from the Alps’. Over the years, this has become their signature style.

Fusalp garments have featured in many international ski competitions, with many ski champions choosing Fusalp as their ski brand of choice. Under the direction of creative director Mathilde Lacoste, Fusalp continues to release both summer and winter collections for both the slopes and the city. Whatever the collection, one thing is for sure – each piece boasts a “unique sport-chic silhouette that celebrates the art of movement as well as French elegance”.

Fashion lovers will also be pleased to hear that Fusalp often releases limited edition collaborations with other much-loved brands, with recent collaborations including the Fusalp X Pucci collab and the Chloé X Fusalp collab, as well as a collaboration with Swiss luxury watchmaker, Zenith.

4. Rossignol

Rossignol is another of the old-school ski brands born in the French Alps in 1907 – an excellent representation of how the historical heritage of the past blends with the present, and inspires the future.

A brand of timeless values, Rossignol ski wear is instantly recognizable through their distinctive blue, white and red emblem, iconic rooster logo and two vertical lines to represent the skis. It’s no surprise that their designs and styles are driven by what they call French chic and elegance, and this has allowed them to stand the true test of time.

All products are designed in the French Alps by both designers and R&D experts in the field who are passionate about the mountains. They also work alongside ski champions to ensure that the skiwear they create offers the highest performance. The result is a beautiful blend of excellence in quality, technically superior construction and visual appeal.

5. Canada Goose

Around since 1957, Canada Goose is the first non-European on this list that has been providing superb outerwear for extreme weather for over half a century. Fast forward to present day, and the brand is frequently endorsed in movies and promoted by celebrities and professional athletes alike. A true representation of Canadian luxury, and guided by the harsh demands of the Arctic.

Wool vests, raincoats, and snowsuits were the first items created by the brand (then known as Metro Sportswear), however it’s Canada Goose’s fur-trimmed parkas that the brand is most renowned for (especially with the younger generation), despite their high price tag.

Traditionally, Canada Goose was known for using plush duck down insulation and coyote fur trim however admirably, they stopped making products with fur at the end of 2022.

Attention to detail is key for the brand, with each Canada Goose jacket passing through 13 production stages, and with every detail such as buttons or zippers meticulously put into place. They are also proud to hand stitch every one of their coats in their home country of Canada.

Well-Known European Designer Names with Ski Wear Lines

Aside from the traditional luxury ski brands, well-known European fashion houses have also dipped their toes into the world of luxury ski wear, albeit some more recently than others. Whether new to the ski market or not, you’re bound to find skiwear you love from one of these designers.

6. Fendi

This luxurious Italian brand has recently launched a Skiwear Capsule collection in Vancouver for a limited time. Featuring the classic FF motif that Fendi-wearers have grown to love and expect, Fendi have released a variety of ski pieces that are sure to inject some Italian style onto the slopes.

In a collection that includes everything from puffer down jackets, to ski goggles, ski pants, sweaters and helmets, shoppers will be quick to find something that’s right for their trip. The color palette for the women’s ski clothes includes shades of black, light grey and navy blue, whilst the men’s includes black, white and just a touch of burgundy. Each of the jackets are wind and waterproof and made from 100% regenerated waste.

7. Balmain

The French powerhouse Balmain is known the world over for its meticulous attention to detail, their luxuriously lavish pieces, and timeless classics that all embody a unique Balmain aesthetic. So when Balmain and Rossignol collaborated and launched a unique line of skiwear in 2019, it’s no surprise that it was a hit.

Decorated with Balmain’s signature monogram and the technical ski wear expertise provided by Rossignol, the pieces sold out fast. As Rossignol perfectly said, the collaboration was ‘a love story between mountain spirit and fashion‘.

Fortunately, further collections have been released by this dream team and are still available to purchase from retailers globally. One thing is for sure, wearers are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd in any of these pieces, either on or off the slopes.

8. Gucci Après-Ski

In 2022, luxury Italian fashion house Gucci expanded on their vision of a ‘travel-minded lifestyle‘ brand and launched a new collection that’s perfect for an Alpine getaway – colorful fusion of mountain-inspired style and leisure wear. The collection also offers a glimpse of what can be expected from the forthcoming chapter of Adidas x Gucci campaign.

Featuring Chevron-patterned quilting or the GG monogram, the collection offers high quality, down-filled puffer jackets, ski suits and coordinating sets, as well as lug-soled boots and ski mask silhouettes, as well as a whole host of ski accessories.

To complement the collection, Gucci teamed up with Italian luxury luggage maker FPM Milano to create a series of aluminum hard-sided trolleys, in a continuation of the House’s Gucci Valigeria travel campaign.

9. Jimmy Choo

The brand new Jimmy Choo Snow Capsule draws inspiration from the glamour of vintage sportswear. This new collection includes high performance skiwear and accessories, and as any Jimmy Choo shoe lover would expect, a selection of snow boots and handbags.

The colors of the luxury ski apparel are influenced by the shades of the Alpine slopes, and the high quality nature of the pieces will ensure you are ready for them. The warm show boots are guaranteed to keep you feeling warm and looking chic with the signature JC Monogram and the matching roomy tote bags will be sure to keep your essentials safe.

10. DiorAlps Capsule

Maria Grazia Chiuri has done it again, launching a range of garments dedicated escaping to the mountains and indulging in their magical appeal – enter the DiorAlps collection.

Taking inspiration from classic Dior designs, the range includes a variety of ski suits, down jackets and matching ski pants, all made from a water repellant fabric. To complete the look, hats, earmuffs, scarves, sunglasses, and even a ski mask, are also available.

The latest collection boasts classic Dior elements reborn into something new. Take for example, the DiorAlps Quilted Jumpsuit adorned with the classic Dior Oblique pattern, the down puffer jackets in Dior’s revered houndstooth motif or the sweaters and ski pants in bold shades of red, white and blue. These stylish designs are all distinctive in appearance, and are sure to have shoppers itching to wear them on the slopes.

11. Louis Vuitton Ski

Louis Vuitton revealed its first ski-focused collection – Louis Vuitton Ski – in 2021, offering lovers of this classic French luxury brand a range of outerwear, accessories and skis purposely designed for the slopes.

Shoppers in search of some new luxury skiwear can choose from a selection of feather-lined puffer jackets, stylish salopettes, water-resistant ski pants and luscious nylon leggings and pullovers.

In addition to clothing, the Louis Vuitton ski capsule also includes accessories such as mittens, gloves, scarves and classic Monogram caps as well as boots available in different heights. The skis are the real pièce de résistance – with only 200 pieces made and the house’s signature monogram pattern, these are a true LV collector’s dream.

More Noteworthy Luxury Ski Brands

Here are five more names of luxury ski brands that you are probably already familiar with:

12. Arc’Teryx

Founded on the idea that “there is always a better way,” Arc’teryx  pays significant attention to its ski gear and accessories. This ensures that every product from its stores is stylish and high-performance.

The brand’s mission is to help skiers connect to the environment, which is why all the products are designed to give the optimum experience regardless of where they are used.

The most outstanding feature of the brand is its one-of-a-kind design center that resembles an engineering lab. The design center has a complete industrial shop, color testing area, down room, washing machines and manufacturing tools.

Such an elaborate design center ensures that every product pushed to the production line has been thoroughly tested and proven to work in its designed environment. According to the designers, the design and testing phase can take up to 3 years (or even longer).

The rigorous process that each product is put through ensures that all the gear produced is some of the best in the world. The high-quality nature of the outwear not only gives peace of mind that it will last for a long time and save money in the long run, but it also protects the environment. 

The brand’s products are meant to provide the ultimate performance, comfort, and style. Shoppers will find a vast collection of ski gear, including shoes, bindings, hats, gloves, bags, and more. All products are designed with the highest attention to detail and made using the finest materials on the market.

13. Perfect Moment

The luxury ski fashion brand that’s seen on pretty much every luxury ski resort. Since its humble beginnings in 1984, this brand has become the go-to luxury skiwear brand for the fashion conscious ski-lovers. The fact that it is backed by celebrities Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra certainly helps!

Perfect Moment brings a youthful, fresher take on traditional skiwear and features bold colors, playful retro-inspired patterns and of course, their popular 5-point star logo that is frequently enlarged across many of their designs.

Perfect Moment are perhaps most known for their ski suits, but also offer puffer down jackets, merino wool sweaters and a vast range of base layers. If you’re looking to start your luxury skiwear wardrobe, Perfect Moments is a great place to begin – it’s a fun, fashion-forward brand with a price point that is slightly lower than some of the more traditional names.

14. Moon Boot

Moon Boot is another one of those iconic brands that you’re bound to spot on practically every slope, either before putting on your skis or at après-ski events. Founded in 1969, the brand was able to take their passion for footwear and design boots that are instantly recognizable as Moon Boots, from the shape of the sole to the trademark lacing. They truly are the ultimate ski boot.

Their distinctive snow boots and designs are very much representative of a brand who prioritizes cutting edge designs and techniques, whilst always respecting the brand’s heritage. As they themselves put it: ‘retrofuturistic, innovative, iconic‘.

Whilst it’s true that Moon Boot does not offer ski apparel, a pair of Moonboots are a must have addition that will complement any ski look whilst off the slopes.

15. Poivre Blanc

Poivre Blanc makes premium sportswear for the entire family. Since it’s beginning in 1984, Poivre Blanc has created garments for both adults and children in line with their motto ‘Everytime – Everywear‘.

In 1989, not long after their launch, their first skiwear collection was released. As a sports brand, creating garments that were technical and comfortable, as well as fashionable, was of the utmost importance. This ethos has remained to this day.

Crafted using waterproof and breathable fabrics, and a mix of both warm and light insulation, detachable hoods and skipass pockets, there is definitely something to suit the whole family.

16. Mackage

Mackage is a Canadian brand with a heritage in luxury outerwear, creating pieces that are bold in design, technically innovative and importantly, made to stand the test of time – a testament to their commitment to sustainability. They’ve also recently upped their ski offerings!

Founded in 1999, Mackage has made a name for itself in elevating outerwear, striking that perfect blend between fashion and protection from the outdoor elements. With a history in the leather industry, Mackage use only the finest materials – whether that’s leather, down or wool – and constructs each piece with care, precision and attention to detail.

Mackage ski wear is guaranteed to keep you warm, dry and shielded from the elements, but without ever compromising on style and sophistication.

Relative Newcomers to the Luxury Skiwear Market

It’s not just the longstanding names that are making waves in the luxury ski market. Here are some of the newer entrants to the market that are worth noting:

17. Cordova

Founded in 2016 and named after the Alaskan town of Cordova, Cordova is the master of second-skin ski suits, and we absolutely love how sleek and elegant they look – whether belted to flaunt the waist or unbelted.

But stylish zip-downs are not the only thing you can pick up at Cordova. They also offer a vast range of ski jackets, ski pants, base layers and knits, many of which come in a variety or bright, yet always chic, colors.

18. Shoreditch Ski Club

Think downtown street style infused with the performance requirements that you’d expect from skiwear. In the words of founder Wil Beedle: “our skiwear makes as much sense in the streets of our East London neighborhood of Shoreditch as it does on the slopes of Aspen” – and that pretty much sold it to us.

One quick glance at the Shoreditch Ski Club collection, and it’s easy to see how each piece could become a winter wardrobe staple, not just whilst on the slopes, but in everyday life. Fun fact which makes this brand all the more appealing – their signature ‘Willow’ puffer is made with 100% recycled materials! We can’t think of a better reason to check them out!

19. Aztech Mountain

New York and Aspen-based brand Aztech Mountain opened its doors to the world in 2013. At its core, Aztech Mountain is “a performance sportswear company rooted in skiing“, with a goal of adding value to the lives of its clients and inspiring a sense of adventure – this can often be seen in their designs and patterns.

Aztech Mountain provides the value they strive to add through functional pieces for any altitude, crafted with thought-out designs and material of the highest quality. Aztech Mountain also prides itself on working closely with winter sport champions, to ensure that the styles created are just what every skier needs for their upcoming ski trip.

20. We Norwegians

Founded by – you guessed it – two Norwegians in 2014, We Norwegians offer a solution to an item of skiwear clothing that is not always at the top of the priority list, but is crucial to a comfortable skiing experience – the base layer.

You may have noticed from this very article that one piece streamlined ski suits are very much on trend, and second skin base layers are essential to completing the look – that’s where We Norwegians come in.

Offering a range of high quality leggings and turtlenecks in chic colorways, We Norwegians have provided the answer to chic base layers, all of course in super fine merino wool. The great thing about it is that the base layers are perfect for everyday wear, whether on or off the slopes.

21. Jetset

Although initially founded in the stunning St Moritz in 1969, Jetset relaunched itself to the luxury skiwear crowd in 2018 under the creative direction of Michael Michalsky.

Just like the well-heeled St Moritz crowd, Jetset is an innovative, sophisticated yet fun-loving and eclectic ski wear line that is able to take bold patterns and imagery, and craft them into beautiful skiwear pieces that are as functional in their designs as they are trendy.

22. Erin Snow

Erin Snow has been on the scene for the last 20 years, so this one isn’t so much of a new label, but one that definitely deserves our attention. Erin Snow is a brand that’s centered around sustainability, which is arguably a challenge when performance ski wear relies on synthetic fibers to be functional. That said, Erin Snow takes on the challenge, and aims to integrate recycled materials where possible.

Erin Snow has become particularly well-known for their perfectly-fitting ski pants, and they tick so many boxes that it’s easy to see why – made from fully recycled materials, breathable, wind and water-repellant and made from innovative stretch technology to allow full range of motion on the slopes. Not to mention, the designs are also timeless and will last for years to come.

23. Holden

Pro-snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel founded Holden back in 2002, however recently re-launched independently in 2018. Based out in the unlikely location of Venice Beach, California, Holden creates contemporary performance apparel that seamlessly transitions between city life and adventure in the outdoors.

With a winter sports professional as a founder, you can expect the items to be functional and high performance, but may be surprised to discover how much each piece is influenced by the arts, music and culture that we see all around us.

24. Goldbergh

With their collections designed by a female-led team, Goldbergh know that looking stylish on the slopes is just as important as having ski wear that is functional. This Dutch brand was founded in 2009 by well-known sportswear designer Lieke van den Berg and Sandra Peet, an inspiring entrepreneur with an extensive background in retail.

As Goldbergh themselves say ‘our signature style is fiercely feminine‘, and promoting confidence is one of their goals. It’s safe to say that this is one box they definitely tick, as each of their skiwear designs are true head-turners that will make women feel like queen of the mountains.

25. Toni Sailer

Named after the alpine ski legend and style icon of the 1950s, this family-run business is centred around athleticism and impeccable style on the slopes.

The Toni Sailer team designs a completely new collection each and every season, and each has their own distinctive profile with individual characteristics. In fact, developing a single collection can take as long as two years!

Just like their namesake, Toni Sailer prioritizes style just as much as craftsmanship and functional requirements, and this is clearly displayed each season, with the brand offering clients a range of premium ski clothing that matches the elegant appearance of their inspiration – the man they pay homage to, Toni Sailer.

26. Halfdays

Halfdays is an outdoor brand for the modern woman – and that sounds right up our street. Halfdays is all about feeling comfortable outside, in whatever we are wearing as well as in our own skin. They are on a mission to get more women outdoors and on the mountain, and hope to do that through outdoor wear that gets women excited about being in the fresh air.

As the name suggests, Halfdays is about balance – a balance between outdoor wear that performs, yet also fits like a glove – and they have the perfect team to make it happen, including an Olympian, experienced product designers and forward thinking fashion visionaries.

Luckily, skiwear is what they know best. Halfdays offers a complete selection of essential ski wear from snow jackets and pants to parkas and base layers. Each item is available in numerous colorways and in a broad range of sizes.


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